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  1. Hi Johnny, Thanks for the response. I'm still tweaking it. It is definitely something like what you said, and I think it may be due to "double handling" of HDR signals, as in both the player and projector are doing the same thing and over compensating each other.
  2. Oh that’s bizarre ! I might try to swap a cable and check again.
  3. Hi all, I just got the BenQ TK800M from JB Hi Fi. Nice projector, easy to set up. Image quality is awesome mostly, but, I am having some pain as follows: Playing through a Panasonic UB420 disc player: 1) Youtube 4K/FHD materials look awesome! 2) Netflix played through the app in the player - Everything looks awesome! 3) 4K UHD discs like the BBC Planet Earth series documentaries, Dynasties, etc, all look awesome! 4) 1080p Blu-ray discs, all look awesome! However, in all 4K UHD MOVIE discs that I tested, the image is very f
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