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  1. Here we have a Rega Planar 3, the first turntable I ever owned, bought from new in the UK back in 1980-ish. It did great service for me for many years but has been boxed up for quite some time, and upon opening, I can see that it needs some attention. If I was half handy with a screwdriver I would see to it myself, but as I now have a perfectly good Rega P5 I don't feel the urge. Anyway, the TT is an "original" Rega Planar 3, serial number 137274. It has a Rega R200 arm and R100 cartridge, again both originals. Everything is about 33-34 years old. It still has a British power plug on it, and original cabling etc. for that authentic look! Without wishing to promote it too enthusiastically, I would suggest that this TT could form the basis of a project to create a fine sounding turntable from some very good components. The good bits: The plinth, glass platter and felt mat are all in excellent condition. The tinted perspex lid is also fine, as are the working hinges, although there are some light scratches on the lid where I have cleaned it perhaps over-enthusiastically over the years. Still has original packaging (although bizarrely the serial numbers on the box don't match). The not-so-good bits: It needs a new drive belt, the existing one is stretched and brittle. The motor needs some lubricant. The R200 cueing lever does not work (i.e. the lever does not raise the arm to the full height and then the arm and lever slowly falls back down - I believe could be fixed by an expert hand and some silicone grease). I'm not sure about the anti-bias belt although the anti-bias mechanism still seems to be doing its job. So IMO for $50-$100 this could be made as "good as new". Obviously there are many more tweaks and upgrades possible for the enthusiast. The TT is located near Manly in Sydney, pickup is obviously preferred if only to avoid unnecessary Auspost charges. However, it does have good packaging so I will ship anywhere if necessary as long as the buyer pays for it Price: $250 or good offer out of which 10% will go to Stereonet. Reason for selling: surplus to requirements. Payment Methods: Paypal or Cash on pickup
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