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  1. This thread was a great read - what a journey of realisation/testing! You probably condensed most peoples' audio journey in to a week!
  2. These are the bits (dedicated Renderer vs PC) i was interested in, from your experience as I was thinking of going down the dedicated renderer path, but I also use my system to play my Movie library and use MADVR for improving the visuals. I might put Roon on it and give it a whirl, as I'm currently fully integrated with JRiver/Jremote and am getting on well with it.
  3. @Ray H are those Kii's active? is there a local Melbourne distributor?
  4. you can do things that most of us can't do which is compare a high/low pricing DACs to Sources - so in your experience you have found that a good DAC has a bigger impact on sound quality than a PC Source vs dedicated 'music' first source or items such as Ultra rendu or SoTM PCI cards etc?
  5. sorry don't get me wrong if it makes a positive difference then that is the point. For me I wouldn't believe changing my USB cable would make a difference the cable I came from worked as a printer cable just fine. It worked for my music too. I wasn't expecting a difference but so many people have talked about Curious Cable, Audioquest Carbon among many others - I thought I would give it a go. I dipped my toe in to a low Hi-Fi quality USB cable and I personally feel it made a positive difference. When I saw your system set up (higher end than mine) I figured (incorrectly) that you either overlooked the USB quality cable or as you have now clarified, found that it didn't have much impact on the outcome of the sound when comparing it to a $300 USB cable.
  6. haha i'll just agree to disagree, mainly because I use both platforms and therefore it does impact users who are in both ecosystems. I will point out Lightening connector specs don't match current USB C standards and also if they were as good they would be implemented on their macbook pro line instead of USB C/Thunderbolt connectors. Hopefully that also helps with why they have ditched it on the iPad Pro and also their iPhones will probably follow the same path shortly
  7. I guess the main thing is that you tested the $30 Cromo vs $300 brand X to make the conclusion. But if you hadn't then the same thought process you had there would apply to a well constructed speaker cable at $20-30/metre. If it's well constructed it doesn't have to cost $300/metre
  8. I am glad someone running your equipment doesn't go crazy with recommending uber expensive USB cables. However, have you tried that Cromo for example vs say Audio Quest Carbon or a Curious Cable? EDIT - just saw your speaker cables - I stand corrected😅 I stepped up from a cheap no brand USB to Audioquest Cinnamon and was quite happy with it. I'm now thinking that a step up to a Carbon cable might be worth a shot. Unfortunately, my run needs to be more than 1 meter so becomes $$
  9. Can't wait for Apple to ditch the lightening cable - there are enough legacy devices and cables and ports for USB A/B - but lightening is only found from iPhone 5-11 and even the new iPads have ditched it.
  10. I think USB have done good job in standardisation - but remember USB C which is much smaller can deliver power and when implemented with Intel's Thunderbolt deliver 40GB/s bandwidth (found on Macbooks) makes me think they were being painful and could have kept the same size as USB 2.0. In fact on reflection they did stuff up as they kept the name USB Type B the same for USB 3. So actually they really did stuff up on this one.
  11. i would have been able to give feedback on Lindy cables had I purchased the correct one 🙈 - went with USB 3.0 Type B which I found out once it arrived is a different connector than USB 2 Type B
  12. I run Arlo Pro 2 cameras which I picked up at a good price couple of years ago. As long as your expectations are appropriate for a wireless solution they work well. Depending on where they are located, high traffic areas, such as driveway I'm charging the battery every 2 1/2 months. The accessories are expensive - such as solar panel to keep a camera charged is $120 for small panel. However, for a hard to reach camera, it might be worth it.
  13. Agreed @frednork's idea it so cost effective and simple and if one doesn't hear a difference then it answers the question around investing in JCat XE etc. @Chanh love the passion and that you are still tinkering - I was an avid reader of your massive thread a few years back. Your soldering skill set put me off, also I don't think the missus would be happy with a 5 box set just to get the source sounding perfect😁
  14. Hi there, I've sent a PM regarding postage to 3038. Thanks Roh
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