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  1. It’s a hi fi cat and needs a hi fi home
  2. the watts had 1 cable into the bass speaker .as david Wilson did not believe in bi amping,specially for this design then the puppy tail went to the tiny tot where it had a crossover to split the mid and tweeter, the bass had a crossover to split the bass out only I believe and sent the rest to the tiny tot, all encapsulated in epoxy with only a fused resistor visible to protect the tweeter the big advantage in this design is the maker can adjust the slope so enough mids can still come through the bass to give body to the sound,or fleshed out owner has no adjustment ,which is good ,in many cases, the wilsons were known for their seamless integration of the drivers with the lenehan's being such a great speaker,the only small downfall would be the bass , there is only so much you can do in this area, without destroying the balance, BUT adding a bass box is not that easy ,to integrate specially into an existing design I used a special home made bladder between the bass and the tiny tots , the results were stunning to say the least, but time alignment also had to be addressed,which I did, I have used some heavy weight speaker cables in the past but now use mike latest im still running in the ic's,but they also sound promising to replace my 6k cables
  3. highfidelity.pl/@main-991&lang=en
  4. the first thing I thought of when seeing the new pic was ! wouldn't it be nice if mike made a bass section to suite the mags ok bit like the wilson watt design ,with a lenehan twist and did youall read the review on his speaker cable that was posted on sna the other week ? compared to the siltech triple crown,...……...not too much in it
  5. Saving an acoustic expert entering the home,I think it is a suck and see ,process, some have a live ,dead zone i use the S***t everywhere treatment many hard and soft surfaces about,with the rear being somewhat live i use diffusers bass traps and an absorber behind the rack,I don’t tend to have nodes that cause any issues even with 2 12” subs, just be careful with curtains not to suck the life out of the music
  6. most of the early stones recordings are now on DSD, both cd and lp many say some are stunning ,and possibly the best they have ever sounded
  7. First I played last tango in Paris , followed by Paris 1945, which features django, and some Glenn Miller band members ,
  8. Not bad seeing the siltech is the cost of a nice car and the lenehans are the rego of said car for 6 months
  9. it was quite a while ago ken, I now remember the crossover boxes were not like the one in the pic also the stands were I think only came out the back so it could be somewhat tilted back ,it was a beast of a speaker, 2 ohms, the big maggies were a breeze compared to these,even the genesis 1 wasn't as much of a handful ! and that's saying something , this pair did come from overseas private import , I think they were using an ARC SP11 that's how far back it was !
  10. Did they make a larger one ? i had to put together one it was grey and all metal construction, I think it had 3 seperate panels could be wrong it’s been a while, the tweeter panel could swing on a hinge
  11. I live in Bruce rock ,yes as of Tuesday We hopefully will not have the problem of outsiders bringing the virus into our community , im the local postie, and the current status is, business as usual, but this is a quite fluid situation, when using au post services practice all health requirements,, the shop outlets may be closed if things gets worse, but the delivery system will continue , so you will get letters and parcel delivery,as Usual, alan R..... I would talk to your local po, to see if they could help you if the shop closes, and you need to send items off, I know we are attempting to find solutions for people out here that rely on ,this service , being a farming community we are exempt for major shutdown,but we have many families with small sidelines ,specialty clothing,arts and crafts ect ,that rely on post, our po has decided to do as much as possible to help our community ,get through this, the shire and all shop owners had a meeting and they also will do as mush as as they can to make life as normal as it can , to supply services as best we can with current health rules, we are lucky as virtually without exception everyone steps up to the mark ,here when the going gets tough, it’s a very special place in this respect ! hopefully the love of music will be infectious, keep safe
  12. Yes indeed, many on here including me have sold ,cables to the value of 10 k plus and replaced them with this cable
  13. As a postie, lockdown may not happen, at the moment I am working 2 hours longer,as we do not have parcel home delivery,in my small country town ,so we have taken on ourselves to do home delivery, it saves people coming out to pickup items , I leave them in a safe spot,and now we are going to do P.O. Boxes with people who live in town,, farms will still need to pickup parcels but mail is in their boxes still,,the less contact the better, New Zealand have closed all post offices , but delivery is still done,both letter and parcels, best practices have been issued to all, in the industry, there is near ZERO chance of catching c 19 from any item in the postal system, experts say 12 hours on any paper surfaces ,is as long as the virus could survive , seeing it takes up to 10 days to get lps from Sydney to perth ,we are pretty safe , just keep your distance !!!!!!!!
  14. Eurogliders a good w.a. Band
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