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  1. Excellent speakers. So good, in fact, that I bought a second pair. GLWTS.
  2. Yes what happened? This series of speakers are such quality!! IIRC they invested a lot in those NXT flat panel speakers and then got bought by a Chinese firm soon after. I still have my 752F at my mum's house in the UK. Sorry for hijacking thread OP
  3. Very nice. I had a wonderful pair of the 752F towers a couple of models below these. I would argue that they are from an era representing the very pinnacle of Mission as a speaker manufacturer.
  4. Sold pending payment and pick-up at the weekend
  5. Item: PMC DB1 speakers with genuine PMC wall mounts Location: Sydney East Price: $875 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Fell prey to my Dynaudio bug and bought another pair or Focus 160s Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: I bought these speakers 'as new' a few years ago from a guy that had bought them for his studio but never used them. As such, they are in excellent condition with no dings or marks. They have been wall mounted since soon after I bought them on genuine PMC wall mounts. The mounts attach to the speakers via four holes in the back of the cabinet and then once attached to the wall can be adjusted by pan and tilt. They would be excellent rear speakers for a top end system due to the versatile positioning and sound quality. As they are designed to be mounted they obviously work well close to rear walls. As a front stereo pair they have been either side of a TV. On the subject of sound they are brilliant. I've used them as my main speakers in two Cyrus kits in a large room and they have impressive presence. Most recently they have been on a Cyrus 8 DAC, and before that I had them biamped with two lesser Cyrus boxes. I've compared them to my Dynaudio Focus 160 (second pair I own) and can't see enough difference to justify double the price. I will keep the Dyns because they are gloss white and my wife approves, but I've had second thoughts about keeping the PMCs. Pick up is in Maroubra 2035 in Sydney's South East, where they could be demoed. I could bring the to the CBD but obviously no demo is possible. I don't have the original boxes but I do have some Pack & Send boxes and materials in which I received my Dynaudios, so I'm willing to ship at buyers expense.
  6. I had the 752F from the same era which were awesome. I can confirm the crackle look on the drivers. GLWTS.
  7. Speaker porn. Good luck. I wish I had room.
  8. I love Dynaudio. I've had Cyrus front ends and amps since 1997, and went with a whole assortment of speakers before I found Dynaudio. I have Focus 160 now but these wil be a class above. Someone snap them up please.
  9. I have a pot for gold coins that I faithfully add to each day. Cashing it up at the bank is always a big deal. And I sell old stuff, for a lot more than I expected. The outcome is that my diligent savings and sacrificed components equal what I buy (within a few thousand)
  10. Thank you kindly @Nap250 but I found a pair after I missed out on these originally. They are amazing speakers. I might consider another pair to replace my PMC DB1s in the other system at some point
  11. I still have and use my Cyrus dad3 Cd player, Straightline amp and XPA power amp as my main system. It's seen me through several sets of speakers since I bought it in the UK in 1997. (Mission 761, 752 Freedom, PMC DB1) An anecdote isn't data but I recently bought more used cyrus kit on here for a second system as you can see in my signature. (it's now superior to my main one but nobody needs to know about the contents of my mancave.) I thought in 1997 that it would last me a few years...
  12. I was serious as you could see from recent purchases. Sorry to offend.
  13. Oh man, I wanted these until I realised that I have a 3x4 man cave. Good luck with the sale.
  14. I will take them please. I work on Bridge Street so I can wander over to Martin Place and pay cash when it's convenient. Thanks
  15. I'm looking forward to hearing them. I've got a nice system in the lounge but the kids are always watching their TV. So, I suggested to my wife that I get a second system in the kids playroom (a spare bedroom). This is part of the second system for the playroom mancave. This will be superior to the lounge system.
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