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  1. Get a transformer output mod where the entire output stage is thrown out past the sabre chip and replaced with a transformer and this becomes a killer all in one cd player / tidal streamer. LPG
  2. Superb Dac If your system is set up for vinyl or if your missing the traditional analog virtues you can't find in most of the digital setups you've been listening to. Has a lot of the sonic signatures of really good vinyl. Big soundstage with tons of bloom, rich timbres and architectural three dimensional solidity to instruments. Crazy value at this price! LPG
  3. Does Audrey Hepburn come with the pre? Excellent pre. LPG
  4. Item: Azurahorn Ah-160 Midbass horns Location: Melbourne Price: $550 negotiable Item Condition: Good for age. Reason for selling: Taking up huge amounts of space. Present audio room is way to small for these Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: Up for sale is my Azura Ah-160 mid bass horns. These mid bass horns have given me the best lower midrange through mid bass I have heard. The fibreglass horns resonated quite a bit when i first got them so over a couple of years i put layer after layer of bitumen on them which improved the sound hugely (I got that idea from Goto with they're midrange and mid bass horns). It took forever for the bitumen to dry hence the huge amount of application time. They retail for $1200 new and then you have to pay the shipping, put on mounting plates, a rear chamber and ideally damp the mid bass and then paint them. This has all been done ready to bolt the drivers in. They are cut to a 4 inch throat to suit a 8 inch driver (same compression ratio and driver type as Avantgarde use in the Trio. I have built a system that allows you to change the compression chamber size at the back of the horn. If you wished to use them with a different sized driver (like a Western Electric style 555 compression driver or larger) you could get Azurahorn to sell you a extension piece. Some people on the net have used these horns with the Avantgarde Duo for huge improvements to the sound (and near Avantgarde Trio sound). They take up a huge amount of space (they are almost one metre in diameter so they just fit through a doorway). They were originally gold in colour (using various metal powders and wax) but are presently in a more discreet Charcoal chalky type finish. The rim needs a little touch up due to being in the garage a couple of years (I have more of the spray paint so can do this if required). Useable response (depending on driver and position) is 60 hz (shoved hard into room corners) through to about 100 - 140 hz or so in free space. I was crossing these over at 700-900 hz but many recommend using them to about 1100 hz. I have some 8 inch Coral drivers I can provide cheap with these if needed. I was using the Corals with these before switching to the Fane as used by Romy the Cat in his Upgraded Avantgarde Trio Midbass horns. The Corals sound excellent in this mid bass horn. Almost as good as the Fane but less efficient. The Fane drivers have been sold and are not available. Local pickup strongly preferred due to the obvious size and weight issues. Otherwise you would have to arrange your own shipping. Priced them cheap for a quick sale. LPG Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  5. Where's Elwood? Welcome Darren. Its a lovely if lively bunch of people here. LPG
  6. You mentioned your room isn't wide enough which is why you are selling them. Put them on they're sides. They image better and sound amazing that way and aren't much bigger than the Duntechs you have. One of the guys from the Athens audio club has these with all Ypsilon electronics, Goldmund Reference and other Turntables and Stellavox Reel to Reel and many people thought they were the best speakers they had ever heard (and he used to own Focal Utopias, JBL Everests and others so he has had some really nice gear). He did mention they are the hardest speakers he has ever had to set up and they are ruthlessly revealing of every part of the system but when set up and powered right are amaze-balls. I prefer the 18 inch driver of the 4345 myself but these are incredible speakers. Its all different taste. LPG
  7. Team p2 and the later p2s where both under the Esoteric brand name. They were are both early VRDS units. Granted the Wadia WT3200 was based on a Marantz but i don't think i would call it laughable; There is a interview somewhere on the net where Peter Qovtrup from Audionote UK said it was the best transport for him he had used and it was only comparatively recently that he believed he had built a transport which was superior. I think it was and is acknowledged that Wadia knew there chops when it comes to digital. As to a fault with the CEC TL0 and its sensitivity to digital cables that might be so. I just don't know. But it still sounded great with all the digital cables used but really came alive at the time with one of the NBS units. The Jadis was not a Marantz. It did use a swingarm Philips mechanism if that is what you meant? I have owned both the Esoteric P700 and the entry level 500. Both of those i thought were inferior sonically to many of the Marantz players you found laughable. I guess we all hear in different ways. Dallas Clarkes modded P500 sounds pretty good. I've also tried various Sony's and done comparisons with 777ES and some of the earlier units and some of the Pioneers (which i always preferred as a stand alone player). Oh and the Audio Alchemy top of the line transport (again using the Philips stable platter and outboard power supply). And some Meridians (508.20, 508.24 and one of the 200 series). Oh and a VRDS 10 and VRDS 20 (I liked the 20). Not wishing to step on any toes here. The TL1 and TL0 sound very different to the TL51, 51x and 5100. LPG
