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  1. It has been a while since I have posted to this thread. First off, the listening room: My system has changed a lot since I last posted to this thread. I had expected to buy some new ART loudspeakers but didn't get around to it because (i) a huge renovation happened (ii) I bought some other components and (iii) the Alnico 8's are still a great match for this room. The front end is all-new (at least to me anyway): SME 20/2, SME V, Audio Note Io Gold and Audio Note (Japan) ANS6c SUT. I think the Io Gold is the only thing in the system, other than the speakers that was bought new: Inside the unit there is an Audio Research LS26 line stage, an Allnic HS 1500 SE phono stage (I use the MM input with the SUT), an Aesthetix Pandora DAC, a Lumin D1 streamer and the energiser for my Stax headphones There is also a Keith Monks Discovery One RCM and some spare kit (Rank Concept Monoblocks). Speakers are ART Alnico 8 in Walnut. The amps are Pass Labs Aleph 2. It is very rare that the radiator needs to be turned on despite the UK being far colder than the Melbourne that we left nearly a decade ago now. Subwoofer system installed on custom plinth: We really miss Melbourne as the evenings draw in and the country falls to bits around us. The only sane reaction to the current Brexit lunacy is to close the shutters, turn up the volume and ignore the whole thing as much as possible.
  2. OK, so 18 months on and there have been some further changes. The LP12 departed to be replaced (for the time being) with a Clearaudio Ambient/Lyra Helikon/Alnic HS 1201 combination. The Icon Audio pre-amp was replaced by a Audio Research Ref 5 SE which is off being serviced so my LS 26 is in service. The Rank Concept monos and Moon Streamer and DAC also survive. I've ordered new speakers to replace the ART Alnico 8s. The replacements are ART Diamond 12 which are 3-way speakers that absolutely dwarf the Anico 8s. The speakers in shot are the dealer's demo set. I'm probably going to go for the same walnut/black finish on the new speakers. The Diamonds are astonishing speakers, simply the best transducers to grace my listening room. At 90kg each they are also the heaviest by some margin. The Alnico 8s are about 50 kg each and look tiny next to the new speakers. Hopefully this post isn't too much of a mess, I've never uploaded from an iPad before.
  3. Some new additions and a return to thermionic amplification! Sheer madness when you consider the system as was three years ago . Still, it is all good fun. The speakers are the usual ART Audio Anlico 8. Cabinet by stump furniture. The Gato DIA250 has gone and in return I obtained an Icon Audio LA4 and a pair of Rank Concept mono blocks. So from top to bottom: On top: Stax SRM 323S and SR 307 earspeakers, Icon Audio LA4 pre-amp, LP12/Keel/Urika/Aro/DVXX2 II Shelf 1: Linn Radikal, Moon 100D DAC and MiND180 Renderer Shelf 2: Nakamichi Cassette Deck 2 and various bits and pieces Bottom: Rank Concept 2 monos and Xindak distribution block. The listening room looks a bit like this: That is the view from the pilot's seat. The view in the other direction is like this:
  4. Yep. Aro in its box (check), LP12 properly dismantled (check), lid of box open so the Aro bearing can't get squashed (check). Radikal in box (check). Massive speakers boxed (check) and in car (check). hernia and hangover (check). The LP12 has done Dublin - Melbourne when I inherited it and Melbourne - Liverpool when we moved. All without breaking stride.
  5. My LP12 (or weapon of choice). I took this rig along to the audio show at Scalford Hall last year run by Hi Fi Wigwam here in the UK. Suffice to say that Linn and Naim pick up phenomenal stick on that particular site. The reputation of the LP12 isn't helped by a healthy supply of knackered, bodged, unserviced and abused second hand decks out there. However, I was very happy to be on the receiving end of a bunch of PMs expressing surprise at how good this deck is. Unfettled for three years, it simply went into its box, into the car and across the UK to be plonked on an Ikea Lack table and subjected to all sorts of weird and wonderful music. And that is the point isn't it? It just plays music. So do many other decks for that matter...... FWIW, it went back into the car and back to Liverpool to be reinstalled and fired up without problem.
  6. Ouch! I absolutely hate shifting vinyl around. We moved house last year and unfortunately the removalist put 5 big boxes of LPs in the attic and left all the CDs downstairs. As the attic is accessed from the second floor of the new house I felt no need to haul the LPs down to the ground floor again, let alone carry 3000 odd CDs up 6 flights of stairs. I'll get around to it someday......
  7. I used a series of very expensive Naim CD players up until about five years ago. I was very pleased to switch to a VortexBox and a streamer and sell the CDP. Much better quality and no problems finding the CD (or finding the box and then learning it has the wrong CD in it) any longer. That Sony looks like a useful bit of kit. Is it easy to back up the rips? I'm obsessive about backing up my VortexBox as I am aware just how nasty a job re-ripping all those CDs would be.
  8. Nice! How does the sony server compare to your Cyrus CD player?
  9. I forgot to mention the Rugby......my English pals have been very quiet since about 3 hours ago. I can only presume that they decided not to watch the game. Surprising really as they never shut up about it all week. I wonder what happened ?
  10. Woah, we have given the Gato a serious running in and it has never even broken sweat. It did an eight-hour stint at the HiFi Wigwam show last March without even getting warm. Have you been trashing yours Andrew, or was it a power surge that did it? Looks like I will be in Melbourne from mid-December to end of January and then in Sydney for most of February. I'll bung you a PM when the dates firm up.
  11. Right, it has been a while. I had a Bryston DAC here for a while but it refused to play 24/192 files via anything but USB, so it was returned. I'm now using a SimAudio DAC which matches my Simaudio renderer nicely in terms of sonics. It is also a good visual match but (i) who cares and (ii) you can't see it anyway in the newish unit. The arrival of a freestanding DAC has allowed me to fire up my Stax earspeakers for the first time in an age and prompted a bit of a tidy-up. Here is everything in action today: As the ARTs are quite sensitive 20 on the dial on the Gato is reasonably loud. We had a rip of an Earthless LP going at the time. The bass is phenomenal.... :cool:
  12. I'll bet that will sound stunning when finished. It is also has the bonus of looking comprehensively bonkers . Good work!
  13. I use a Simaudio Moon MiND 180 renderer. It replaced a Naim NDS/555 PS DR combination. At £650 here in the UK it is a bit of a bargain. It has no internal DAC, so is connected via AES/EBU to my Bryston DAC. The major drawback with the Moon is the lack of integration of Spotify/Tidal etc, so I will probably demo the Auralic Aries and Aries Mini in the near future.
  14. No problem Andrew. I'm interested to know what speakers you finally end up with. I'm slumming it in Spain at present with a iPod classic and my daughter's Skull Kandy headphones......(sigh).
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