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  1. I went to discogs to leave feedback for a seller, and found a strange new site. Anyone know what has happened? Paul
  2. Thanks to @candyflip for turning me on to this amazing, cheap, way to improve my listening experience. I'd like to add my discoveries as I've Glued my discs. 1. Don't over-press the card strips you use to lift The Glue. If the card is pressed too hard into the glue it can stick to the vinyl below, just float the card onto The Glue. 2. I've found that The Glue tends to leave a lot of static on my vinyl. You'll need a good anti-static device to counteract it. 3. Be aware that The Glue will stick to the outer edge of the vinyl, which is not removed by the first lift. I prefer to ensure my vinyl is comletely free of glue before playing it.
  3. When CDs first arrived in the 1980s, there was a code to tell the buyer how the CD they purchased had been produced. AAD meant Analogue recording, Analogue mixing, then transferred to Digital. ADD meant Analogue recording, a Digital recording device used for mixing and final product produced on Digital media. Now we are in a resurgence of vinyl, which is inherantly analogue. So, should those of us with vinyl systems ask for a similar system to be instituted. For example, I would like to know if Steely Dan's 'Aja' on vinyl is DDA or ADA. Maybe there are more analogue recording studios appearing, using old AAA technology. What do you think?
  4. Hi, and thanks in advance for any replies. My cartridge suggests a tracking weight of 2.0gms. My scale measures 1.93gms. I believe this scale is within 0.1 of a gram accuracy. Is this within tolerance, or should I try for more accuracy? Thanks
  5. Hi, I recognise that most people in this thread only use digital. But I would really like to introduce at least some of you to analogue, that is vinyl. I am a proud user of Senheiser 800S headphones, with balanced connections to a Sennheiser HDVA600 headphone amp. My analogue system is: Kuzma CAR 40 cartridge, connected to a 4point Kuzma arm, and a Kuzma StabiM turntable. Then through an RCM Theriaa phono stage into the Sennheiser amp and headphones. If anyone would like to hear how analogue (vinyl) sounds, please contact me. Paul
  6. Hi Ophool, great to hear from you. I think she'll probably be using a phone and a laptop. Paul
  7. Ha Ha, Thanks gz76. Unfortunately for you guys, I have only the one son. Actually, I bought the headphones and amp in about 2003, and I have just upgraded them. They have repaid the purchase price by giving me many, many hours of pleasure. Paul
  8. Hi, I am looking for a DAC without amplifier. My future daughter-in-law is just starting her journey into hi-fi. I have provided her with Sennheiser HD600 headphones, and a Musical Fidelity X-can v2 headphone amp. She will be going the digital route, hopefully with the highest quality digital files. So, what DAC should she look at? The budget will stretch to a max of $1000. Thanks in advance for any advice Paul
  9. Well OK, I have been chastised, and I am suitably chastened , but the above video should be chart-bound.
  10. Turntable. it would be good if you actually purchased the Beatles reissue vinyl, and listened to it yourself. However, I have listened to the White album, and I disagree with you. You rely on Fremer, and his views. Does Ringo really do what you say?!?! The White album is more than one of the Beatles. It is a wonderful kaleidoscope of sounds.
  11. Someone should take advantage of this price. I have the details in my account now, and it cost under $450, including shipping and bank fees. http://www.juno.co.uk/products/the-beatles-in-stereo-vinyl-box-set/472931-01/ I'm considering buying another set as an investment.
  12. I got mine from Juno records in the UK, link and price is at the end of the other thread.
  13. There is another thread here about this vinyl box set, but unfortunately it has rarely talked about the actual product. I received my box set today, and so far have listened to 6 albums. Firstly, I am listening through a Kuzma Stabi S/Stogi S with a ZYX 4D cartridge into an RCM Prelude then fully balanced into Meridian G02/G57 and output through Osborn Epitome speakers. In my opinion, this is a decent system which can discern good production from bad. The Beatles discs I have listened to so far have absolutely blown me away! The quality of this reissue is such that these albums could have been recorded very recently, not nearly 50 years ago! The soundstage is huge, the instrumentation and vocals are clear, and overall the sound is dynamic. I have been a fan of the Beatles since they started in the 60s, and I still have some of their original vinyl, but I have never heard them sound so good. I praise the producers/engineers of this reissue for doing a wonderful job. If you like the Beatles, this is a fabulous collection to hear them at their very best. The box set I have is the EU version. Paul
  14. If anyone's looking for this set, Juno in the UK has it for about $370 + $50 - 60 delivery by DHL (depends on exchange rate you get). here's the link: http://www.juno.co.uk/products/the-beatles-in-stereo-vinyl-box-set/472931-01/ Paul
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