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  1. Item: 2 x LSR4312 15" Subs, 2 x LSR4326P monitors. Location: WA Price: $1000 decreasing $200 per week till sold. Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Not needed. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: These were state of the art in studio monitoring some years ago. Fully active system with 6 inbuilt Class AB amps. Has all sorts of analog and digital inputs , RMC room bass equalisation , can be CAT5 networked to be controlled simultaneously . In "flat" mode they are true studio monitors, very accurate and detailed, but with a bit of inbuilt EQ they sound very nice and very dynamic . Great sound-staging and imaging , excellent bass from the 2 x 15" active subs. Just add a good tube preamp and they sound REALLY GOOD . List price new was around $6000. Comes with manuals and all cables . A few negatives though- JBL put a protective film on front of speakers and it goes sticky over time. Its been removed, but some discoloration of the front panels has occurred. One of the 4326P monitors has less output than the other. Fortunately they have independent level controls and adjustment can be made for equal level. It's about 5dB difference, but adjusted they sound perfect. I believe JBL have a pretty good service if buyer wanted to have fixed, but they work great as is. I've had them running for a few days as they were in storage, and no problem, but sold as is. Do your research on web - JBL LSR4312 and JBL LSR4326P - they have a good reputation for studio use, and maybe not appreciated for stereo, but they do sound excellent with a good preamp. Keep an eye on them and the date, you could get a real bargain, must be sold. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Item: Acoustat 2+2 speakers, Carver Sunfire amp, Supratek Dual preamp. Location: Margaret River WA Price: $5000 ono Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Too many systems Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Well I never thought I would sell this system, but I have other systems in my studio, and I'm running out of room. And I want a new mountain bike so I have to exchange one toy for another. This system is the result of years of development and I'd venture to say it is up there with the finest electrostatic sound you could achieve, at any price. I started out with a pair of Acoustat 2+2 - legendary stats with a reputation for very high quality sound and bulletproof reliability. I rebuilt the interfaces with all new High Voltage bias components , and split the upgraded crossover into two seperate circuits , so the speakers could be fully active and bi-amped . The bass/mid and mid/treble are powered by a Carver Sunfire 4 channel amp- one of the finest high power, load tolerant amps , works perfectly with the stats. The Carvers are able to produce huge amounts of power into low loads and sound like a big tube amp at the same time. http://www.regonaudio.com/Sunfire.html The preamp was custom built for this application. It uses a 10/10Y DHT tube for the mid/treble amps and a 6SN7 for the bass/mid amps. Level control for the 6SN7 section means the balance between the two sections can be adjusted to taste. This is a big deal- being able to do a very fine tune to suit any room or taste is very useful and its amazing how much difference it makes. It eliminates the compromises speaker designers have to put into every speaker design. This is a big speaker and it has a big sound, its also unlike other stat speakers in that it doesn't have that stat "brilliance" or "etch" that most stats have. Its uncannily natural sounding and very musical. Its just superb with voices, Willy Nelson sounds like he is in the room , same with female voices. One listener once said to me "now that is what a trumpet really sounds like". Bass is very good, firm and goes down quite deep, as you would expect with such a large surface area. It handles all music styles with aplomb , but especially suited to well recorded music from a discerning listener. It comes with 4 spare interfaces, all rebuilt and upgrade. This is a tall speaker at 8 foot tall, so you will need a man cave or dedicated listening room to get the best from it. Definitely not going to impress the wife, although she might appreciate the sound. Don't want to have to box it up so really only available to Perth or within 500Km . I've owned this set up for over 5 years now and I've got huge enjoyment from it. My 5 way fully active horn system has better dynamics and I tend to listen to it mostly , but the stats do an amazing job of making a recording sound like life. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  3. No there is no WE 6sn7. The derinitive guide to 6sn7 tubes was back in the 90's with VTV magazine, they covered all the versions. I have about three hundred nos 6sn7 , but mostly use russian nos because they are always consistent. The VTV article is on my blog, pm me for link.
  4. No they are not substitutes at all, completely different tubes.
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