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  1. nope not late at all!!! I forgot I wrote that message.. and the update is...drum rolll..... I bought the Golf R wagon - handling compromise for extra boot space was acceptable, even though the hatch looks nicer. The pano roof and Dynaudio package are nice too. I'll be tuning in a year or two most likely, plenty of fun for now though.
  2. I think if OP is buying now get this one, hindsight tells me it's worth the extra $500 or so on top of the normal version. Not that my one is wrinkled, I think the side-tensioned one would be that little bit better and should out last the projector.
  3. I went with a ElectriCinema motorised 120" Screen Technics with custom leader up top. I've used it for 7 years i think now maybe more and it still going strong. I didn't get the (tab) side-tensioned version, wouldn't mind seeing long term reviews on that. The price was closing in on the cost of my projector so struggled to justify it Powder coated white blends in well to living room when retracted.
  4. Does this version support HDR/ 18Gbps output?
  5. any black friday specials? - i'm looking too!
  6. When focussing MadVR is mainly GPU dependant so a decen 2060 should be sufficient to do what you need it to do. The biggest question is if you are upscaling low def content to 4K that is where you need a large amount of GPU power. so 720 -> 4K is actually quite a big step up. Regarding the Envy pricing, sadly I believe they missed the mark and reading on the AVSForum you'll see similar comments. I've done a build for around $1500 + install however, you could get this and be done https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/492717 I'm hoping the Epson 9400 drops a little in price then I'll be building my HTPC.
  7. so.. i had only read about this projector and to be fair the current crop of similar brands (at this price point). I just came back from the home show and popped my head in to the Big Picture peoples set up. I couldn't believe the advances in picture quality that has occurred in projectors. Coming from a 9000W for a similar price point now the 9400 is better and not just by a lot, I mean it's better by a quantum leap amount. They then told me it's a 1080p BluRay that they were playing not a UHD!.. now this part I find hard to swallow, as what I was seeing looked stunning. It was a specific part of Thor Ragnarok so I'm not sure if it was colour edited show disk or not, but wow. I didn't even have to convince my wife that it's time to upgrade, the picture did the sell! Time to break open the piggy bank! Might be reaching out to ☝️
  8. i saw his review - and it was very glowing, am interested too on what others think. I'm not sure if it amplifies the signal though. What headgear are you running? Is it a difficult load?
  9. I was interested (still am pending price) in this too, as I am about to build a new PC. Only question is why this over a dedicated HTPC (if it's the same money) as you have said it will essentially be running a 1080 card or depending when they build it a 2080 card for it to process the full suite that MADVR offers so unless it comes in sub $1000 it doesn't have the flexibility of a HTPC unless i've missed something here?
  10. If you do rip UHD to MKV from a storage perspective the savings should be quite significant I presume? I have ripped BD to MKV and can store a whole lot more in MKV containers. This thread is great timing for me as I'm trying to work out how to upgrade my system to support 4k UHD MKVs and how to process them. I'm intrigued by this as I have a vast 1080p library. Is there a wiki on this. I currently use JRiver with MadVR plugin. I'm assuming my system build would need to be beefy though
  11. I have a basic set up and I felt the addition of my audiophillieo between the PC USB and DAC helped a decent amount. However, I find running EQ correction provides most improvement. As I don’t listen in a recording studio but in my lounge. So my next purchase will be to simplify the integration between streaming music from local storage and TIDAL, Spotify etc. while keeping the ability to EQ the sound from JRiver. I still feel if you want to change the sound the most impact will be to change speakers. Then add EQ to taste. After that everything else is “the hobby”. If you want to dabble with other components there is no problem but the gains will probably be a couple of percent and only really heard when listening intently rather than casual listening(ie surfing StereoNET)
  12. interesting (is this on a JRiver version before 24?) I currently rip my blurays to MKV containers. I'm sure I used to be able to play .iso and bluray, I thought natively on a earlier JRiver version.
  13. my understanidng is live tv is through an ariel and not the internet connection?
  14. Fair enough. I was looking into fetch. My understanding is that it works for catch up, not live tv.
  15. I'm trying to get Kodi set up for Live FTA Australian TV have you used it for this? I find that the repositories constantly need updating?
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