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  1. Grant, I think your diagnosis is correct! Having checked the internals of my Karan PH2 over the weekend for the first time I conclude the following: The default factory settings for gain is currently too low for the Koetsu (same for the Kiseki) to sing without an SUT. As mentioned above, the loading and gain can apparently be tweaked with DIP switches but I need advice from Karan on the right switch combination to increase gain to around 60dB Input loading is easy to verify and can be checked with a multimeter. I seems to range from 540 - 47K dependi
  2. You may be correct - a few SNA members have the same view.
  3. That’s a pretty high end set up and would no doubt make front end adjustments clearly audible. I was wandering which Phono stage you were using? The EAR MC4 SUT must be up to the job and perhaps an option for me as well. My interconnects are Audioquest silver. Thanks for the feedback.
  4. Hi Andy Thanks for the offer which I may pursue once we are through the CV19 episode. My wife and I have just recovered from it. My Karan PH2 is a high end Phono stage and I have just discovered it has loading and gain options which I need to explore. I didn’t get it with a handbook but after lifting the lid found dip switches to make the various adjustments. Cartridge loading is easy to figure out - gain less so. I have contacted Karan for advice on setting gain. As supplied the PH2 lacks adequate gain for a low output mc but if I can squeeze another 1
  5. Grant, many thanks for your comprehensive response above. I was amazed anyone would remember the Koetsu silver - which I am about to reinstall having found the Kiseki Agate too analytical. The silver is in EC and low hours but now 25 years old and probably needs a re-build but not sure who I would trust to do the work? The anamightysound.com site is very interesting - good to see older cartridges like the Orotofon SPU series held in high regard. I noted the SUT they offer which may be excellent - but it is very expensive given exchange rates, gst etc.
  6. Yes - but interested in more contemporary options.
  7. It might amuse everyone that i purchased a Linn LP12/Ittok Mk2 with Koetsu Silver and the Cotter Mk2 around c1994 for less than what some people pay today for a single 1m "transformational" black art mains cable. Yes we live in different times where clever marketing weaves perceptions of reality to drive sales. The original owner decided to let "inferior analogue" technology go to fund a Cal Audio Labs DAC. after "seeing the light" besotted with new wave "superior" CD technology. I paid the money and ran! I see Cotter transformers going for stupid
  8. I was wondering what members are currently using to drive phono preamps that do not have enough gain for low output MC cartridges. What made you select your current SUT? I use a Cotter MK2 but imagine there is much better options available today?
  9. I also had a pair of 57’s back in the 80’s being driven from a “superior” Denon solid state amp. The guy I sold it to invited me to listen to his - set up which was a Radford STA 25. I nearly cried - they sounded so much better than I’d ever heard in my system - open, articulate and very musical. Helped along by a Linn Sondek.Koetsu front end. Amazing how modern technology can actually take you backwards. The 80’s CD era being the best example of marketing hype and BS.
  10. Very nostalgic - I built one if these as my first serious audio project in the late 60’s in the days when Radford sold kits. I imported the very special output Radford designed transformers from England as they were the best available. The new Radford phase splitter design overcame problems with phase shift improving sound quality over previous designs. Nobody could believe how good it sounded compared with other valve amps of the day. Even less people believed how well it measured - delivering low distortion < 0.1% and a near perfect square wave into capi
  11. I would like to second the above opinion. The Cobalt transforms he sound of an iPad or MacBook pro to a new level. I notice with the Macbook pro the DAC operates at a higher bit rate (Blue Colour) and sound even better, I am using the DAC with Sony 1000M3 that benefit from greater resolution provided by the Cobalt. The Cobalt even sounds impressive on a high end system - an achievement at the price point. Mine came from a stereo net member and a very worthwhile upgrade for mobile listening.
  12. Do you have any idea how would these compare with Kimber 8TC cables which I use with my Duetta Signature speakers?
  13. Has anyone on this forum been brave enough to build one?
  14. Just came across this post and thought the following might be helpful. I do own a pair of 009’s and have them paired to a Stax 007mk2. Amp. In my opinion this is a very good combination that won’t break the bank - especially if you can find a good used 007mk2 used.at around 2K. A big step up is the same headphones with the Blue Hawaii amp - headphone Nirvana for most listeners. But the BH is around 9K so you would expect a big improvement. The 009S has received many good reviews and would provide an incremental improvement at even more cost.
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