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  1. Elegia are the pick over the elear? Any downside to grabbing a closed back if you don't need closed and powering it with a tube?
  2. The hd6 had ~200 hours on them when I sold them, just didn't excite me and yes they were amped. I don't need closed and I listen to a bit of everything from folk - rock - electronic. How do the elears rate and can you share more info on the deal? Pm if needed. I have been interested in focals but haven't heard them to know if that's a worthy interest or something that takes me back to the stereo I had in my 2000 lancer... I haven't listened to many headphones so I don't know if the grado sound is what I truly like or something that is doing me for the moment. Anyone around the western suburbs of Brisbane have any headphones they are willing to lend out for a week?
  3. Not really sure on a sound, I like grados and beyers. I tried the hd6xx but found them boring and onsold them quickly. Working sub 1000$ Thankyou
  4. Can anyone reccomend a set of headphones that pair well with the woo wa6 (not the wa6se)? I currently have a set of allesandro ms2's which I enjoy through the amp but looking to see what else is out there / what I should be keeping an eye out for in the for sale section. Thankyou
  5. Thankyou Internal sound is disabled in bios, re-enable updated and tested same issue.have tested with a different mouse/keyboard. Sound is evident before the PC has booted so OS / driver independent
  6. Thankyou - a seperate psu is what this model of igalvanic is missing - the full size model before it allowed for it.
  7. Thankyou - do you use this with the external power supply?
  8. The one thing that you always had lying around but tossed out once PC's came with more usb ports. Will hunt down a cheap powered one and test. Thankyou Edit - no change when using the usb hub built into the monitor
  9. Thankyou - I can confirm there is no noise if the USB is disconnected regardless of how the power to each item is fed. My dac is USB only so the adapter wont work - will be something I'm conscious of next time I purchase a DAC. If I can figure out why im seeing usb drop outs with the Ifi then I will be satisfied. Paul
  10. Hi all, Apologies for the formatting; I'm looking for some guidance on where to go next to remove some noise from my system - and what I have tried so far. My issue is I get what I can describe as computer noise through the headphones at medium-high volume - the sound is constant but changes when I move the mouse. My setup is PC based only (home office) and headphones: Desktop PC (evga g3 750w psu low noise according to jonnyguru) -> wireworld ultraviolet 7 usb (2m) -> Gieseler Klien 3 (with lps) > woo wa6 -> headphones. The room has 2 double gpo's with earth wired up - the dac and amp each have their own socket and the computer is connected to a commercial APC ups (along with some switches, nucs, synology nas, etc). What I know Resistance between the computer earth (via the UPS) and wall socket is 0.6ohm DAC & Amp are silent with the USB disconnected from the desktop DAC & Amp are silent if connected to my laptop not on AC Ifi igalvanic reduces the noise when used inline but is prone to audio dropouts (common if grounding issues are present) - this is regardless of the setting used Noise was there on previous DAC - schiit 3 Noise persists if UPS is running on battery Noise persists if desktop is connected to the 4th wall socket or a powerboard with the DAC & Amp Noise persists if desktop is connected to the 4th wall socket and the UPS is disconnected from the wall Noise persists if wireless is powered off System is silent if UPS (with desktop) is connected to a different GPO circuit but DAC & AMP remain as they were Noise persists if all items are run from a separate GPO circuit. What else can I be checking to figure out the cause? Thankyou Paul
  11. Looking for sub $850 units, looking to see how they sound, see what I enjoy and what can be driven by my amp, open to any models that fit. Will pay for express post back and forth. Located Ipswich Qld. Thankyou
  12. Item: Schiit Magni 3 Location: Ipswich / Spring Hill QLD Price: $160 pp Item Condition: Near new - 3 months old - purchased from A2A Reason for selling: Upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Comes with a set of their PYST RCA cables (short ones) and the AC adaptor Ships in original box Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  13. Hi all, Wondering if anyone around the Ipswich area would be able to lend me any form of USB signal conditioners for the day tomorrow to help me find a solution to excessive noise over USB (desktop computer only). I dont want to throw my money away on something that may not work so hoping someone can spare their device/s for the day Thank you
  14. New tube day. Enjoying looking while they start to burn in. Woo wa6 - sophia princess rectifier and fat bottle GE 6FD7. Headphones are allesandro ms2 and next to be upgraded
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