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  1. Your friend who passed obviously had very good taste when it came to (his)? audio gear. I wonder what speakers he had? Theres a stax box underneath the Cotter also.... LPG
  2. It's a tube buffer stage with active gain built in. Definitely able to be used as a active pre replacement and has tons of gain. If you have a sound you find too solid state in the classic sense and a little digital this will give you a much bigger soundstage with lots of bloom and warmth. A great antidote for a lean and clean system. You lose lots of detail, clarity and bass depth / tightness but you gain a much bigger soundstage and wonderful vintage style vinyl timbre to instruments and the sound. Adds also lots of solidity to the sound and images on the soundstage. In the right system it can be fantastic. LPG
  3. The early version of these used Dynaudio drivers and were great speakers. If these sound similar they should be really nice. The Duntechs aren't too fussy about companion gear either so they won't bankrupt you to try and get a great sound. In some ways i preferred these to the Princess (and definitely the Black Knight which was almost as big as the 2001). LPG
  4. Haha. Right you are. All good. We are a close bunch of audio friends who play pranks on each other all the time. Tannoy have a great flavour but I'm happy with my Klangfilm, giant JBL's, early Altecs, WE 753 / Petite Latour style, Shahinian Obelisks, Audiospheres and other systems i can play with. The thing i like about the Tannoys is anyone who buys them has a lifetime of different enclosures and tweaks they can play with. They're really musical and aren't so revealing that they will bankrupt you with the partnering electronics. LPG.
  5. HAHA. I Had almost regretting selling these to Andrew when i was told recently they were the Tannoy Reds inside. It seems they are the golds after all. I've owned 9 pairs (I think) of 15 inch Tannoys and these were one of the nicest i owned. The cabinets are crazy heavy and incredibly well built. Solid as anything. Andrew put the port in (they were originally sealed) which would have improved the sound a lot. They came from a widow in Kinglake whose husband had bought the drivers new as a kit from England and made the boxes himself. They were so heavy the Minis tyres were scraping against the wheel arches the entire drive back home. Someone will enjoy these if they want that relaxed, effortless typical Tannoy sound. Don't pair them with a small single ended tube amp. They like grunt and control to sound their best. LPG.
  6. Apart from Lowthers, Altec VOT's were my first horn system. They did some things fundamentally differently and so much better than other technologies that its been a couple of decades of off and on playing with horns to try and get everything the other things up to the same standard. These speakers and a nice single malt or port and jazz (especially early mono Jazz) and you will forget about or not care about the Victorian lockdown. ............. and theres room up top for the 12 and 8 cell Western Electric multi cells and they're matching compression drivers i still sometimes miss. Beautiful speakers Tax and they look lovely (much better finish than mine which i had built for me). LPG
  7. Great classic cartridge. I've had two of these over the years. My favourite was the Garrott Brothers re-tipped one. The Lowther of cartridges. Only thing I've heard faster was the Strain Gauge cartridges. Wasn't a great match for the Linn Lp12 i(with circus but without Lingo) I had but it was wonderful on my 3012 SME arm and Garard 301. Really suit the bottom heavy powerful lows and sledgehammer dynamics of the idler drives. LPG
  8. Hi Tax, Its been too long! Just came across your thread. Many options as we all know. Personally i'd be pretty interested in playing with a Commonwealth. The 16 inch platter ideally. Mine sounded wonderful in a reasonably simple-ish 30kg or so constrained layer style plinth. Have to do lots of mods to Lenco's to start to get them to be competitive and even then its more about a different flavour. Owned two 301 (non grease bearing units) and one 401 and none of them were anything like as good as the Commonwealth (again just my opinion and experience). Stay well, LPG
  9. Excellent turntable. I've heard this actual unit for sale with the Graham art that was on it and it sounded excellent. Really good speed and timing in particular (as you'd expect with 3 motors). LPG
  10. Crazy bargain! One of the best amps I've ever heard if its in good condition and has the better series power transformer in it. LPG
  11. I'm definitely a Metaxas fan however.......... With the Phos I've been told by multiple people that it may be the most unreliable CD player ever made. But i love the way it looks and you may be lucky. LPG
  12. Heard these at Travis's old house and they sounded absolutely stunning. By far the best NS1000 based setup I've heard, and I've heard quite a few. LPG
  13. I've heard Dell's system when it had this dac in it and it is superb. ....... Of course the plasma tweeters and massive horns may have helped...... LPG
  14. Why wouldn't you look into getting it rebuilt as a proper Koetsu? One of the most legendary and sought after cartridge brands? Its handled by Nirvana Sound out of Australia and you can bring it back to life. Worst case scenario if it is unaffordable or unable to be fixed by them then they can give you options on what to do with it? LPG
  15. Much much prefer the Naos to the Dragonfly red and black. Two friends bought them after hearing mine and they thought the same. One brand had a mountain of advertising and reviews; the other did not. LPG
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