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  1. Item: QED Ruby Anniversary Evolution - 3M Stereo Terminated Pair Location: Melbourne Price: $110 Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Upgrade and no longer required. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: 12 months old. Purchased from Audio Trend. Terminated with QED AIRLOC Plug Pictures:
  2. @@andyr Thanks for the invite I'll bring the beers !! My arm cable is torn? oh ~ perhaps I miss typed I am currently using ITTOK Stock tonearm cable, thinking change to NORDOST "Frey" Tonearm Cable (Andrew has 1 for sell and I think its a reasonable price) but I read on Linn forum someone complaint the NORDOST cable is stiff and effect the bounce on the TT maybe he torn is cable . Kinda pulling my hair wondering should I do the change or not. Not sure from ITTOK Stock cable to NORDOST is it really an upgrade or not. Not sure do I need the extra stiffness ...[emoji14] With Trampolin, I was thinking the sound board is gonna open to change the cable, might as well put in a new one to see does it actually change the sound or not.
  3. I've tried with Guinness and Scotch combination so far... I think it totally work!!! Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  4. Wow ~ Thanks for all the information. My Sondek was set-up by Andrew at Hi Fi Restoration. I assume it has been set-up correctly. @@andyr my TT is sitting on a Hi Fi Rack not sure hows it perform compare with a wall shelf. (Trapollin?) The Phono stage I use is Pro-Ject Tube Box DS goes into a Elicit-R. I did read on Linn forum about NORDOST "Frey" Tonearm Cable is too stiff for Sondek and effect the bounce. I am willing to spend up to 1K to improve my TT sound. Funds is limited. Still trying to search the most bang for the buck option Had many ideas in last few months. Beside torn arm cable and Trapollin also thought about changing cartridge to either Dynavector DV-127D3 or Lyra Delos. Perhaps I should just keep on saving for Linn Radikal but not sure is it overkill against rest of my system.... Too much to think about... LoL Hope one day get to listen to this legendary SkeletaLinn
  5. I've been really enjoy the LP12 (ITTOK II Arm + Cirkus Kit + Lingo Power Supply + 2M Black) for the last 14 months. Been reading about LP12 upgrade option. I am thinking perhaps Tone arm cable (NORDOST "Frey" Tonearm Cable) and Trapolin first then the Linn KORE Sub Chassis next (Maybe next year.) I am just wondering can the LP12 expert here share their upgrade experience and with my upgrade approach is it the best way of doing it? Thanks in advance
  6. https://www.burwoodmusiccentre.com.au/cables/hifi-cables/ http://audiounique.com.au/
  7. Interesting not much follow up after the initial post. I can second to this. I've just auditioned the power cable and the inter connect this weekend. Noticed the difference straight away. The shop was kind enough to let me try on my home system for a week. I am comparing with Isotek EVO3 Premier (Power Cable) and Cardas MicroTwin (Interconnect). Even my wife notice the difference straight away when she walked pass!! Hasn't told her how much this gonna cost me (she never know how much my cable cost and she will never know!!) But Overall, Audio unique did a great job !!
  8. Absolutely bargain. I have the current version. Great little speakers Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  9. $140 for LP12???? Just do it man.....
  10. I tried to do it aleast once a day....event just 1 song. Enjoy the whole brush the vinyl and stylus experience.....Wife usually work on Saturday. Will go through number of album in one afternoon! !
  11. Just Google the price for Radikal ~ hope it does not come with free divorce paper ...LoL
  12. Thanks help from @@jimsan at Tivoli Hi-Fi. Top bloke! Picked up mine today. Got no time to do A B testing. Have to quickly plug it in before wife back from work. But I do feel the sounds fidelity and the bass has improved. The separation between instrument become even more clear. Could be all in my head but hey, we all buy car insurance, whats 399$ to protect our beloved Hi-Fi system?
  13. Hi Gents, Thanks for all the advice. I end up listen to @@Tasebass. I've picked up the one comes with Lingo.... I really love the nature wood color on the plinth. And this one comes with Cirkus kit, Lingo Power supply, Linn Ittok LV II Tone arm compare the one I was going to get this one seems like a better buy. Like what @@andyr describe. Andrew at Hi Fi Restoration is a top bloke !! LP12 sounds amazing. Heres are some pics.... Cheers,
  14. LoL ~ Thanks guys....I know the guy who sells it is actual the tech from a Hi Fi store and he suppose to be Linn trained technician. I assume it will be setup correctly. I'll ask him about demoing the unit tomorrow. And he is happy to offer the 3 months warranty and setup with my 2MBlack. Thanks for the advise .... will let you guys know what happen next
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