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  1. Dick Smith have been doing great pricing via their ebay shop with the sunday discount codes so worth keeping an eye on. Ps4 was $423 delivered last sunday...
  2. Doesn't happen on mine although we did turn motion flow or whatever panasonic call it off as that was causing issues with the picture. Might be worth a try. cheers, Tim
  3. I went the pana 60st30 over the 59D8000 for the same reasons, too many people complaining about buzzing, plus plenty of cases with the 64" of the screen filter peeling off. No the st doesn't have a sexy bezzel like the gt/vt but they're not available in 60 & I also wasnt a real fan of the chrome/silver treatment on the D8000. 60st30 was done for $1630 plus grabbed extra 4yrs & del. Happy shopping!
  4. gift card promo finishes this weekend, 18th I think, so if your intending to grab a tv from myer it might be worth grabbing the cards now. Worth checking if you can buy them off the website & have them mailed out too.
  5. Thanks to Brake last night I finally purchased a 60ST30, went to 4 different myers before I found one that would price match! Tv + extra 4 years +delivery = $1984 Used their gift card promo so got $200 gift card free plus earned $40 in myer one points so really cost me $1744 all up. Delivery booked for monday, happy camper here!
  6. Nice work Brake! Did the myer you purchased from have stock or was it ordered in? My local doesn't have any larger pana's at the moment but happy to drive for a good deal! If its not too much trouble would love a copy of the receipt with warranty, etc as it might be easier to price match with. Pm if you prefer. Weren't tempted to grab one of the avatar packs too? cheers, Tim
  7. now one up for $1630 by steve_m, see towards bottom of page 42
  8. one for $1700 on whirlpool, clicky, few claiming low $1600's but no receipts yet. Chasing one of these too
  9. Perhaps I need to start checking prices of the 65st30 as a nice in between choice then, if anybody has any current prices please post them up. Had only been looking at 60" options due to the nice price point but appeal of a 65 is strong... One I've found is at harvey norman, stumbled on it while chrissy shopping as really wasn't actively looking to buy just yet. Low $3k delivered with extra 2 years warranty was best I could get them today but its a bit more than the 60's so debating how worthwhile the outlay is. If cheaper would it be possible to get a copy of your receipt? cheers, Tim
  10. Ok dilemma, been looking for a little while now with the view to purchase soon & had pretty much settled on the 60st30 although also considering 59d8000. Was just going to wait & see what deals pop up over coming weeks. However have found a new in box 65vt20 & I'm very tempted... So the issue, am debating whether the extra spend is worthwhile for the extra 5" & a vt panel over an st. Fiance is not convinced but might come around with some help & the price is pretty good... Thoughts?
  11. why not just order it from amazon uk? If the wait isn't an issue it works out at about $80 delivered
  12. Hi roachy, I'll grab one if they're still available. I'm in S.E. Melbourne too so happy to pick up if that suits. cheers, Tim
  13. lidz

    R.i.p Ps3

    The other week dick smith were doing the 320gig with extra dualshock & gt5 for $499, maybe see if thats still available
  14. why not just buy from amazon uk? Same bluray zone, cheap prices & free shipping to aus for orders over 25 pound till mid august. I've had a few orders previously & have another two on the way.
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