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  1. Just get some rca plugs and link the centre pins with some wire. You don’t need to connect the outer barrels because they are connected internally, but you can if you want. ron
  2. Hi there, how old is it and have you got a photo of the armboard? Cheers, ron
  3. Indeed, tda1541a and pcm63 are the go. ron
  4. You really think this is a positive? An expensive speaker where the manufacturer couldn't be bothered to check the drivers meet spec and then blame the weather. Get real. ron
  5. You need a shot from underneath to see what has been done. ron
  6. Calling occupants of interplanetary craft to me Is a transcendental song. I’m also a bit of a Monkees fan. ron
  7. Hi there, all of no. 5 please. thanks, ron if you are happy to post that is
  8. Until you have worked in retail you will have no idea of the low lifes that inhabit this planet. As an old boss of mine used to say “this town is full of ar**holes and most of them have been in here”. ron
  9. There's a clutch built into the pulley assembly. Clean it up and look at lubricating the motor bushes. ron
  10. It’s new, you don’t know what you’re doing, take it back to where you bought it. ron
  11. I believe an 85s is some sort of yamaha. My view, which some peope don't like, is that this general type of turntable wasn't very good when it was new and i can't see it being any better now that its old. Still it will play and one mans laidback and warm is another mans dull and boring. I would however change the cartridge first it is ancient. I reckon the audio technica at95e is and always has been a cracker. I'm assuming the belt is ok the pulley and subplatter are clean and the main bearing has oil in it. You could probably carefully oil the dc motor. If you then think its ok replace any parts in the pwr supply. ron
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