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  1. Shouldn't be an issue, i had a mj2 next to my monitor and bifrost below without issue. The mjolnir gets hot so I would be cautious about placing the bifrost on top if that was your plan.
  2. Only 560 sold up to now also, I'm guessing much less than they were expecting
  3. Very interested in your comparison here aalong with how the heat generated differs between them
  4. Further information: Lived its life on the desk or next to the couch. Case and screen protector have been on since new - its impossible to use the leather case and protector without scrunching the protector up. Also comes with clear case should the green leather not be to your taste. Manufacturer's link: https://en.cayin.cn/products_info?itemid=132 Dual Timbre: Vacuum Tube and Solid Dual (3.5mm single-ended only) Dual Operation Mode: Triode and Ultra-linear (3.5mm Tube only) Matched pair JAN6418 in mechanically suspended
  5. Also interesting and possibly related "Sennheiser says it’s open to selling its consumer audio business" https://www.theverge.com/2021/2/16/22285497/sennheiser-investors-selling-consumer-headphones-soundbars-business
  6. I'll get you started Anu, I have a Telefunken 12AU7/ECC82 tube here. Happy to send it down. Feel free to make a donation to SNA for the postage cost. Shoot me a pm with your address.
  7. The noctua 5v usb fans are great value, plug them into a 4 port usb charger/wall wart and away you go. Worth noting that 120mm fans will line up with rack mount holes whereas 140mms won't. Paul
  8. Evening Marc, I haven't used the rack mount/smart controller module but I've used the usb to dual 120mm fans with some IT gear and they've worked well; the units I have 3 fan settings. Not as silent as say a noctua fan at full speed but queit enough that I cant hear them at a distance of a meter or two. I don't like supporting them but amazon had sharp pricing but it was a month or so in transit. Paul
  9. Thankyou for sharing. I owned the original aeon opens and now the aeon 2 closed and I have to agree with everything said about their comfort. Did you end up buying these after your trial or the search continues?
  10. Further information: Bit random for here but worth a shot. I felled a large dead eucalyptus in December and have been slowing cutting it into manageable pieces for firewood. My timber pile is full so If you could use some for camping or a fireplace/brazier/whatever let me know. Happy to help load a car or trailer with you. I'm on acreage and have an ongoing supply so if you see this once it's a expired send me a pm and we can find you some more wood. Pickup only.... Photos: P
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