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  1. As Grumpy said ... 1. Strip paint and have platter glass-media-blasted (does not remove any metal) ... inside edge and brass spindle hole masked 2. Use fine jewellers files to carefully file paint from strobe marks while removing minimal amount of metal. I mask the areas I am not working on. 3.Finished job.
  2. TD19

    TIDAL not working with ROON

    If you are able to in your setup I would suggest backing up the Roon database, deleting and then re-installing the Roon Server app, and then restoring the Roon database. This will clear out any obsolete Tidal login references that may be causing the connect failure. You could also check the Roon Server log to see if there are messages pertaining to the abortive Tidal logins.
  3. Needless to say I am following this thread with great interest Peter.
  4. TD19

    The Antipodes Thread

    Dilletanteque, for MQA playback from an Antipodes server you either need to use the Roon Server software, which can MQA-decode, on the Antipodes or connect the Antipodes to a DAC that is MQA-capable.
  5. Item: Thorens TD124 Mk1 turntable Location: Auckland, New Zealand Price: AU$2425 Item Condition: Excellent (8.5/10) Reason for selling: Too many turntables Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: This turntable is in superb condition operationally and cosmetically, It has had the improvements recommended in an Art Dudley (Stereophile) column ( https://www.stereophile.com/content/listening-65-page-2#csm5DjXGkpMoEoI8.99 ), excluding the intermediate pulley bearing thrust plate he mentions, and is supplied with a NOS undrilled armboard. The motor is quiet and stable at all speeds. Shipping: International Courier Cost to Australia AU$120 PM for additional photos or information if required. Pictures:
  6. TD19

    SOLD: FS: Sun SV-2A3 Amplifier

    No problem re the comments .... pleased to see the interest! I have listed on SNA NZ (not sure anyone even read the listing) and also TradeMe, but no sale. It probably needs the enthusiast who is specifically looking for one of these, as I was was when I bought it four years ago. I was prepared to bid higher if needed but there were no other bidders ... lucky me at the time. The cost of shipping via International Courier to Australia would be NZ$150. Sam Tellig indeed wrote a glowing review of the Sun SV-2A3 in Stereophile, and also referenced it in other reviews for speakers etc. My price of AU$2250 may or may not be realistic. I am strongly in favour of buying second-hand and most of my own gear is 'pre-loved' so I understand people wanting a bargain. However if it doesn't sell I won't be worried ... it really is just a case of too many amps FWIW I have been using it continuously over the past 4-6 weeks, temporarily replacing a pair of Shindo Corton Charlemagne monoblocks.The Sun loses very little in comparison.
  7. Item: Sun SV-2A3 Amplifier Location: Auckland, New Zealand Price: AU$2250 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Too many amplifiers, downsizing Payment Method: Bank transfer,Paypal Extra Info: This example is factory-assembled, brought to New Zealand by its Japanese owner. It is therefore 100V and a good quality Japaneses Toei unobtrusive step-down transformer (220V-240V) is included. The amplifier is in outstanding condition both operationally and cosmetically, with no blemishes on the transformer covers or casework. It is extremely quiet and the sound is superb with suitable speakers; I have used Reference 3A Episode and Musical Affairs Grand Crescendo speakers with excellent results. It currently has installed 2 * General Electric 6SN7GT tubes, 2 * Sovtek 2A3 tubes and a Philips 5U4G rectifier tube. Also included will be 2 * Radiotron Aust. 6SN7GTA tubes, 2 * Brimar 6SN7GT tubes, 2 * new unused Sovtek 2A3 tubes. In addition I have a pair of RCA Radiotron vintage 2A3 tubes, supposedly NOS, in boxes, that can be purchased for AU$500. There are a number of 2A3 interest groups on the Internet, several devoted to the Sun SV-2A3, and this amplifier offers ample opportunity for tweaking if the owner chooses, for example: https://www.analogtubeaudio.de/en/sun-audio-2a3-300b-triode-amps/ The current list price (2016) for a factory-assembled SV-2A3 is JPY384,000 (AU$4681). Pictures:
  8. https://www.ebay.com/itm/SMSL-M8A-DAC-ESS-ES9028Q2M-XMOS-DSD-512-768KHZ-USB-Optical-Coaxial/302266747633?hash=item4660808af1:g:bPwAAOSw4CFY20Nj
  9. TD19

    Spotify - Security

    librespot-0.1.0-9.fc25.x86_64. Added to our software update by our US supplier so I don't know the background for it.
  10. TD19

    Looking for Avantgarde speakers

    This might be a bit too far away for you, but the seller is now inviting interest in separates: https://www.trademe.co.nz/electronics-photography/home-audio/full-systems/auction-1641939253.htm?rsqid=69b329f58fe5468f822d458ff2ffb05e
  11. TD19

    Spotify - Security

    An updated version of librespot fixed the problem for us. I don't know if this would be applicable to SoTm.
  12. TD19

    FS: Curious Cable USB

    PM sent ...
  13. TD19

    Spotify - Security

    We now have a fix for the Spotify Connect app on Antipodes servers that seems to have solved the problem. I can now see multiple devices and switch freely between them: