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  1. Noooooooooo Simon! This is a great sounding amp. A friend has one in Sydney and would never part with it. GLWTS, LPG
  2. I met this guy in an uber the other day. He knows this guy who knows a guy who was a doctor before he had some problems and was disbarred. But he said he can do any of this sort of stuff cheap. So i could offer you a trade for a Vasectomy? NCores have amazing reputations so i have no doubt it sounds amazing and won't last here long. Good Luck with the sale, and if you want a trade let me know. LPG
  3. Owned the Philips cd850 and the Cd960 many years ago. Preferred them over the very similar Marantz units. Really nice if you are into the TDA1541 Philips CDM Swingarm sound. Take off the lid and make it a top loader by removing the top clamping mechanism and putting suitable weight on the puck along with taking the parts out of the chassis and replace the diodes and re spring the mechanics for simple mods which improve the sound tons (usual electrical and safety disclaimers of course). Also make a fantastic transport when these mods are done (saw off some VRDS units and a top end Jadis transport at the time). LPG
  4. Looks great Tuyen, no doubt it sounds wonderful! A different flavour to Goto. LPG
  5. Dick Olsher - "One of the best low powered amps money can buy". Good luck with the sale Rab, Nelsons a genius. LPG
  6. Whats the retail on these in Australia? I didn't see them on the Krispy audio website. Thanks! LPG
  7. Sorry. They definitely make a difference. The simpler the circuit the bigger the contribution they make to the sound. Excellent tube, Good luck with the sale. LPG
  8. These are my old speakers. They were heavily based on the original Martin Logan CLS but with a thinner diaphragm for even more speed and detail and a bigger power supply for a slightly less cruel load to the amp. They had detail, speed and clarity that even my Direct Drive Electrostatic Acoustats couldn't match while the curved stator created exceptional imaging. Build a sub to partner them and you have a superb speaker. They will highlight everything that is going on in your records from the mid bass and up. GLWTS, LPG
  9. Excellent Ribbons. 20 years ago or a little longer. The smaller 60 inch ribbon was used in the Genesis of the time. Due to the cavity resonance and the dispersion and driver characteristics they were used with the circular genesis ribbon tweeters but i found mine had really nice top end used without tweeters. Had them crossed over at 150-200hz to 10 x 12 inch Tonegen woofers (5 per side). Was equalised with a Clearview active crossover to supposedly go down to 16 hz. The housing for the RD75 was a very simple two pieces of wood (ash) screwed into the sides and a base plate. Sounded fantastic. Excellent Ribbon good luck with the sale. LPG
  10. Hi Shamrock, The Bunnings anti vibration matting and blocks work quite well but are nowhere near as effective as the Auralex style products. I have the Bunnings blocks and mats all over the house on everything from the Washing machine to the racing console. They are no match for the Auralex and similar vibration solutions. I had at one stage a composite of the pads and the 20kg concrete paving slab which worked a little better than stock. When I used the Auralex and some other products the improvement in the best cases was more like a component upgrade. The improvement with the Bunnings style mats was obvious but comparatively small. The differences are much more noticeable with things like subs on wooden floors. I think the Auralex products are dirt cheap for the improvement in sound they can give you. I spent months coming up with Vibration products which were better than the Auralex and many hundreds of dollars in sample materials/densities etc to get there. The biggest difference and sound improvement will probably be with a unit under your subwoofer. LPG
  11. Why do they have totally different transistors? On one side of the chassis they are all green Toshiba 2SA1302 and on the other side all black Toshiba 2SC3281? did it come out of the factory this way or did one channel of the amp get taken out at some point and different model transistors where put in? Good luck with the sale. LPG
  12. Great speakers. Good luck with the sale. Look lovely in the piano black. LPG
  13. The Superdupont mod definitely reduces the soundstage and the clarity. In saying that the soundstage is still really fantastic and one of the main strengths of the HD800. Theres still plenty of clarity but the sound is much less hot than the stock unit. With the Superdupont it sounds more even and correct in tone. You also lose a tiny bit in dynamics. The headphone becomes much less picky of the source and recording quality and it gives longer fatigue free listening. If you've heard the HD800s then the Superdupont resonator mod is a kind of blend of the sound signature of the original HD800 and HD800s. Very amp and source dependent but still a great headphone. LPG
  14. Sweet! Will have to give these a listen some day. JBL consistently make some of the best speakers i've ever heard. The 2426 is in the dd55000 Everest and the 2235 bass 15 inch bass unit is legendary with JBL fans for having amaze-balls bass. That mass ring and high BL motor gives tight gut punching bass. These would cost a ton of money if made today especially with those boxes and cabinet finish. I still consistently dream of the JBL 4345 when i go to sleep at night (sad, I know)!! LPG
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