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  1. holliswhy

    SOLD: FS: Accuphase A70 power amp

  2. Bought one very recently. Loving it atm. Sounds like vinyls; tonally and harmonically rich. Great piece of tech, upsampling to DSD. Easy to use, Roon endpoint, and MQA capable.
  3. holliswhy

    Computer Audio vs One box solution

    Thanks Gents. All done. NUC i3 + PS Audio DSJ. Easy , MQA, and sounds great. No "digital-ness".
  4. holliswhy

    Roon Core Suggestions

    I mainly use Tidal, I only have 50GB of music. So I opted to save $150, not quite enough for an Audiophile usb cable They say Roon ROCK has better sound quality. https://community.roonlabs.com/t/sq-comparison-rock-vs-windows-os-on-roon/26747/3 I wish I had a discount voucher....
  5. holliswhy

    Roon Core Suggestions

    I ended up ordering a NUC yesterday, with an i3, SSD, and M.2 drive, from eBay, 20% off. I have Roon Lifetime and plan on using it as a dedicated Roon ROCK server. I don't like Windows (requires too much maintenance), and rather use an Apple TV for movies etc (I don't "download" movies). I read this: Who knew Jason would have the B-52's in his library? "Rock Lobster," sourced from Tidal and the NUC, had excellent impact, with good low-frequency extension. Streaming the same track from Tidal via the Nucleus+, perhaps there was a touch more authority in the bass. Perhaps. With "Every Day I Have the Blues," from the Morrison-DeFrancesco album, the sound through the NUC was less authoritative, less open. However, the comparison was unfair: Though both versions were 16/44.1, I was streaming from Tidal with the NUC, and playing a WAV file from local storage with the Nucleus+. Nevertheless, while changing to the Tidal stream with the Nucleus+ reduced the difference between the servers, the Nucleus+ sounded still a tad tidier. Read more at https://www.stereophile.com/content/roon-labs-nucleus-music-server-page-2#a2Qg1WdqGw71WP7g.99 which made it difficult to spend another $1,500 if sound quality isn't that much of an improvement. I rather the NUC (vs the Lenovo), as I can take out the RAM and HDD if I need more processing data in the future.
  6. holliswhy

    Computer Audio vs One box solution

    Apparently, the biggest difference for those guys is when the Server and Renderer is separated. That's something I am ok to try, as the server will also allow me to use Roon in other rooms.
  7. holliswhy

    Computer Audio vs One box solution

    Thanks gents. I think I will go down 1 box, not a fan of complexity and frsutrations.
  8. Finally catching up with some hifi news after having a kid. DARKO and a few threads on Computer Audiophile talked about how they setup their own system. The conclusion I have seen, is that more boxes, better sound. The "ideal" system, from what I can gather is like: Server --> LAN/ Optical cleaner -> Renderer -> USB noise cleaner -> USB/ SPDIF converter -> Master clock -> DAC. That's like 7 boxes, each doing a "thing" in the chain. Question is, how does a one box solution, like a Lumin, Naim, Cambridge Audio compare? Are we that far apart in terms of sound, when everything is handled within one box? Not sure which path to go down, I like good sound, but I don't like boxes/ complexity.
  9. holliswhy


    CD is so underrated on SNA. I find the technology to sound better than Computer audio and CDs are so cheap these days. This is an excellent CDP (I have owned one). No "digital" edge. And has a sexy draw mechanism. GLWTS
  10. Around 15kg. Shipping will be around $40 for east coast cities.
  11. Naims are such bargains in Ozland. I loved my Supernait.
  12. holliswhy

    SOLD: FS: STAX SRS-3100 System

    Thanks for the kind words guys. Item is now in hold pending pickup/ payment.
  13. Item: Mesa Boogie Express 5:25 guitar amp Location: Chadstone, Melbourne Price: $1000 + post Item Condition: Used, but in good working condition Reason for selling: Victory V10 Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Early 2000s model, 2 channels (clean/ crunch and blues/ burn), loads of gain on tap. Comes with foot switch and cover. 5 or 25 watts mode. Spring reverb. This amp was serviced in July, works perfectly. Pictures:
  14. Item: STAX SRS-3100 System Location: Chadstone, Melbourne Price: $750 + post Item Condition: Like New Reason for selling: I thought I can sit and listen to music quietly as a new dad. How wrong was I? Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Purchase new from Jaben, Melbourne, in April 2018. Used for less than 5 hours. Comes with all original packaging and manual etc. https://jaben.com.au/products/staxsrs-3100system Pictures: