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  1. and you need to have a dac that is MQA friendly...which means expensive
  2. Hi there Tidal users How much does tidal charge? I couldnt see anything on their website, aside from offering free for a month, which I dislike enough to not sign up
  3. Excellent prices Should you decide to separate please let me know
  4. Item: Discs Location: Australia Price: see below Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: extra to my needs Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Rare CDs Pet Shop Boys Very with Leggo cover $15 Prince The Black Album Extended CDs Manfred Mann somewhere in Africa (5 extra tracks) $8 SOLD John Mayall Hard Road 12 bonus tracks $10 SOLD John Mayall Crusade 10 Bonus Tracks $10 Audiophile Discs Sold Pink Floyd DSOTM gold SACD (one of the best SACDs ever- purchased for a relative who has been collecting SACDS but refusesto buy a player) $40 Sold The Smiths The Queen is Dead Boxed set. The Holy grail of that golden period. Includes a disk of demos, a live disc (the only one officially released, aside from the odd live track) AND THE THERE”S MORE!! No steak knife, but a high res 24/96 khz version of the album. $40 (sells for up to $120 on ebay) Rhino The Monkees self titled album with 3 extra tracks $8 Little Feat Waiting for Columbus Rhino 2 disc version with extra tracks $12 Double CDs /boxed sets Dylan Bootleg Series 1-3 3 disc set $15 Dylan No Direction Home double CD $9 Jeff Buckley Live as Sin-E legacy edition 2 discs and dvd . The DVD looks fine but my mac does a few hiccups with it, and my oppo DVD tells me its a Data disc and it wont play. You might have better luck than me $9 Jeff Buckley The Grace EPs 5 disc set $12 SOLD Manfred Mann and Paul Jones Original Album series 5 disc set $12 Meet The Eels dvd CD with booklet $9 The Beach Boys Pet Sounds Mono and Stereo mixes $6 The Clash London Calling 2 disc version mini vinyl CDs $12 Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  5. This was one of my top ten albums from last decade The. It can out in SACD And no ordinary sacd, it’s from a one bit dsd master
  6. I just discovered I can play DVD audio on my Mac’s DVD player. Sound via my dac ( a cheapy )is very good
  7. I am using it with its own dac, as otherwise it won’t play sacds ( well that was the case with my last one). I am getting a giant killer Russian kit dac made by a friend next year
  8. I have been getting DVD audio discs as they are pretty close to the best digital sound around ( last year of course..) Being a standard analog guy I have been running an oppo 103 through rca plugs to my amp My brother in law was shocked and claims I will only get the benefit of the format if I use hdmi connections, Any opinions? My amp does not have hdmi
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