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  1. it will be at least a week before i see it, not looking forward to wall mounting it
  2. I ended up going with the Sony, was going to hold out for Black Friday deals, but couldn't help myself
  3. In the process updating my HT setup to allow for next gen game consoles so I need a receiver that has HDMI 2.1. All the specs on the SR6015 stack up for my requirements but I have never owned any marantz gear before (available in Nov at my local HiFi Specialist). How does marantz stack up against yamaha are they on par or league's apart (currently have a yamaha 2070). Do marantz overstate their power ratings more than yamaha or denon? I am concerned it may be underpowered for my speakers Front Whatmough P33 4ohm Centre
  4. It looks like Sony X9000H and Samsung Q80T are the main contenders, with Samsung lending its self to be a better gaming tv (according to rtings) which is my main purpose. I have moved away from projectors due to lack of gaming performance which is 90% of my usage.
  5. if gaming is a consideration it is my under standing that oleds suffer from burn in, please correct me if I am wrong ( I am looking at tv/projector options as well to suit next gen consoles)
  6. Looking of TV options around 85" that will support the next gen consoles, HDMI 2.1 & EARC would be my min requirements What would you recommend Cheers
  7. Is it worthwhile swapping my home theatre speakers from Tannoy Revolutions to older Whatmough speakers? I have the opportunity where I can get some mint condition whatmough speakers for a bargin price from a family member, the only downside being the speakers are around 12 years old. My current setup is a bit of a mix match of speakers with only the front/Centre speakers being from the same manufacturer and series. Would it be a worth while exercise changing the system configuration as per below setups or am I going backwards? I can always repurpose the Tannoy's int
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