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  1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/SMSL-M8A-DAC-ESS-ES9028Q2M-XMOS-DSD-512-768KHZ-USB-Optical-Coaxial/302266747633?hash=item4660808af1:g:bPwAAOSw4CFY20Nj
  2. TD19

    Spotify - Security

    librespot-0.1.0-9.fc25.x86_64. Added to our software update by our US supplier so I don't know the background for it.
  3. TD19

    Looking for Avantgarde speakers

    This might be a bit too far away for you, but the seller is now inviting interest in separates: https://www.trademe.co.nz/electronics-photography/home-audio/full-systems/auction-1641939253.htm?rsqid=69b329f58fe5468f822d458ff2ffb05e
  4. TD19

    Spotify - Security

    An updated version of librespot fixed the problem for us. I don't know if this would be applicable to SoTm.
  5. TD19

    FS: Curious Cable USB

    PM sent ...
  6. TD19

    Spotify - Security

    We now have a fix for the Spotify Connect app on Antipodes servers that seems to have solved the problem. I can now see multiple devices and switch freely between them:
  7. TD19

    Spotify - Security

    FWIW I have noticed unreliable behaviour this past weekend similar to that reported by the OP using Spotify Connect on an Antipodes server. The problem was originally reported by one of our NY customers and I was able to reproduce it. I suspect it may be to do with multiple devices, but found that, even with only one device, clicking on the Devices icon on the Spotify screen caused the player to disconnect. I think Spotify might have changed something, I noticed a new install of Spotify on the laptop Sunday morning.
  8. I have one on a Thorens TD124. You definitely would not be able to use the lid: Great arm ... GLTWS.
  9. Hi, If you don't mind sending to New Zealand I'll take it! Cheers, Tony
  10. I see it's a Thakker belt so probably OK but it is important to use the correct belt for a TD160 otherwise you can get unpredictable results, for example if you use a TD125 belt. Beautiful looking turntable btw.
  11. TD19

    ifi DACs now MQA compatible

    Many thanks for the tip .... installed and MQA'ing.
  12. TD19

    Border Patrol DAC

    I have one. I'm not good as describing what I hear from my audio gear but as a vinyl (and valve) aficionado I like my digital to be as close to what I hear from analog as possible. I bought the Border Patrol unheard largely because of Border Patrol's (and its designer's reputation). It complements an Audio Note 2.1X Signature DAC, which does not have the USB input I need and which the BP does have. To my ears both DACs sound somewhat similar. Be aware that DSD and the outer reaches of hi-res are not available on the BP. For my own listening that limitation is not a problem. btw I bought the SE version, USB with SPDIF.
  13. The skipping behaviour suggests that the DAC has lost synchronisation with the Antipodes. This may be performance-related or firmware-related. You might power off the DX and the DAC, disconnect/reconnect the USB cable, power on the DX, power on the DAC, and then test again with Roon. The Roon Ready and Roon Server diagnostics logs, viewable from the Antipodes GUI, are also a source of useful information.
  14. Joe, Please contact [email protected] re this problem so we can have a look. Tony