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  1. The original 2 x 6 m lengths were purchased from JD Audio. I have now cut to 2 x 3 m and sold the terminated ends. As you will see these are tinned at one end (with silver solder). Come with genuine KK heat shinks (enough for L & R cable at one end). I just stripped the other 3 m lengths for a friend and was easier than I thought. Excellent condition - even better with a blow from a compressor or something to get rid of a bit of dust. Check out the Wyred 4 Sound STi500 Integrated Amplifier I have listed if your looking for an integrated with a great preamp and po
  2. Purchased from DeepHz Audio end of 2014 this amp has been faultless and IMO has been a great partner with LS50s, and in particular the Dynaudio X12s, and PMC Twenty5 22’s it has powered. What I have appreciated most is the honest musical reproduction it’s provided across the various genres I listen to, dead quiet noise floor, and build (incl. XLR input). If it had a built in phono stage I’d keep it. Here are the specs – there is a V2 now with more current ICE modules so have had to refer to a review. http://v2.stereotimes.com/post/wyred-4-sound-sti500-integrated-amplifier
  3. Item: Joe Wood & The Lonely Ones CDs Price Range: $40 + Item Condition: VG - NM Extra Info: Looking for one copy of The Lonely Ones for a friend and ultimately chasing two copies of Blues out of Long Beach. should I be posting in CDs ?
  4. There is definitely discussion out there on the importance (or not) of VTA
  5. Thanks @kelossus, @2Brix and especially @cafe latte . With a bit more of look on the net starting at parallel is the go, then adjustment by ear. It's come back to me that with the 10X5 I did go through a process of adjusting heal and toe of the stylus (with the card under the collar) till I thought it sounded best. With the E3 pitched as a user friendly cart I'm going to assume the VTA / SRA will be pretty good with arm parallel. Interestingly I've discovered the relationship between VTA / SRA and the master cutter which I never new. Here are a couple of useful links
  6. I have a SL-1200 with a Jelco SA-750 arm and am in the process of installing a new cartridge (Goldring E3). It's been about 5 years since I set up with the previous cart (Dyna 10X5) and I have a mind blank about setting the height of the arm (which is adjustable) to suit the cart. All I remember is using a pack of cards? I assume I did this previously for VTA reasons not that I am overly worried, let alone have the ability to measure it. That said I want to do my best with set-up. The 10X5 height to top of cantilever is 18.8 mm - not sure of recommended VTA The E3 h
  7. Not to brush the people that reaIly know what they're doing when in comes to room measurements, I found the basic process fairly easy with this mic and the free Room EQ Wizard software. Used only a few times as I enjoyed investigating what's going in my listening space but ended up prioritising other things over room treatments as it's a shared living area. Will express post. Blurb and specs from the Dayton site. Dayton Audios UMM-6 USB measurement microphone matches the level of precision previously offered only by expensive measurement equipment. Precisio
  8. As new condition in orginal packaging. Purchased to route digital output on TV to old amplifier. Didn't stick with that set-up though nothing to do with the DAC. This particular FiiO DAC is discontinued and not sure if still available anywhere. The stock wall PSU adapter requires any cheap international adapter though can be powered by USB direct from TV or plug in USB charger. Price includes express post. Here are blurb and specs borrowed from BHPhoto. The D07 from FiiO is a compact and convenient multi-channel (stereo) TV digital to analog c
  9. Thanks for getting in contact @rockeater I actually watched your video on the Caspian CDP this morning. I have PMed you with a few questions.
  10. Thanks for reply @JukKluk2. Will see what else come up but wil keep this in mind. I'm not necessarily out to spend max. budget. Love the idea of the platter mechanism too. @DAMO 1147??
  11. Item: CD Player Price Range: ~ $1,200 (new) or ~ $700 used. Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking for a dedicated CDP to join the Roksan K2 amp recently purchased from the Classifieds. Preferences and constraints: Maximum dimensions of 440 mm wide x 380 deep. Height no problem. Digital output not required. Digital input a bonus but not required. Something not hyper sensitive to less than perfect CDs preferred. Aesthetics are a consideration and ideally something Roksan would be great but will consider anything. Could potentially stretch budget
  12. Found something else in the FS. Thanks @thnmas
  13. Hi Ross Don't seem to have received any message. Have PMed my payment details.
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