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  1. Alpine Electrocats

    Advice: Next steps for vinyl upgrade ?

    When all is said and done- as others gavr said you have an outstanding cartridge and phono stage. I wouldupgrade the turntable. If you want semi auto Kenwood kd990 ($1k) Pioneer pl70 ( $1.3-2.6k) Yanaha gt2000 - $3-4k If you are happy with Manual then the sky is the limit, but you can get some brilliant stuff under $2k
  2. Alpine Electrocats

    free cd player with digital out

    Yamaha CD-2050 I'm in Watson, pickup is fine
  3. Alpine Electrocats

    SOLD: FS: 60 LPs $75... Price reduction

    Hi its a great deal but how about you break them down into at least a few groups- eg Aus, 70's, 80's etc
  4. Alpine Electrocats

    Advice: Next steps for vinyl upgrade ?

    Re candy’s plug for Pioneer, i have the next model up, the PL 70, but just the motor unit. Its a beast and a half, and its for sale
  5. Alpine Electrocats

    FS: Ortofon Rohmann Cartridge (price drop)

    Hi- out of interest, as you use the S1 in your main system, I am assuming that you prefer it? I would be really interested to hear a bit about how they compare, if you could spare the time (maybe you have review online already?) as I can use my FR7 on any of my better tonearms I am thinking about getting a really good conventional cartridge (and yes, I was thinking about an ortofon)
  6. Alpine Electrocats

    FS: 40 LPs $50

    How much to post to Canberra 2602
  7. Alpine Electrocats

    SOLD: FS: Rainy Day Sunday CD Sale Nick Cave Pink Floyd

    Bummer, what a sale to miss
  8. Alpine Electrocats

    The Song Game Mk III

    Talc-ing Heads Burning Down The House
  9. Alpine Electrocats

    taman shud

    LINDSay’s solo stuff i getting big prices too the new pressings of Evolution can be under $30 and coukd not be worse than the original, back together now? And playing?
  10. Alpine Electrocats

    speaker cone repairs

    I am selling a pair of JBL d123's, one has a couple of tears on the cone. As these are very thin (paper?) I think they are pretty easy to repair with tisue paper and the right glue. Is there anyone out there who can do that? or can you recommend instructions? thanks Steve
  11. Alpine Electrocats

    Price Drop: D123 full range/bassdrivers

    no I havent, sorry, maybe there is someone on this site who can do it
  12. Alpine Electrocats

    taman shud

    People try flogging the Shud LPs go for up to $200 these days. I got a cheap deal on one- no scratches etc, but the sound is pretty thin to my ears. Has anyone else heard the original LP? It has been rereleased so lets hope that one is good Steve (apparently I missed so many of their gigs at the Mosman hotel in the day)
  13. Alpine Electrocats

    FS: PRICE DROP Pioneer PL70 motor unit

    Item: Pioneer high end turntable motor unit, Location:Canberra Price: $620 includes $15 donation to SNA Item Condition: Outstanding Reason for selling: no longer needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Pickup from Sydney, lower north shore or Canberra of I can post. This is the little sister of the Pioneer exclusive, sharing many of the Exclusive's qualities, along with its spectacular looks. The finished turntable sells for up to $2,800 and its well wortg it. I have a beautiful gold Helius tonearm i will be listing which is a great match for it. You get something every bit as good as a Technics Sp 10 or Denon dp80 or Garrard 401 but looks 10 million percent better (than the Garrard that's for sure). This one needs a japanese power transformer -they are about $60. specs are here (For the full turntable) https://audio-database.com/PIONEER-EXCLUSIVE/player/pl-70-e.html Pictures:
  14. Item: JBL D123 extended range speakers Location:Canberra Price: $200, from which $10 goes to stereonet Item Condition: 8/10- excellent apart for 2 tears Reason for selling: no longer needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Pickup from Sydney, lower north shore or Canberra of I can post. These vintage American speakers are highly efficient and work really well with valves They go from 30 to 1500 khz, so benefit from an added tweeter or super tweeter.Thats a tweeter in the metal dome- but not a “shouty” paper woozer as far as i can tell. They were originally produced in a medium sized cabinet, and work really well in big boxes, around 7 cuft. They also work really well in open baffles, and JBL recomended them as theur best in wall speaker read about them here: http://www.lansingheritage.org/html/jbl/specs/home-comp/d123.htm These sell for around $340 but one of these has a couple of fine tears, which would be pretty easy to fix if you are into that sort of thing Gere is a post below about how to fix this Pictures:
  15. have I done something wrong? Put p a vinyl classified last. night but it hasn't shown up yet- its blocked in in a pinky purple wash