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  1. it sounds like your current sub is on the way out you may be left with a single PB and your existing sub dead - rattles aren't a good sign. sure - whatever gives you the smoothest bass at the listening position - try lots of positions. cheers, Mike
  2. a bunch of good ideas above You want the sound from your centre channel to be identical in character to your left/right mains - lots of people use an identical speaker...and it should be oriented the same way as your mains so the dispersion pattern is the same, with the tweeters at the same height across left/centre/right, so panning vocals don't change height from one side to the other. For the same reasons you want the crossover point to your sub set identically across left/centre/right speakers. As mentioned above, the graph for your sub makes it look like the cross
  3. yeah - my bad - apologies apologies, I just mentioned the HDP5 as the latest model...let's just park it as it took the thread down an unnecessary rabbit hole @Nada, and @TP1's posts immediately above are more relevant, as are @tripitaka and @cazzesman's posts on 31 May... EQ is used today in systems ranging from lo-fi to hi-fi. Some "modern audiophiles" use EQ, some don't - horses for courses. EQ developed a deservedly bad reputation in the 70s when graphic equalisers gave punters the opportunity to royally wreck their room sound throug
  4. agreed, nothing is perfect - my choice is an active crossover with at least a 24dB/octave slope - in every way that will beat a passive crossover
  5. not really - just sound vs cost - what else is there? Hold on - a DEQX HDP5 is an ADC/pre-amp/3 way crossover/DAC solution, not a speaker - why compare a DEQX unit with a speaker? Sure I'm a DEQX fanboi - but IMO a DEQX is still a fantastic single box device for an ADC/pre-amp/3 way crossover/DAC solution. I look at the current web prices for DEQX and recall I got good pricing when purchasing mine - just ask... ...I've been a happy DEQX owner since 2010, and currently run double DEQX for 4 way active... ...apologies to the OP for the off topic
  6. Of course - and I've never spoken with Mike Lenehan, or listened to his speakers - so I'm unlikely to have an opportunity to test that assumption. Passive Xovers have their own issues outside the scope of this thread. Mike
  7. I've never listened to Mike Lenehan's speakers, but all reports here on SNA are great. I completely accept that Mike is a genius at passive Xover design...but I suspect commercial considerations prevailed, and his decision to not use DEQX was a commercial decision rather than a decision based purely on the "sound". There's only so much you can "do" with a passive crossover, and so much more you can achieve with an active crossover DSP solution like DEQX. cheers Mike
  8. yeah neither. our kids are teenagers now, but my wife and I deliberately didn't keep noise low and our kids were fine sleeping through "reasonable" volume...not blaring of course. The current stereo room is quite leaky, so the bass just goes through the walls - which is great for the "in room" sound... but it helps to have tolerant neighbours 👍...we've been here 11 years and so far not had a single complaint...🤞 I don't regard myself as an "audiophile", but my friends call me an "audio nutter"... ...only an "audio nutter" would have a sub the size of a bro
  9. Fair call - for you it's irrelevant. I became a bass nut after achieving a setup/room that delivers clean/tight/dry bass - dialling the bass up is pure fun - totally for enjoyment of the music. I don't care where the EQ is set, I dial it up or down to where I like it...but the EQ I apply will change depending on the volume I'm listening at. Take a track like Angus and Julia Stone's "Yellow Brick Road" - great bass and the run down at the end is awesome. At low volume I'd likely apply no EQ (no bass boost is needed) At high volume I'd likely sneak the bass
  10. I get that. What I don't get is that some of the people that don't like EQ seem to think their system sounds the same at all volume levels from soft to loud (I'm not saying you do). This is demonstrably incorrect just by inspection of the Fletcher Munson curves. I love EQ - and having it on the remote is a game changer for me. Low volume, bass is a bit shy, dial the bass up a bit. Reasonable volume, great bass line, dial the bass up a bit just because The source has well mixed bass, but I'm cranking it, dial the bass down a little, whereas the b
  11. look at old school turntables - Yamaha or Denon or Technics - gone nuts Try to purchase a Yamaha GT-2000 - good luck
  12. the best speakers your niece will ever own unless she gets bitten...and even then it will take quite a bit to beat these... congrats - "bang for buck" you can't beat econowaves! cheers Mike
  13. I'm sure your setup sounds amazing, but the sound perceived by your ears will change with volume based on the Fletcher Munson curves - this is not an issue with your stereo, it's the frequency response/sensitivity of your ears that varies across the audible range I accept that you may be fine with the level of bass your system creates at any volume from low to high, but without any changes to the system EQ/FR, your ears will perceive quite different levels of bass when going from low volume to high volume if the EQ/FR remains the same. Maybe... Much more discer
  14. Agreed @MattyW, the below appear to contradict each other I'm entirely fine that you choose to not apply any EQ - but as the volume drops, your hearing response based on the Fletcher Munson curves requires an increase to the volume of bass frequencies to maintain "equal loudness" with higher frequencies - which is why "loudness" controls were popular decades ago. I get that you don't like EQ and take the option not to use it, but stating that "Course decent bass only comes with added volume" highlights the compromises you're happy to mak
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