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  1. Item: Kimber Kable 8VS Speaker cable (2 x 6 m lengths) Location: Southern Gold Coast Item condition description: Excellent condition – One end tinned with silver solder and the end terminated with KK banana plugs. Includes one extra set of KK heat shrinks (2 x black + 2 X red). I’m the original owner and purchased the cable from JD Audio. They are pretty clean as they are but a blow with some compressed air would easily remove any dust. There will be some signs of age somewhere, but very minor and definitely no nicks or dodgy twists. Price and price conditions: $450 ($20 donation to SNA) Reason for selling: Swapped these out for some other cable when we got a pup recently and will probably live with them for a while. Payment Methods: Paypal, Cash - Pickup
  2. Another worthwhile trip to the tip shop. 5 for $1 on Wednesday. Great condition.
  3. Unfortunately Buskers by the Creek at Currumbin (Sth Gold Coast) was washed out (again) but I did manage to listen to AJ Hickling (AKA the Piano Busker) and pick up a CD. Original compositions. Nice guy to talk to as well. For me, made it worth getting wet. Thanks to everyone who put on the event.
  4. Similar experience here. About 5 years ago I was gifted a 7060 that was worked hard previously. Connected it up to some 301 series 3 I had as a garage system. A great match up. Still going strong.
  5. Latest from Australian musician / composer Luke Howard - Open Heart Story. Excellent modern classical. Probably best solo work yet. If you prefer jazz check out Luke Howard Trio - The Meadowlands, which got me following Luke a while ago. Always spinning that one.
  6. Looking for a Project Debut TT (any model, or similar alternative make) for a friend replacing a tired Dual 505. I would be responsible for payment and organising courier (unless you prefer to). Local purchase on the Gold Coast even better. Thanks Adam
  7. Hi Geoff The neighbour ended up keeping them. One of the mid drivers was not working either. Cosmetically nice though. He grew up with them so may get them looked at.
  8. $4,477...interesting asking price [mention=110754]bigears[/mention] Enjoy Juicester
  9. Nice spinner but purchased one recently so not interested myself. Just thought others would be interested in any digital in and/or out for use as transport or DAC. I know not listed in features but alway find a pic of rear is the best way to confirm these things. GLWTS
  10. Thanks @Tubularbells. I upped the VTF with the old alignment first but was still getting excessive distortion. I did check the stylus. Its been in use for a few years now but the hours are still within normal use. Looked fine under the magnifier on my phone. It wouldn't make sense to put it down to just a change in geometry (I don't think). Whatever it was I am just happy I can play my records again without a trip to a tech or any further headaches.
  11. Quick update to close this out. I checked my Baerwald alignment, VTF, etc. and it seemed to be fine but I was getting distortion. Fully realigned using the Loefgren geometry to try an alternative and checked everything including trying to setting the cart back in the headshell more. Nope the overhang requires the cart to be well forward. Upped the VTF closer to the maximum recommended as well. Anyway, for whatever reason this seems to have resolved the issue and the TT is getting some good use.
  12. Thanks @Willco... you're experience always valued. @kelossusI know nothing about Sansui or JBL speakers. Only going off the poster in the link that worked for JBL customer service in '74. I may have been incorrect with 'manufactured'. The poster states they were designed by JBL and were received for repair and 'replacement speakers and network deviders [sic?] are all manufactured by JBL'.
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