  8. I actually think the TL0 is a superb transport. I'm not sure about square wave performance and such but playing music in a system it sounds stunning. The TL0 has a very different sonic signature to the TL1. The TL0 (original model which i have experience with) takes ages to sound good after turning it on. Initially its super lean but razor fast and clear sounding. After being left on (and being on a good vibration support shelf) it sounds more liquid and full). In saying that its super revealing of the rest of the system and the recording. The TL1 (the next model down) has much of the same internals as the 0 save the different chassis. It has a totally different sound. Meatier, bigger sounding with lots of bloom and depth to the sound. Its very beautiful but can also in stock form slow and fat sounding. After having lots of mods done to the power supply and bearing etc. it still had much of the warmth but started to gain a great deal of the speed and clarity of the TL0. I think modified it really is the best of both worlds (but then again different dacs may give different results as to which transport is preferable). I much preferred this transport to others I've tried which include the Esoteric Teac P2, P2S, Wadia 7 (i think it was (the unit with the p2 mech and remachined parts), Wadia wt3200, CD94, CD94 mark II, CD 75 mk ii, Jadis (can't remember the model - it was big, it was heavy, it was gold plated) and many others. It was second only to the Forsell which was really absolutely amazingly gob smackingly stunning!! But i would never ever ever ever buy one second hand because they are crazy unreliable now that they are so old and they are made of perspex glued onto mdf with a medical air pump inside. The CEC's are beautifully made. Of course if your more of a measurement person then please disregard the above. But thats how i and others who've heard these things in my various systems over the years have heard it. Oh and the TL0 was very picky about the digital cable. LPG
  9. Item: Metaxas Iraklis Power Amplifier Location: Melbourne Price: SOLD Item Condition: Excellent for age (just had comprehensive restoration by Dallas Clark) Reason for selling: Bills Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: Up for sale is my just comprehensively restored Metaxas Iraklis power amp. I love the sound of this amplifier and have been a fan of the sound of the better Metaxas gear for a long time. As i found out to my cost these amps sound excellent but they really should be comprehensively restored due to they're age, and the way they are put together. If your buying one of these amps without having had recent work done buyer beware. I was listening to this amp at a friends place and we were all in love with the way it sounded. Suddenly it went bang and smoke started rising from the centre of the amp. We were pretty bummed because it was sounding superb. I took it to Dallas Clark who on inspecting it saw that these amps have been built with no heat conducting paste on the transistors, the legs of the transistors are the only things holding the circuit boards in place, some of the capacitors are rated at 30 volt but actually see 35 volt and some other bits and pieces. The heatsinks aren't attached to the transistors properly (don't make flat and intimate contact with the heatsinks). These and many other design faults and age related issues have been totally fixed so there are no issues and this amplifier has cost me to fix much more than I'm selling it for but should now give its new owner many many years of trouble free ownership. So just to reiterate Dallas said now it should be very reliable. So the positives are a super wide bandwidth, simple and very short signal path. Super fast rise times. Massive power supply for the rated power output (the amp is around 20 kg and the power transformer is almost 15 kg!! so the regulation from the power supply is superb). It sounds as fast as lightning. It has stunning clarity and sledge hammer bass from that massive transformer (so heavy it actually bends the stainless steel top plate). It also looks like a modern art piece (almost everyone who sees this amp goes gaga over the way it looks). The current version of this amp costs a fortune. If you've heard the Icarus and Iraklis integrated amps this is a massive step up in sound quality. This amp will sonically lay waste to many new and very expensive amplifiers. It does not have a vintage sound. Its a direct, tactile, super wide bandwidth and super fast design. LPG Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  10. Item: NVA Cubix isobaric loudspeakers Location: Melbourne Price: Item Condition: Excellent, All original and functioning perfectly Reason for selling: bills Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Extra Info: These speakers are superb, quirky and very rare in Australia. If you go to the hifi subjectivist forum in the UK you can read hundreds of posts about how amazing they are and all the nitty gritty on how they are made and such. ( I also have the matching top of the range NVA / Absolute high end collaboration 3 chassis Magnum Junior amps to sell separately). They are one of those amazing quirky English brands that