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  1. Elton John, 4 non Blondes, 808 State, Abba, Abba Un deleted, Alan Parsons project, Alice Cooper, Billy Joel, Boney M, British Jigsaw, Bryan Ferry, The Buggles Video Killed the Radio Star Single only, Captain and Tennile, Carol King, Cat Stevens, Roxette. And lots more including more albums and singles from different artists. I will consider posting it to WA, however it will be fairly costly i would imagine.
  2. It turn out be the headphones and i had two of them.
  3. Item: Olive Opus 4 Location:Melbourne Price: 1000 ONO Item Condition:Good Reason for selling: Upgraded Payment Method: This a local pick up only. Extra Info:Olive opus 4 most commonly known as olive HD. Has one 1TB and is using 94GB with a wide selection of music. Olive HD has wireless connectivity and internet radio. However the internet radio isn't working anymore but there is a work around for this on the AV forums. The software does have some glitches. When you turn it on sometimes it will freeze so you have to do a re boot. Also when it loads to the green logo you must put your hand across the screen so it will go to the main menu. I don't know if this is a software glitch or if it is standard procedure as the new ones do the same. I have the box, remote, CD recovery, instruction manual, Aerial for wifi. Here is more infomation about the Opus 4 here. http://www.cutegeek.com/2009/11/23/review-the-olive-opus-4-hi-fi-music-server/ Pictures:
  4. Thanks i will try that. I do have a tape output.
  5. I have a Yamaha RX Z9. I have a problem with the headphone jack. The sound only comes through one ear and is very low and has a static sounds. The problem could be the capacitors or something else. Has anyone else experience this problem and is it worth getting fixed. Is there another output i can use instead of the jack?
  6. I have never had a problem with it until i got the Netgear router. It is a problem with the router and the tecks at Netgear were unable to resolve it. I have the app but you cant delete music using the app. What type of router do you have?
  7. I purchase Netgear AC 1600 router. However i had trouble with Olive HD. I couldnt connect to the Maestro web interface. I contacted Netgear support and we tried diffrent things we also tried opening the port which we were able to do but it still wouldnt connect. Each time i tried i would get 400- bad request. I am hoping somebody else has experince this and can advise me on what to do.
  8. It is really sad when people are listening with there Ipods and are not experiencing what music really sounds like with a proper Stereo system. And a lot of artist wont be happy with this trend. As a lot of them are not happy when there music is heard through a MP3 just ask JCM who de tests people listening to his music MP3 style.
  9. I find Amazon can be very difficult when you want to buy software or electronic goods. They just refuse to sell it to AU.
  10. I have the Discwasher which is a brilliant machine and it isn't made anymore. Along with the Discwasher solution. So i would like to know what solution i can use for the Discwasher since i cant get the CD6 anymore.
  11. I am not really into classical music. Though i do like Sky Mozart and also Rondo Veneziano.
  12. I am after Sky 4 the forthcoming, Sky Five Live, Sky Cadmium, and Sky the great balloon race.
  13. I have purchased heaps of cd's recently for my new system. I especially purchased Clannad and Enya. I also purchased the Highwaymen. I am now in the hunt for Sky which is proving to be very hard to find.
  14. I do the same thing. Except i like to keep the cases.
  15. I don't know if i could part with my jewel cases. I agree your method does take up less space. I have 2 separate cabinets which hold 20 in each draw and i have 3 draws. I then have one big cabinet which has 6 draws and holds 20 in each draw.
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