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  1. Buy a cheap phone or whatever and get a Bluetooth aerial for your stereo and you are fine in fact if every family member has their own device with Spotify on it you don’t need that
  2. I’m interested and have some questions At normal volume can you hear the static ? is output equal for both of the speakers ?
  3. thanks for the input folks to confirm: In my case exfat did not work, although it worked for others I finally formatted the drive in Fat 32, although The Mac called it something different, though recognisable. Now I just have to get myself (and friends and family) familiar with the way it operates, loading an album before you play it I hope I can fix the network problem , that should be easier to play from amf finaly. I used my orginal hard drive. Tha La Cie Porshe drive is under $80 so its not shockingly expensive
  4. Thanks i worked out that the Mac calls fat 32 something else and did that yesterday, it should be finished moving files now and i will try it soon
  5. I have avoided La CIe for years because of their ridiculous prices. Howver the prices have some down, they are still more expesive but the I TB is ot too bad,around $80 which I know is exxie, just not like the $300 prices of your for something that looks cute
  6. Ok I will see if my Mac can do that- earlier replies suggested exfat should be fine. I have bought a LaCie drive, when it arrives I will see what it can do
  7. For anyone interested.... I formatted the hard drive in exfat plugged it into the node and a case of same old- it sees the usb but wont open any files. Like another user (in another topic) I connected it to my oppo 105 and the oppo read the files straight away. to be specific, the Bluos sees theUSB , when you open the usb it has a menus of Artists....down to composers then Folders. Open up any of these and the message is "content not found". Open up the Folders submenu and it comes to //USB then ad files to play list but nothing happens. The hard drive was put in overnight , Just now the app started opening the oppo media folder and gracenot folders which are the smallest folders there, but not much use. artist searches also fail to yield any results
  8. Further information: these are one of the better AKG models, described as high res headphones in marketing . They certainly sound really good, even without a headphone amp. They sell for $290 new, and have had very low use, they just aren't my thing. More photos comig State-of-the art, active noise-cancelling technology (closed -loop technology) Unparalleled AKG sound quality Continuous sound for listening with empty battery USB chargeable (adapter included; no batteries) Detachable cables in two different lengths Brushed-metal parts for increased durability Supersoft headband and ear cups for long-wearing comfort Unique 3d-axis2 folding mechanism for easy transport and storage Flight adapter and premium carrying case included Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  9. thanks, I just got on to google the specs- you beat me to it, thanks
  10. Geez, you are talking to the least technical person on this site....... I will see what I can find.
  11. Further information: A really sweet and powerful amp capable of driving difficult speakers like Martin Logan Aerius or quad esl 57. It handles the dips to 2ohm load from the MLs that will destroy many an amp. At this price you can hang out for another one for biamping. Sad to see it go. Postage $20-40 depending on location and local pickup is fine Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  12. I have had a nad C320 for about 2O years driving various difficult speakers - quad Esl 57 and 63, then Martin Logan aerius. After a year or so the ML’s , or some other house moving coincidence blew it, now I just use the preamp, which has 5 inputs and balance and tone defeat. An outstanding amp, was about $800 new apparently and now $100-200 second hand ( I could name drop which Sunnyboy has one )
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