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  1. Just snatched a 708 for a grand, similar application to yours using a media hub etc. Great amp, very pleased with it in every way, chose the 708 as it had just been superseeded by the 709 and could be had for a great price. I also needed pre outs for an external power amp, if you do not require these then other amps may be cheaper and still fulfill your needs. I'd be suprised if you could not get a 708 now for a fair bit less than i paid
  2. Thanks for all of your thoughts and suggestions. Miraculously i can report that this problem has finally been resolved, i phoned the store to let them have it, figured it would make me feel better. The guy who answered the phone told me to return the unit to the store for a store credit...i couldn't believe what i was hearing but not about question his executive decision in case he changed his mind. It was returned the following day, much to the apparent confusion of the manager who did not seem at all happy with the advice i had recieved from his collegue. I had come too far to take the unit home and dug in for a battle, determined to get a new reciver or die trying. The manager agreed to give me a store credit and admitted that he was hoping to hang on to my custom in order to make some more money out of me, at least he was honest about it. I went home and begun researching potential replacements....long story short i now have an Onkyo TX-NR708 that was being cleared elsewhere for a thousand bucks, Klapp reluctantly price matched and bid me good riddance. All hooked up and holy **** this thing is dead silent, not a peep, you could hear a mouse fart in here. All the crap i was fed about it being my overpowered power amp paired with sensative speakers...simply crap! This is the amp i should have been sold in the first place, excellent performance with 2ch music with the reciever set to audio pass thru and home theatre is handled without breaking a sweat. The Audysey speaker calibration leaves the HK version for dead, all it ever managed to determine were accurate speaker distances...not that helpfull. This forum has provided an excellent outlet/support network throughout this ordeal and i thank you all for lending a sympathetic ear while i was at the mercy of a less than helpful retailer. Maybe i'll hold a tupperware party to show my appreciation.. R.I.P HK AVR355..purchased 3rd of June 2010, returned to where you came from 18th May 2011..forever in our thoughts for all the wrong reasons.
  3. OK, so for anyone that might still be interested in where this story ended up i can report that after being returned to Klapp Dandenong three times i have made no progress whatsoever. As mentioned in earlier posts the SQ was vastly improved after the firmware was upgraded but the annoying hiss could not be rectified. The amp has now spent more time getting repaired than at my house and it would be fair to say that the novelty has well and truly worn off. At this point my getting dicked around threshold has been exceeded and i have accepted that Klapp are never going to offer me anything besides visits to repairers. I would hate to think what this has cost HK and it has achieved nothing. My final rant will be an email to HK, i'm quite sure it will get me nowhere but it might make me feel better about wasting a bucket load of money on an AVR i can't use. It's a crying shame because when the amp is at a volume that drowns out the hiss it sounds fantastic but gaps in audio output or low listening levels reveal the hiss that is impossible to ignore. The 355 will go on the market as soon as i can afford to replace it, hopefully to someone who is satisfied with internal amp power only...hiss is much less intrusive in this configuration. I'm not even angry, just dissapointed....and poorer!
