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  1. Item: cable Location:w.a. Price: $450 inc post Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: not needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Extra Info: I purchased this digital cable some years ago for over $1000 used it with my forsell dac with much success ,never needed to look for anything better ! this is a dedicated B N C connection on both sides! which are WBT, so are top quality I think I have some adaptors to change to rca. if I find them I will include free item is 1 metre long and has no box but in excellent condition, SNA donation on sale FREE express post within australia Pictures:

    I had a delphi 4, and it was the most stupid thing I have ever done (in hi fi) to sell it ! these are stunning turntables you will regret this BUT you will make someone very HAPPY
  3. I think it's up the admin,to sort this out 😀
  4. FS: REL Strata III subwoofer

    Bugger I want a strata 5
  5. Wyes it happens all too often, a friend had a rosewood sig, till the very young son played racing cars with it he blamed himself 1 for leaving the music room open 2 having the cart sitting on a table unprotected ready for install an expensive lesson for him, but ,you can replace a cartridge!
  6. Lucky stiff ,I've been looking for that for ages 😀
  7. Possable give me a PM , with your thoughts
  8. SOLD: FS: ATC SCM40 Floorstander

    id be all over this if I didn't have my c1's top speaker ! great price too
  9. EOI: Accuphase C280 preamp - mint.

    The same time audio research has sp9 and sp 11, d70 and 115 power amps conrad Johnson had the motif pre,and I think krell had the pam1, levinson would have had ml 7 and the 25 wat monsters, must admit the accuphase has aged better than most
  10. Thanks mr head, ive used the mk 1 in the past with stunning results, i think they had a weight restriction , i even put 2 under a pair of Wilson watt tiny tots , stunning ! thanks will hear from you later thanks colin
  11. Do they have a weight limit? And could you supply dimensions pleAse thanks
  12. advice about tube phono preamp

    If it's the demon 103 r we are talking about it would need a loading of about 150 ohms, and a 1;20 stepup as its about a .27 output,
  13. advice about tube phono preamp

    A transformer may solve the mm phono output,but the price increases
  14. Be nice for people to stay on topic,
  15. Sorry about that rob, cables are 3 meters