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  1. In relation to the Tannoy speakers I can get some Tannoy Mercury IC-5 at a reasonably price but the down side is they are 5" and from a different series of tannoy speakers (front and center speakers are tannoy revolution XT series) so I am not sure if that would be any better than throwing another brand into the mix thoughts?
  2. Tannoy do make ceiling speakers but they are a tad expensive for me at the moment, I am swinging towards 1 pair of 6" speakers at this stage to try and keep cost under control
  3. Thanks All, I just had a look at my amp specs again and It looks like I am limited to 2 ceiling speakers as the amp will only support 9.2 unless I remove 2 of the rear surrounds hmm, being effects speakers does size make a massive difference ie 5" vs 6-8" main reason I am asking is because I can get some tannoy ic5 speakers at a reasonable price or am I better off going 6 or 8" Cheers
  4. I would like to add some ceiling speakers to my current setup to make better use of Atmos, is it ok to use 1 pair of ceiling mount speakers or do you need 2 pairs? I don't have a massive budget so I am looking a low cost options. Current Set Up but of a mix match of speakers Tannoy Revolution XT8F Fronts Tannoy Revolution XTC Centre Orpheus Rear Side Energy Rear Aaron Sub Richter Sub Yamaha RX-A2070 Advantage receiver What would you recommend as far as ceiling speakers go can I get away with 1 pair or do I really need 2 pairs for Atmos, should I look at 5" or 6" Thanks
  5. Thanks for the feed back that's good to know I am absolutely snowed under at work so it might be a few weeks before I can get it sorted Cheers
  6. Has anybody had to deal with Yamaha on the warranty side of things I am having issues with my RX-A- 2070 AV receiver I am wondering if they repair or replace and time frames etc unit is 5 weeks old Having issues where it just blasts out static/whitenoise at random times mostly when changing input sources or first turning the unit one unfortunately its done it at 3/4 volume a couple of times and is almost defining Also very concerned it may have damaged some of my speakers & subwoofers , subwoofers just dont sound right anymore Thoughts
  7. Update on this one talk about excellent customer service from Eastwood HIFI as soon as the speaker issue was reported they could not do enough to help me out a new speaker replacement was sourced and shipped within a few days great to see this level of support bravo guys bravo
  8. just checking out some of those options thanks for the heads up
  9. thanks guys looking for pricing guide on the following Aaron ATS-5 speakers Aaron Centre speaker Epson TW9000 projector Sanyo Z5 projector Elegance Symphony 100" projector screen Onkyo NR906 av receiver Yamaha 863 av receiver Orpheus centre speaker I think thats it for now
  10. Hi all looking at selling some gear where is the best place to try and work out some baseline pricing? speakers, receiver, projector and screen
  11. Thanks all i ended up getting Tannoy xt 8f mains and a xtc center
  12. As far as gaming goes be aware that not all projectors are suitable for online gaming I currently have an Epson tw9000w which is completely useless for online gaming as it introduces to much input lag even with all the processing turned off or set to minimum it is still useless, just something to consider if you are a serious gamer when you are looking for your projector
  13. Thanks pretty much what I was planning on doing any thoughts on where to source a long sub cable at a reasonable price
  14. I picked up a Sony X9000e for $3600 with a fair bit of negotiation at my local HN store great tv if you can locate one in a run out sale
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