  4. Hey again guys, sorry for the delayed update but things happen slowly in Klapp land. Finally got the reciever back (after a month) and as soon as i hooked it up i noticed the same noise coming from the front two channels as before it was sent away. Not happy...to say the least. Got in touch with the store immediately and was palmed off to the repairer. He mentioned that they too had heard the hiss and had updated the firmware from V.3 to V.8 and sent it on it's way believing this would rectify the problem. They now believe the problem is in the circuit board and have offered to replace that as soon as one becomes available, none in Oz at the mo. My frustration was soon difused by the repairer who was only too happy to work through the problem and suggested bypassing the store for a more hasty turn around. The miracle of this is that despite the ongoing 'hiss' issue the amp has never sounded better, something good had come of it's visit to the repairer. I also mentioned this to the repairer and he concurred this was a common report after firmware upgrades on this unit I'm not going to say i've achieved audio nirvana with this setup just yet but we're getting somewhere and this amp has recovered a lot of lost ground. Auto EQ remians a complete waste of time and is causing some headaches balancing the monitor 11's powered by the XPA-2 and other channels running off the reviever is not really working out. Turning it off and placing the rear speakers about 200mm from my head is helping but it's clearly not ideal. Appologies for the long post, will update after the heart transplant
  5. My mate just arrived back from the US with a new Aventage RX-A1000 which he promptly plugged in to try it out as soon as he got home, much smoke was discharged from the unit after about 10 seconds...power was turned off immediately but i imagine the damage has already been done. Clearly this was a result of the Australian 240v power being too great for a 120v component. He's planning to see if a local Yamaha service agent can repair it then endeavours to buy an inverter to connect it once it's repaired. Anyone have any ideas about what type of damage has been done and what the chances are it will be repairable. Any assistance that can be offered would be much appreciated.
  6. Haahaa phsycho acoustic adjustment, you might be on to something there. I did actually contact Emotiva about this and was informed that they do believe in some "burn in" time of some 20hrs to achieve optimum performance. I now believe my AVR is to blame for some of the harsh sounds i'm experiencing.
  7. Ok so time for an an update, the 355 has been returned to the store to have an annoying hiss (heard throught the speakers) rectified, this was noticible prior to adding the power amp. Not too much of an issue then but after adding the power amp, completely unnacceptable. No issue returning it. I relayed my concerns regarding poor music quality and was slightly annoyed to be told what i should have purchased was an amp with audio pass thru...ok...thanks guys...this advice would have been handy eight weeks ago when i bought it. But anyway. I'll give it some more time to prove itself once it's returned after the advice i've had here. No popping sound that i've notice when changing sources but i've been so distracted by the music quality i may have overlooked it. No idea what firmware it's running either but would imagine it's up to date given it's a recent purchase. Had a pretty similar experience with the ezset eq, not at all pleasing to my untrained ears. But yes, does a great job of telling me how far away the speakers are...genius! Mike75, have used both inputs with a similar result, i immediately thought the digital input was to blame, but it wasn't. The 10 year old HK is back doing what it does best, i can't help but think it may be laughing at me for trying to replace it. It will soon be shelved again tho as i try to get along with the 355 after it's returned. I'll double check the settings when i get it back as advised by 68PREMIERE. I'll update when it's returned. Cheers again for the advice and input, much appreciated
  8. Alistairm did you find the XPA-2 needed to be run in for some time before sounding good? What sort of power cable did you use?
  9. Admitting i blew $900 bucks on a rubbish amp is out of the question...i'll leave it powered up for a few weeks and report back. Fingers crossed, cheers for the replies
  10. Seriously dissappointed with the music being produced from a newly acquired HK AVR355. I'm running what i thought was a fairly accomplished list of equipment with this unit, Paradigm Monitor 11's V.5 Emotiva XPA-2 power amp Marantz CDP After upgrading my amp from an old two channel HK3270 RDS that had served me well for the best part of ten years, i thought it time to step into the 21st century and enjoy all the spoils of the digital age...i needed an amp that was capable of satisfying my music needs but also able to produce 5.1 movie action with some degree of competence. Picked up a store soiled 355 for $900 and walked away pleased that i had made the right choice after reading many forums and reviews that all praised the musicality of this amp. Power was not an issue as this is more than taken care of by the XPA-2. As soon as i hooked this thing up i was shattered at how horrible it sounded when playing music, regardless of the mode chosen, or the source it was fed. Movies are a whole other ball game and i can't praise it's abilities highly enough for this purpose, no issues there. The sound is harsh as hell when playing any sort of distorted guitar or loud vocals, simple elctronic stuff is ok, as is classical but again as soon as you push it the sound is shouty and painful Any assistance that can be offered would be much appreciated, i want my music back. Cheers
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