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  1. Muscat

    FREE- Signed CD raffle

    I would like to be included in the draw, thanks.
  2. Yes they're comparing the marked down price of the shorted cable (lowest valued item) with the retail price of the longest cable. Genius marketing and really reinforces that this is a business to be trusted.
  3. Muscat

    Curious about Tannoy speakers

    The Cheviot cabinets aren't a whole lot narrower than the Berkeleys on paper, but it does look like it could be a bit of a squeeze in that photo. Any of the should satisfy, if you like the Tannoy DC sound.
  4. Muscat

    Curious about Tannoy speakers

    I have a pair of Berkeleys in a 4.5m x 5.5m carpeted room and it's fine at reasonable listening levels. There might be some boom when playing loud on bass heavy tracks. The sound is relaxed, palpable, natural, textured. Very happy with them and have come to the realisation that I won't be able to afford anything new that would better them.
  5. Yes vintage Tannoy DC prices seem to loosely track house prices. Even the less well regarded versions are asking a lot these days. Perhaps the high price of Reds is due to their rarity or valve friendliness? I have HPDs and heard a pair of Golds in an unfamiliar system and (IMO a challenging) room, and found Golds to be more midrange focused with less bass than HPDs. What's your impression of Reds compared to Golds?
  6. No idea but can't imagine they'd be cheap. Reds are typically in collector price territory and the cost of the crossover components would probably make your eyes water.
  7. 15" Tannoy Reds in rectangular GRF cabinets with external Duelund CAST crossover. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/marmion/speakers/tannoy-15-dual-concentric-speakers-in-custom-made-grf-cabinets/1185994950 Beautiful, amazing, expletive deleted.
  8. Muscat

    Striking gold at a theift shop

    Lucky bugger!
  9. Muscat

    Striking gold at a theift shop

    12" monitor golds?
  10. Muscat

    The new build-yourself Moode

    To be honest, it was the first one I installed and I just got used to it. It was an improvement over iTunes. Later on I had an unsuccessful attempt at installing Volumio so just went back to Moode.
  11. Muscat

    old new kid

    Welcome. Ever come across any decent audio gear at a garage sale?
  12. Muscat

    What's with listed prices of HFi from Japan?

    I think this means we all spend too much time talking, reading, and window shopping audio gear.
  13. Muscat

    What's with listed prices of HFi from Japan?

    There're a few listings of Garrard 301's located in Japan on this well known auction site. None are less than $6,000.
  14. Muscat

    What's with listed prices of HFi from Japan?

    The Japanese buying up vintage audio gear for high prices is something of a hifi legend. Perhaps at they're offering the gear at their market value?