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  1. Item: Audio Aero Capitole CD Player (for parts or rebuild) Location: Melbourne Price: $150 or offer Item Condition: Good cosmetic condition Reason for selling: Another project which will never be undertaken Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Deposit, COD Only Extra Info: One of the legendary CD Players. Highly regarded when it came out for its extreme musicality and 'analog' like sound. This player is for parts or rebuild only. Its missing its transport mechanism. I bought this player from a mate a couple of years ago as spares for my Audio Aero Capitole MKii. I didn't realise the players have different mechanisms so this earlier original Audio Aero Capitole (MKi) would not make a suitable donor so it has sat in a cupboard the entire time I've owned it. When i bought it from my mate it had beens sitting under his bed for some years. The mechanism is missing because he mentioned the laser failed, the mechanism was sent to the agent (Greg Osborn) to get a replacement fitted and Audio Aero went into receivership and stopped trading for a time so no mechanism ever eventuated. You may be able to use the digital inputs, may be able to use parts, may be able to source another mechanism. But its sold as parts only. Really nicely made chassis. Probably has some interesting parts inside. Super heavy top loading player that may be of interest to someone. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Item: Sony MDR - EX1000 Location: Melbourne Price: $400 Item Condition: 9.5/10 Reason for selling: Not being used / too many headphones Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Deposit, COD Only Extra Info: The legendary Sony EX1000! Complete package, like new condition. It was purchased brand-new from China last year. The plug of the long cable has been changed to a 4.4 balance plug to work with new Sony players (like my WM1A). The new plug us of high quality of a big brand in China which cost about 80Aud. The old plug is kept so it can turn it back to original 3.5 plug if you wish to. The short cable is not touched or used. Most of the tips have never been used. Total listening hours is less than 210hours. The sound of them is unique and phenomenonal, just as you could find on online reviews. Many peer reviewers and collectors have these in they're collection. They are seen as being one of the great headphones. I'm selling these cheap because this is what i bought them for Stereonet a few months ago. They usually go for much more than this. And these are in excellent condition. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  3. @campo007 If you get this Anthony you could Bi-amp using your other ASR Emitter ! 🙂 LPG
  4. You've gone crazy Scott!! You've been raving for ages about how amazing these speakers are (and you have owned lots of stunning gear). You might (will) regret selling these! A lot of speaker for not much money. Good luck with the sale though (but slap yourself a few times to make sure your really wanting to sell these). LPG
  5. Stunning build quality, Amazing Leica lens and perfect for zone focusing. Good luck with the sale, LPG
  6. Im a fan of the Sanders and these look beautiful!! Really clean work on the segmentation resistor delay lines. I did the same thing on my direct drive tube driven electrostatics with Roger Modjeskis guidance (and his custom tube direct drive amp) and it was a huge amount of work. Im sure these sound truly wonderful!! LPG
  7. Noooooooooo Simon! This is a great sounding amp. A friend has one in Sydney and would never part with it. GLWTS, LPG
  8. I met this guy in an uber the other day. He knows this guy who knows a guy who was a doctor before he had some problems and was disbarred. But he said he can do any of this sort of stuff cheap. So i could offer you a trade for a Vasectomy? NCores have amazing reputations so i have no doubt it sounds amazing and won't last here long. Good Luck with the sale, and if you want a trade let me know. LPG
  9. Owned the Philips cd850 and the Cd960 many years ago. Preferred them over the very similar Marantz units. Really nice if you are into the TDA1541 Philips CDM Swingarm sound. Take off the lid and make it a top loader by removing the top clamping mechanism and putting suitable weight on the puck along with taking the parts out of the chassis and replace the diodes and re spring the mechanics for simple mods which improve the sound tons (usual electrical and safety disclaimers of course). Also make a fantastic transport when these mods are done (saw off some VRDS units and a top end Jadis transport at the time). LPG
  10. Looks great Tuyen, no doubt it sounds wonderful! A different flavour to Goto. LPG
  11. Dick Olsher - "One of the best low powered amps money can buy". Good luck with the sale Rab, Nelsons a genius. LPG
  12. Whats the retail on these in Australia? I didn't see them on the Krispy audio website. Thanks! LPG
  13. Sorry. They definitely make a difference. The simpler the circuit the bigger the contribution they make to the sound. Excellent tube, Good luck with the sale. LPG
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