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  1. This is easy for me: The Stone Roses. The eponymous first album was one of the great albums of all time and a defining record for the Madchester/Rave generation in the UK in the lates 80s/early 90s. The second album, "The Second Coming" was less of a classic and is quite divisive as seen here
  2. I'll take it please mate. I'm in Sydney and can collect. Sent you a PM
  3. May I suggest an alternative to the posters above? Cyrus 82 DAC with the Dynaudios. Use the HT bypass as others have said and then stream your music directly to the amp without needing the Denon involved.
  4. Hi everyone, I've come over from the two channel side of the fence. We watch a lot of movies with the kids so I thought I'd try 5.1 sound. We are loving it but it's not a balanced system by any means: Front: Dynaudio Focus 160 Front amp: Cyrus 8DAC Centre: Old Gale gold Monitor Rear: Polk OWM3 (non negotiable as white and invisible on high) Sub: Legend Kurlo AVR: Yamaha RX-V773 I had everything already, except the Yamaha, and the rears that were deemed acceptable by my wife. I bought the Yamaha second hand for $200, totally because it had pre-outs. I'm looking for a used Dynaudio centre that can fit in the shelves under the TV. So my question is, what else can I change that will make a reasonable difference? Thanks everyone
  5. I had Focus 160s shipped from Adelaide to Sydney via Pack & Send. You would just need to drop the box off at your local shop and they ensure it gets there. I arranged it all from here so there was no onus on the owner. Cost about $100
  6. Funny. I'm just about to put a centre into my lounge system along with rears. The rears I just because I can now I've had to buy an AVR. When watching movies with the family we turn the volume up when there is dialogue and then have to turn it down when there are explosions etc. Will see how we go
  7. Item: Any Dynaudio centre speaker Price Range: Low Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Looking for a Dynaudio centre speaker. Apparently timbre matching is a thing to be aware of. Don;t mind colour as I plan to build it in to cabinet. Thinking $200 ish but I know that may be too low for quality stuff Prefer Sydney as postage will change price point. I might be asking a lot but I'm just experimenting with 5.1 Thanks for looking!
  8. Thanks Conno but I have found one for $200. I'm just experimenting at this stage.
  9. Item: AV receiver with pre-out for front speakers Price Range: $200 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: I'm looking for a used receiver that must have a pre out for the front speakers. We are watching more movies as a family and while the sound from my stereo is good, we find we are turning the volume up and down a lot. Down when there is action and up again for speech. I intend to use the receiver with a centre and sub only to begin with. Not looking to spend heaps. I think I could get new for about $500. Pre-out only tends to come on high end kit so I assume it will be an older item. Not worried about the latest tech. Live in Sydney. Thanks
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