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  1. One of them equipment that I have kept. Excellent dac. No digital artefacts. New firmware also has more detail, little more forward.
  2. Lols Turns out.... you have to hold the iphone with the camera to the left... I tried to switch the orientation in Photos app and I couldnt fix it.
  3. Further information: The first owner purchased this amp from Greg Osbourne 3-4 years ago. The amp is in perfect working condition and have been checked/ serviced by Dallas Clarke in April 2021. This is the newer model, with metal remote and metal volume + input pots. I will include the original tubes, however they are quite old and I do not want issues for the new owner; and thus I will include the NOS + Gold Lion KT77 tubes for the buyer. They were all purchased from the Valve Store in Mount Waverley in March and are less than 50 hours old. https://www.osbornloudspeakers.com.au/m
  4. Further information: Accuphase E-205 integrated amp. The amp was built around 1985. I acquired it 3 years ago for my second system. We have moved house and the amp is no longer required. Serviced by Dallas Clarke in April 2021 (I prefer having things checked before selling), the internals have been cleaned up, everything is functioning as it should. The amp has MC/ MM phono stage and a good headphone output. I found the bass/ treble adjustments to be quite useful when listening at low volume/ at night. The sound is sweet, engaging and musical through the JBL 4430. Dallas also
  5. Item: PS audio bhk power amp 250 Price Range: $5k Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Or other solid state power amps. Please pm me. Thanks
  6. Not found. But search on hold until the power amp situation is decided.
  7. Item: Tube phono stage Price Range: 1k Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Something like this (below) I have a step up already, so MM could do. MC is better, less boxes/ potential for noise. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  8. Further information: Very good sounding clean amp. Has effects etc. Good for someone just starting out. Takes pedals well. I purchased this brand new, never gigged and always used at home. Very good condition. It is this amp here: https://www.mannys.com.au/fender-champion-50xl-1x12-50-watt-guitar-amplifier-combo-w-effects Photos:
  9. Further information: Amp in good condition, never gigged, functions 100% Sounds great and has attenuator for low volume play. Comes with foot switch and power cord. Photos:
  10. Further information: Purchased brand new from Audio Note AU by me. The amp was modded by Bryan, which removed the parallel computer cable between the rear RCA sockets to some AN Lexus cables (see photo). This reduced the number of inputs to 2; 1 normal (for DAC) and 1 for the MM phono stage. AN RCA sockets were used. The tape switch was also bypassed. This dramatically improved the sound, removed cross talk, and essentially reduced the noise floor. I have owned this amp from new and have recently been serviced by Bryan. Really enjoyed the lush, dynamic, elegent sound. The Aud
  11. Further information: Purchased from Paul, who owns http://vintageaudiovalves.com in May 2015. The cabinets were made in NZ according to Audio Note kit3 specs https://ankaudiokits.com/product/speaker-kit-03/ Paul had these for around 5 years prior to me. The drivers and crossover are kit03 (as per link above). I have enjoyed these with the Audio Note Oto amp; I find them to sound open, real, musical, and easy to listen to. The corner loading helps with bass and has high WAF, hence I have not swapped gear for 5 years! The speakers will come with lead loaded Audio Note AN-
  12. Further information: I bought this new back in Dec 2018 from Ted's Chadstone. Travelled once to Europe (kept in camera bag) and sat on my desk/ shelf ever since. In 100% working order, comes with original box, accessories as photo. Photos:
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