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  1. Well picked! it wont pick up my network, hard wired through a relay switch. I am going to move the router and see is it helps to go straight from that
  2. I found to reconnect I have to switch it off and Restart, at the power board of course as it don’t got an on off switch
  3. I have some dual Ed’s 1000 motors, they were supposed to be used in some goldmunds Charles Cull who ran Duratone in Canberra had one I think, although I don’t think he sold them. Not sure if he’s still kicking along- his wife Fay was there last time I went in, she’s got to be in late 70s now
  4. Thanks for all the replies, it turns out that 2 rubber supports for the massive motor had come loose and one was pressing against the tonearm mechanism and wires. My local repairman fixed it for $40. He could barely believe the size of the motor- Kenwood kp 990
  5. No it doesn’t need to be on the record to make the noise
  6. I tried another cart ( in its own head shell)
  7. Yes a likely suspect, although it makes the noise when it’s not playing too
  8. A lot of things to reply to.. yes sorry it’s a “wirring ” sound thru the speakers- my phone keeps changing it , just realised that. Yes I connected the deck to a phono stage with the wires that came from the tonearm and go to the phono stage, not sure what else I could have used the Noise is continual , but If I remove the head shell Then the noise stops About half way out, then resumes when I remove the head shell completely. i used deoxit on the ends of The plugs
  9. My big Kenwood deck is putting out a lot of Electronic noise , I suppose it could be described as a wiring sound. I have swapped phono stages and cartridges without any change i have also applied deoxit. When the cartridge is half way in it is quieter, but of course that’s not much use i am hoping someone can shed some light here
  10. I’m interested maybe , will have a think and get back in touch w you
  11. Blusouund 2 has stopped connecting yet again. i have moved my stereo once again and regular as clockwork the blusound won’t connect to my phone it will connect ( though poorly after 10 minutes) with my Mac in the next room so I presume the wiring is ok. I’m keen for solutions so meanwhile back to the aux connection, and viny
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