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  1. I am very interested. I am at 2281, so I can pick up too.
  2. Subwoofer upgrade project

    I picked up a Welling WS 602 dual 8" subwoofer as part of an old secondhand 5.1 setup. I bought the set, which included Accusound Eclipse speakers (not sure which version), for $30. My intention was to use the speakers as a test set for my DIY Class D amps. The subwoofer was just part of the sale. As I love a bit of DIY, I am interested on your opinions on replacing the dual 8" woofers with something better, and may be the plate amp too. I have never built a subwoofer before, or replaced drivers, but I am up for the challenge. Does anyone have an specs on the WS602? As their is a black hole for specs on the web for this model.
  3. FS: Focal Chorus 826v Speakers

    Are these speakers still for sale?