has quite a cult following; and for good reason. The gear sounds wonderful. The Cubix speakers i have have a massive sound from a comparatively compact box. The bass goes down to the 20's thanks to two upward firing isobaric loaded 8 inch bass drivers per cabinet and wall loading. Each cabinet also has a forward firing tweeter and a side firing tweeter. So its four drivers per enclosure. They are designed to be placed near a rear wall for best sound and with the wall loading and dual 8 inch drivers and super dead enclosures (knuckle test will produce sore knuckles due to very thick cabinets and steel lining) they sound effortless, direct and vivid. Like a lot of great British gear they have superb PRAT (pace, rhythm and timing) and with all the drivers they sound very low distortion. With the upward firing main drivers and front and side firing tweeters they have a very large enveloping soundstage. If you check out the forums the people who own these seem to be pretty fanatical about them and some very expensive speakers have been sold with people using these. The new version of these speakers is 3500 British pounds (not including the steel stands). Ive included the super heavy steel (sand fillable) stands they were originally purchased with). They are bi-wirable and bi-ampable. They use a minimal crossover. These speakers though modest in size are very heavy. Local pickup is preferred. From Richard Dunn of NVA on the Cubix speaker (were the top of the range model with the two tweeters for even power response and dispersion): " So now we come to the other trick up the sleeve of the Cubes - directionality. Differing frequencies have differing dispersion patterns. The lower the frequency the more omni directional is the polar response, and the higher the frequency the more directional. So our trick is to mount the driver upward firing as the higher it gets in frequency the less it is heard from the listening position and the more its output just contributes to the acoustic ambience of the music (which is peaky anyway due to room nodes). We then use a relatively wide band tweeter which is front firing and directional to provide the frequency range beyond the point the bass / mid driver is naturally (due to doping) and acoustically (due to directionality) rolling off. This makes the only crossover components in the whole speaker necessary as a series protection capacitor to gently roll off the tweeter down to low mid and LF frequencies which would overload and distort (and potentially damage) the small driver, and a padding resistor as the upward driver loses some of the efficiency of output at MF and LF, so if left that way the tweeter would dominate, so it needs taming a little. The other advantage of the upward firing driver is that it means it is mechanically in phase with its coupling to the listening room, the speaker stand. This stops any rocking motion which induces mf and hf phase problems and a large (90degree) LF phase change as with normal front firing speakers in very low frequency notes. The other bonus of the LF driver position means you get an extra LF natural mechanical extension of the bass frequency so no extra LF driver or extra bass boom box is required. The other problem / consideration is what is this all enclosed in and how that enclosure functions. In this situation in reality you are looking at a small box (speaker) creating sound within a much larger box (the room). Now this is a whole new subject in terms of materials, shape and size, better left to another post." I also have the very rare 3 box 3 chassis wood and steel Absolute High End sold (NVA) Magnum Junior amps that will be listed separately. I was told these are a statement product which were super expensive and sold by Surya Murthy at Absolute High End and were a collaboration between Absolute High End and NVA. They look stunning in Piano gloss black wood and brass feet, control and selector knobs (you can see them in one of the photos above). Apparently Surya to make a all out state of the art NVA amp so entered into this collaboration. The back of each of the 3 wooden chassis has the metal plates and boards from NVA in England with two mono block massive power supplies. They started with the NVA amplifiers then put them in very well damped wooden boxes and separate massive power supplies. The amps three chassis weigh perhaps a total of around 50 kg or so. LPG Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  11. Thanks for sharing. I love hearing these recollections about great people in the industry. LPG
  12. Item: BAKOON HDA-5210 mkIII headphone amp Location: Melbourne Price: $1300 ONO Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: i'm crazy Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD, bank transfer Only Extra Info: Up for sale is my reference headphone amplifier. If your into statement high end headphone gear then you will probably know what this is. The most neutral headphone amp I know; Pure and beautiful to listen to. It sounds stunning and with its gain and with Current / Voltage / High and Low gain settings and unique Satri circuit it will drive and suit all headphones (electrostatics obviously excepted). The current model and made by Bakoon in Japan this is a official Australian 240 volt version. Its current RRP is $2500. These don't come up very often and when they do they get snapped up quickly by those who know what they are. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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