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  1. Hi Darryl, Too good a buy to pass up. I will require you to post it, if you don't mind? Please let me know the cost of postage and your bank account details and I will make payment. From my experiance, Aust Post is most likely a better choice than a courier service. Cheers
  2. I note that Parts Express have free shipping within the US for items over $98. You should be able to work out the size and weight of your intended purchase from the sellers web site. Now go to a Forwarding Agent and with the above information you will be able to work out what their postage cost to Australia will be. I use "shipto", have no connection or affiliation to this Company other than a repeat customer. As is the case with all Forwarding Agents they get a fairly hefty discount on most forms of shipping and most pass the discount in full or part to their customers. Remember this works best when the seller is offering free shipping within the US. No explanation needed. On occasions this also works where shipping costs are required within the US. Some sellers really do rip off International buyers with their shipping rates and lack of options. I've been shipping with shipto for a while now and have shipped 40 plus items without any problems (from headphone amps to a fleshlight). Just about everything is so much cheaper over there. Should you know you will be needing a number of items in the near future shipto have a "virtual mail box", here you can collect a number of items over a period of time and post them in bulk saving even more on shipping costs. Shipto will also unpack your purchase and remove the wrapping etc, this is to reduce the size and weight of your item Beat way is to go to the site and have a good look around at the various options available. There are quite a number of Forwarding Agents so suggest you do a Google and you may find a better deal. For now though I'm happy with the service I get from shipto. Cheers gerard
  3. Thanks Willco. First time that I've been on the forum for a while and only found your helpful post today. Been to Brisbane only once in recent times and was too sick to care too much about my audio gear. I might make a visit to see some relatives and drop some gear in to one of them then. Not using the Marantz anymore so not in need of recap but have a Marantz tuner that needs realigning. Cheers Gerard
  4. Hi Briz Vegas, Looks like you may have just won me with your praise and acknowledgement of Robert. I'm happy to follow your recommendation, as he is also the most convenient option for me. There is no guarantee I will be well enough to go down the coast to see my brother anyway and as you know Caboolture is not far off the highway. In fact I recall driving through Caboolture when the highway went through there many years ago (guess I’m showing my age now). Cheers, Gerard
  5. I would like to thank all members who answered my request (including those members who answered by PM). Haven’t decided yet but at least I have a few good options. Still open to any more suggestions please.
  6. Have a Marantz 1120 Integrated Amp that I would like to get recapped. Besides the recapping any other suggestions welcome. Hopefully this Amp will last me a long time and will be part of my main system. It will power Infinity RS 5 B speakers. The rest of the kit is a Primare CD 21 and most likely a PE 2020 t/t. I also have a Marantz 1060 and 1050. The 1050 is my favourite out of the three. Have a Rotel Integ Amp (model number escapes me at the moment) and 2 Hitachi HA 300 Inter Amps. The Hitachi are my favourites from my collection of Amps and I will use one of them in my bedroom. It will power Marantz HD 550 Speakers, Marantz CD7300 and a Dual 1129 or Dual 1019 t/t (most likely the 1019 because it is capable of loading 7 or 10 (off hand not sure which) L/p’s at a time. The Hitachi HA 300 that I decide to use in the bedroom will also be recapped etc. IMO, Vintage Hitachi Integrated Amps have got in under the radar and can still be purchased at a bargain price; hopefully they will stay that way. I live about 100klm north of Bundaberg and will be travelling to Bris in the next few months for medical reasons. I could drop them off then or send them by post. My wife will drive to Gladstone if necessary. There are a couple of places in Bundaberg that do repairs but one is a huge rip-off who knows F All anyway and the other guy (who works for himself) admits he knows very little about vintage Amps. Someone might like to recommend the best brand and model of Caps please for these old but good sounding Amps. I am prepared to spend whatever is necessary to hopefully eliminate any problems later down the road. Also have Marantz 105B and 115B tuners that I would like realigned, one to go with each system. The realignment can wait until after the Amps have been recapped. Better to spread them out a little, that way it’s not so obvious how much I’m spending. Married blokes will understand what I’m talking about. Cheers Gerard
