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  1. Thankyou Difficult no but enough to put me off using one in the general space where my wife will want to use Spotify and I will want roon.
  2. Would anyone know if you can have two apps (roon and librespot) active at the same time on a sotm sms-200? Thankyou
  3. Further information: Selling a pair of woo audio 6sn7 to 6de7 tube adaptors. Dipped toes in the water with 6sn7 but 6fd7s were the better tube to my ear. Price includes express post within Australia Photos make it look like there are black marks on the pins, this is just some plastic matter from the foam that they were inserted into for shipping. Photos:
  4. I was doing this a couple of days ago. Volume leveling in roon helps with any differences in output voltage between the dacs too.
  5. Just to rule it out, you wouldn't have any interest in new schiit would you? I have a saga s that is surplus. Thankyou
  6. Updating price down to $420 which includes post within Australia.
  7. Further information: Schiit bifrost 2 multibit Dac. Unison usb/optical/coaxial input with single and balanced outputs. Purchased from SNA a month or so ago but not been used, original owner purchased from Schiit directly in late 2019. Comes with remote, power cable and box and can be shipped at your cost. Running latest firmware. Well regarded dac on Sbaf and head-fi Photos:
  8. Further information: Second owner; Purchased from SNA at the start of covid with a use in mind but has spent it's time sitting idle/unused. When I did use it the volume control was a pleasure to use and linear. Comes with remote and power cable and if shipping is required I will pack in a suitable box. Updated pricing to $420 including post. No longer available from Schiit directly but a2a have stock at $690. Photos:
  9. I had the exact same issue with my Intel nuc. All system noise was gone after disconnecting the HDMI lg monitor.
  10. Worth noting that a2a are no longer agents for mrspeakers so unsure if these would have any warranty or otherwise. A2a had them listed for $1200 2 months ago so must want to move them on
  11. Hi Ben, I'll take the Hart cables if you do split this listing. Thankyou
  12. I know the feeling with a 3 and 5 year old, I'm still in my headphone phase due to ease of setup and the ability to keep it safe from little hands. I'm Lucky that I can regularly (pre covid) work from home which allows me time to listen while preoccupied but similar to many not much time to simply sit and enjoy.
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