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  1. Item: records Location: Canberra- can post, no problem Price: from $10 each Item Condition: excellent-mint Reason for selling: extra to needs Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Various Outstanding Classic Rock 60’s album. Postage is $9 each, 4 -5 for $20 Hi folks, please message me if interested Beatles Rubber Soul sealed Mono- the audio community is raving about these new Beatle Monos $35 Beatles With The Beatles Japanese pressing stereo excellent $30exc Beatles Please Please Me Japanese Stereo excellent $30 Cover and Lp exc Sold Pink Floyd original UK pressing Obscured by Clouds $30 Cover and Lp exc John Sebastian Welcome Back Japanese with Obi $16 Cover and Lp exc Rick Springfield Working Class Dog w Obi $15 Cover and Lp exc The Tubes US import on Capitol excellent (with multicoloured Capitol centre) $12 Cover and Lp exc Little Feat Nautilus Superdisc Audiophile pressing on virgin vinyl, goes for up to $75, this one has scrunched corner of cover $50 John Lennon/Yoko Ono Double Fantasy US import Cover and Lp exc $12 Davis Bowie Another Face Aus pressing, Decca. Cover and Lp exc. There are copies on eBay for up to $100. $30 SoldSantana Inner Secrets Excellent $10 Cover and Lp exc Vanilla Fudge The Beat Goes on. Original Oz print in VG nic, an rare piece of prog psychedica. Record VG=. Cover has some edge wear $10 Mother Goose Don’t Believe in Fairy Tales. The rarest of rare OZ psychedelic LPs, way below discogs value $55.Cover and Lp exc Its a Beautiful Day Marrying Maiden Dutch import. Excellent cover and Lp $13 The Flock Original Oz pressing excellent $12 SoldRoxy Music Viva gatelfold Oz Lp excellen $12The Best of Manfred Mann compilation with fabulous cover excellent $12 Jim Capaldi Whale Meat Again original Oz pressing great cover excellent 412 Jazz and World SoldKeith Jarrett trio Standards 1 ECM $18 Malalathini and the Mahotella Queens THOKOZILE import UK Virgin, Mint $12 happy shopping, friends! steve Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Some of the respondents above were suggesting that its inordinately difficult to promote a record fair
  3. My son has moved to Kensington and he took me to this great cafe/bar/restaurant/record store. If you are visiting Melbs I thoroughly recommend it. We didn't eat there but we had hot chocs and spent some time looking over the records and talking about them. Its got a very friendly, homely atmosphere and its open 11am to 11pm - yes that s right, a late night record shop, just like in the old days (Unless I'm wrong..i think that there were second hand places at the cross that opened late)
  4. For those who think its hard to advertise a record fair...I picked this up at a cafe in Kensington Vic (its a record bar too) . Oh, and its called a flyer in case you have never seen one
  5. Wow- my first and favourite Buckley album. I still have the vinyl my grandad picked up in 1970 or so in Germany for me
  6. I spent some time trying to work out where to post this. At a time when streaming is coming in I am wondering if there is much of a market for rare CDs.I decided a while back to try flogging some of my CD singles on eBay, and started searching . Sadly my Powderfinger one ($50) looks pretty knocked about, but I digress). One eBay seller emerged with very highest prices, (also for DVD's) and when I looked just about all his CDs seemed to be expensive ($60 and up). Who buys these things? I did a bit more research and in fact some of his Cds are priced very highly on Discogs too, but nowhere near as high as his commonly (the Best of 10CC at $1300 is killer- but you can still get a great price for it on discogs too). I was wondering how he got 3000 positive reviews, then he does have a lot of $8 Cds too to balance it out. This one is a killer (its only $8 on discogs): https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Pixies-Doolittle-CD-Album-1989-Australia-D30032-Box-C91/162328935245?hash=item25cb8efb4d:g:b5sAAOSwEzxYWnUC they will have to pay on the final value of the CD so if no one ever buys it .... Oh, and his style of listing and describing is pretty annoying to me But it got me looking on discogs- not that I had any of the $1300 Cds, but I have sold 2 exie Cds on Discogs
  7. Do you still have the whole lot?
  8. That’s a good point about the website. Some fairs here put out the advertising so late that they wouldn’t make it onto a website, they certainly don’t put much out on the web You can use signs if you do it judiciously it seems to me- I’ve seen that Another obvious outlet is gig guides- there is an overlap between those buying records and those going to gigs. Customer data bases are great too- but they have to be used- it’s disappointing when you do a fair with poor attendance and then meet people who tell you they are on the mailing/message list but we’re not notified
  9. I have ADD too- it’s no doubt part of it, noting above that our key term “Dopamine “ has popped up
  10. That part of town is becoming a different sort of ghost town now with characterless malls etc
  11. Item-,Videoton miniwatt monitors Location-Canberra Price $380 condition- excellent sonically, a few marks and dings on cabinets Reason for selling- no longer needed Payment- all the usual suspects, bank PayPal spondoolie etc Probably one of the best small speakers ever. These tiny boxes pack an almighty sound, They were built in the Eastern block back when it existed and were seen as a response to the Rogers LS3 series. This is one of the few, if not the only pair in Oz- I don’t think they were ever imported here. 28x 17x20cm so pretty small! parts are available for these ( I just did a search on flebay.) i am not sure if exact specs but when I bought them I was under the impression they Wendy higher than 20mhz. I managed to pry the covers off and realised that these have completely different tweeters to the standard minimax. I have not been able to find these ones online so I am not sure what the story was, but I am reminded that when I bought them they were described as having ribbon supertweeters. They might not be supertweeters, but they sure sound great. Standard minmax 2's start at around $280, but these are a whole different caboodle. As I have not had anay interest here I have put them on eBay too, but if you want them got in here first
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