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  1. Item: Rega Brio R Mk II Price Range: $500 - < $1,000 Item Condition: Used / ex demo in excellent condition Extra Info: Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  2. Further information: Purchased new around 2012. RRP at the time was about $1,000 AUD. This model has since been superseded by PS Audio. Asking price is negotiable but includes shipping. Donation will be made to SNA once sold. A very balanced sound, with gain and loading adjustments available - you can use it with either MM or MC cartridge. Has XLR and RCA outputs. I'm simply reducing box count and using the phono stage in my integrated amp which is not even close to the performance this unit offers but, such is life. I need to simplify my syste
  3. Further information: Purchased new in 2017. Brilliant amp. I've moved back to tube amplification and I don't have room for two systems, as much as I'd like to keep this amp. There are loads of reviews on this amp. I have driven some very inefficient 84db speakers with this, no issue. This amp has woken up some speakers in the best possible way, where other amps with twice the watt rating could not. I have heard a full naim separates system and to be honest, it didn't do it for me. However the Supernait 2 did. It's slightly on the warm side tonally but is pu
  4. Further information: Stands only. Speakers being sold separately. I have two pairs of these stands. I purchase this pair in flat black for the mu2's which I am selling (see other ad) and raw version for some KEF LS50's. Very nice stands and acoustically work well with both speakers and in different rooms. Good WAF. I don't have boxes, local pick up only. Specs for measurements. https://solidsteel.it/my-product/ss-6-vintage-hi-fi-speaker-stands/ Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing
  5. Further information: Price is negotiable. Does not include the stands, I will list the stands for sale separately. If you're interested in both let me know. Purchased new Aug/Sep 2019. Regretful sale, but I'm making way (financially and space wise) to purchase some new floor standers later this year (hopefully) either the Brigadier mu3 or Huglich Audio Ella Mk. 3 - both of which are currently in development. Local pick up and cash payment preferred. I have original box, but its not double boxed as these were delivered personally by Brad to the store
  6. Resurrecting an old thread as its very relevant to me right now - based on my searches this popped up! Did you end of listening to the Fynes Steve? I'm considering Dynaudio Evoke 30's or Fyne Audio F501SP's which are are in a similar price bracket. Not available for a listen locally unfortunately but they are on my short list.
  7. Well I’ve ordered myself a matched pair of NOS Brimar 12au7’s so it’s good to hear you are happy with them. Im tossing up whether to go KT88’s, 120’s, or 150’s for the power tubes. The power tubes will be most expensive to roll when there’s 8 of them 😬 so I’m very undecided at this point.
  8. So what tubes did you settle on? I just got myself an EVO 400 integrated and was going to start a thread seeking experiences Primaluna owners have had with tube rolling. im looking to tinker with the 2 input pre tubes, and the octet of power tubes. Not because I’m unhappy with stock tubes, but because tube rolling is why I bought a tube amp 😃
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