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  1. Interesting. I tried registering it but it already had been by a previous owner. I may follow it up though, thanks.
  2. Well it is, but prior to it's release they had a Loki DSD DAC. Not sure why they reused the name though.
  3. Thanks for the insight, I'll keep it in mind. At the moment I'm stunned by the Schiit Loki DSD DAC. I'm committing the mortal sin of upsampling all PCM to DSD64 and I can't believe what I'm hearing. The Metrum may well end up for sale!
  4. It unfortunately stopped working 😑 I was otherwise really happy with it.
  5. The Wyrd hasn't removed the laptop power noise, although it isn't as bad as without the Wyrd inline. I noticed less noise when I remember the media player and hard drive wall warts from the board. So for now it's laptop battery only, might buy a spare or two for longer playback time, although I'm getting 4 hours minimum as it is. Thanks for everyone's help. Cheers Ben
  6. Did you notice a difference with this software in just the phone's audio?
  7. I've got a Schiit Wyrd on it's way, nothing but great reports for noise isolation and reclocking data. I'll report back.
  8. Thanks for your input, appreciated. The Lightspeed is running off a battery. Using my spdif DAC, no noise at all. It has a separate PSU. Haven't tried that, but as it's plastic I'm not sure it would make a difference?
  9. Haven't tried that, but as it's plastic I'm not sure it would make a difference?
  10. Thanks Chanh, it's a Lenovo with a funny DC input, not sure if it's butcherable?
  11. Have been playing with a USB powered DAC. Headphone amp no probs, no noise whatsoever. Switch to Lightspeed and power amp, horrendous buzz and hum. Pull power on laptop and run on battery, silent background. So aside from getting potentially little time out of the laptop battery, what are my options? The DAC is a Schiit, had already considered their Wyrd de-crapifier which injects cleaner power and disengages laptop power on the USB path, but is there a simpler solution with say a different power supply? Cheers Ben
  12. He does, I know Steve, he's literally a 5 min drive away. But, that DAC is well out of my budget I'm afraid. And I recall his penchant for 44/16 only?
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