  7. Good buy djb. I purchased a PE 2020 brand new a couple of weeks back but I paid $99, however I'm not complaining as it has definitely never been used or mounted to a plinth (which I will build). It was advertised as being in perfect condition, well that's an understatement. There’s one problem though and that is that there is no cartridge holder. Actually it came without cart or stylus as well You mention in your opening that you received 3 extra head shells. Assuming your t/t has the original tone arm then the head shell is fixed to the arm. So when you refer to 3 spare head shells perhaps you are referring to head shell holders (as per the parts list) or the parts list also has it listed as a pickup head. Many if not all of the vintage duals are similar in design. Anyway what I'm getting to is if they are cartridge holders would you be kind enough to sell me one. I'm not looking for charity and I am prepared to pay a reasonable and fair price for one. Thank you for reading my message. About 2 years ago I was also lucky enough to buy a brand new Dual 1229, again it came without a plinth and was still in the original box. I have been all that time building a plinth but my poor health keeps getting in the way. All I have to do now is to shellac the plinth and mount the t/t (one day soon I hope). Also have all the parts for a set of Marantz HD550 speakers that need new boxes but they can wait. The PE 2020 is going to get priority, as I believe the sound of these old 2020 tables is very good. Regards, Gerard
  8. Customs are very familiar with most items and undergo a lot of training. They know you don't buy one speaker and that they generally come in a pair. An acquaintance of mine attempted this very thing and had the speakers shipped about 3 weeks apart. Customs held the first speaker shipped until the second speaker arrived and charged GST on them using the combined value of the two. It cost him more on two accounts. First, shipping them separately cost more for freight and second, it meant that he paid additional GST because the combined value was more due to the additional freight. Had his plan worked he didn't stand to save very much. He also got a very stern warning from Customs not to attempt to deceive them again or he would face prosecution. What saved him was the fact that this was his first offense. I don't recall the maximum penalty but it wasn't peanuts.
  9. 10bdave, do you usually have poor AM reception in the area in which you reside? If the answer is yes then the AM antenna made up of wire wrapped around a rectangle shaped plastic former will be absolutely unless. Over the years I have collected 3 of them and none of them work in my situation.. Try a C.CRANE TWIN Ferrite COIL AM antenna. Be prepared to pay about $75 if you purchase it in the US, a lot more here in Australia. I think I purchased mine on Amazon but can't be sure. Bit of money, however if you want a good reception then this the way to go. My opinion of this AM "antenna" is that they will work in the middle of the desert. You can use it with your Tuner, AV and it comes with ferrite stick so you can use with your transistor. Handy if you travel about a bit (holidays, retirement, etc) you may take it with you and get AM reception anywhere. BTW, it does not have an antenna as such. The antenna that comes with it is a rectangle box about 10"x4'x1' and a smaller square control box. The antenna could be placed anywhere using good quality double-sided tape and the control box goes in or near your stereo rack. The problem with buying it in the US is the AC/DC adapter is 110v but you can get a cheap one on eBay. If you're like myself and a lot of others you may have a draw full. I keep any adapters from failed phones, kids toys, etc. It also runs on batteries and an extension cable to connect the antenna and control box of 25 and 50 feet in length is available.. I know it sounds like a lot of money, however it should give you many years of service and you can take with you no matter where you live. It is the only AM antenna that gives me reception where I live (Baffle Creek), in this area we have difficulty with telephone (next generation) mobile, radio and TV reception; I am not sorry that I purchased it. Even if this Info if useless to you because you do not wish to spend so much, hopefully it may be of benefit to one of the other members. BTW, The Crane AM antenna has been acclaimed by many Critics to be the Worlds best AM antenna. Good luck. Gerard
  10. Alan this may or may not be a discount. The last 4/5 purchases I have made from Amazon in the US have also given me a 'discount' without explanation. I may be wrong but I don't think the US have a tax like the UK though I believe Canada does. Which begs the question, 'should we be getting a reduction of this tax when we make a purchase on new items from Canada'? What about New Zealand? They have a Tax on the sale of goods too, I think? Perhaps I should just quit right now! It is possible that the US does have a tax on the sale of goods and Amazon US have always given me a discount to cover the tax but I just never noticed it until recently. Gerard
  11. Agreed, however I find postage from the US more expensive then the UK. Either way the cost of the item plus postage is generally much less then buying it here in Australia. I often use a Forwarding Agent to ship goods from the US, particularly if the US seller is offering free postage within the US. That way it costs nothing to get your item to the Forwarding Agent and you will find that FA's get much better rates then the ordinary shipper due to the quantity they handle. Gerard
  12. Thanks, this Seller I dealt with may not be aware that it can be done with so little fuss. I might email him and let him know.
