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  1. Chaotic as ever ...
  2. Negotiation skills 101

    You might suggest that men have a lower life expectancy than women and you therefore have to spend at a higher rate per annum to ensure it evens out in the end?
  3. I use a step-down with my ex-Japan Sun SV-2A3 amp. Toei Henseki tx 220-240V/100VA -> 100V. Never had any reason to think that it degrades the sound and totally reliable.
  4. Show us your Turntables!!!

    It should have my ebony Siggwan for additional blackness! However I do like the figure on the one that you have.
  5. Show us your Turntables!!!

    Most impressed by your 401 refurbishment, having done a few myself. Quite different to others I have seen. A neat idea to have the control knob inserts painted black and was the area around the 'GARRARD 401' logo on on the fascia also painted black? Is the chassis painted gloss black - can't quite tell from the picture? And the plinth is very striking. Please accept my compliments!
  6. Hi Evil, I tried connecting my black to the iPod Classic but it doesn't work .... not able to power the Dragonfly
  7. Very nice turntable ... but I think it's a MKI from the logo on the fascia. GLWTS.
  8. In Search of a New Wand

    I owned one of the first Wand Plus 12' tone arms. Very happy with it, a very good arm and, as remarked, great after-sales service. Simon is continually enhancing his tone arms and frequently the upgrades can be retro-fitted. Thoroughly recommended. I have recently sold the 301/Wand combination with great reluctance - too many turntables
  9. A Behringer UCA-222 will do it for you: https://www.storedj.com.au/behringer-u-control-uca222-usb-audio-interface It won't do hi-res but handles 16-bit 44.1 flac fine. And it doesn't need a separate power supply.
  10. FS: Audiophilleo2

    Hi @mmv, Re the Audiophilleo ... I'll take it if you are OK shipping to Auckland!? Cheers, Tony
  11. I spent a lot of time trying to locate the cause of intermittent pops and crackles associated with an Air Tight phono stage, swapping tubes etc, and even taking the phono to our local tube guru to check the circuits. Eventually I found the problem ... POE. I now happily use wireless remote extenders.
  12. Suggestions Thorens TD125 Restore

    They turn up on Ebay every so often. This is one I bought a couple of years ago for around $100: You do however need to check condition carefully.
  13. Unfortunately chaotic compared with some of the fantastic setups previously posted.
  14. Quad 99 CDP-2/DAC

    This is a very versatile, and high quality, piece of gear. I have used mine for close to ten years now. I have a DVD recorder and bluray recorder connected respectively to the digital and optical inputs, and the analog outs connected to two separate preamps. Allows me to have CD, TV, DVD and bluray all going to my sound systems with very simple switching from the remote (I don't use a home theatre setup). GLWTS.
  15. FS: TJ Full Music 300b matched pair

    Do you have the box for the pair?