  13. It never occurred to me but then again I have never given it any thought, however should you reside outside the UK then you are not obliged to pay VAT. Most web sites and eBay sellers list prices that include VAT which means when you make a purchase in the UK you are entitled to receive a refund for the portion of the price that is VAT. Most web site owners should be able to deduct the VAT prior to payment, however it is not possible for eBay sellers using PayPal. They have the additional step of making a refund through PayPal or do as this seller http://shop.ebay.com.au/jclovesmusic/m.html?_trksid=p4340.l2562 did. One of the items I purchased was approximately the same value as the VAT on the total sale so he cancelled the sale of that item and sent it with the rest of my purchase anyway. This saved him eBay fees and also meant that he was only refunding the wholesale cost of the item. I certainly don’t mind that because I still saved the amount equal to the VAT . No other UK seller that I have purchased from has offered me a VAT refund in the past. In future any purchases I intend making in the UK I will be inquiring first if they will refund the VAT and if not will most likely buy elsewhere. Some of you may be aware of the VAT situation, in fact it may be old news,however this thread is for those who aren't aware. Gerard
  14. Thank you to those who replied. I've decided to keep the current tags and put heatshrink on them prior to fitting. I'll do one at a time and then apply some heat until they are a tight fit. I don't get much quality time and the other day I spent about two hours on this project; very frustrating. I think the best I did was to get two to stay on and then when I attempted to put the third one on the first two fell off, most attempts resulted in only one staying put before it fell off. My wife turned the volume of the TV up in an attempt to drown out my cursing and I don't blame her. Don't want to replace the tags for the reason previously explained. Gerard
  15. JA and Decky thanks for your replies. As far as the glue itself, the following two links give examples of the glue I'm referring to;- http://www.voltelectronics.com.au/silver-conductive-pen.html?utm_source=myshopping&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Tools+and+Hardware&utm_term=Silver+Conductive+Pen http://cableorganizer.com/mg-chemicals/silver-conductive-epoxy.html?engine=google&s_kwcid=TC|6214|conductive%20glue||S|p|2977215045&gclid=CIHxjru17qoCFYiCpAodkG83Pw The glue that sets the quickest would be my preference. I also thought about the paint you refer to but for some reason did not think it would be suitable. Perhaps I should put some more thought into it. When I tell you what I intend to use it for you may be able to give an opinion of it's suitability. The tone arm wires on my t/t connect at one end to RCA jacks and at the other end come straight out of the tone arm and then fitted with Cartridge Tags. In other words the Cart is directly connected to the tonearm wires. Otherwise I would just change the head shell wires; end of problem The problem; when I connect one of the wires to the Cart I am unable to get a tight fit. The gold plated connectors are that soft that if I close them to make a tight fit they just spread open and when I try to fit the next wire the first wire falls off. It is a very frustrating experience. While typing the last paragraph I thought of the idea of tying cotton around the Cartridge Tags to stop them spreading. Any thoughts or comments welcome. The idea of the glue was to do one or two at a time and then when the glue sets do the next one or two until they are all connected. My concern is what effect the glue will have on the sound, if any. The other option and most likely the best is to pull the tonearm wires through a little more, cut the old tags off and fit new ones. My concern it that there wouldn't be much working space and I'm no expert at soldering so I hope there is another way to rectify the problem. However, if this is the preferred option then so be it. I'll just take my time and hope for the best. Should I stuff it up then more wire will be needed to be pulled through the tonearm. There is excess wire in the box/plinth, however I don't know how old it is and I would hate it to break. The arm has been rewired at some time and I must say that the wire does look in good condition. however if you knew how my luck is then you would understand my reluctance to attempt fate. All comments much appreciated. Gerard P.S. Funny how when you put a problem in writing more ideas come to mind. The other thing I just thought of is heat sink. First put it over the tag before fitting and then heat it until it constricts to hold the tag in place. Unless someone comes up with a better idea I think I might go with this solution.
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