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  1. A few things to watch out for in advance: Always remember to switch off digital components around the proximity when you are playing records. Although a clamp is always recommended to prevent record slippages, but do not use any metallic stabilizer/weights. The clearaudio plastic clever little clamp is cheap and does its job very well without exerting unnecessary magnetic field interference onto the cartridge and wires. Grounding wire for your phone cables are directional. If you happen to get a detached single wire for grounding, remember to try it both
  2. It will be very easy for any decent turntable to beat this yammy. The yammy's elder brothers: CD-S3000, CD-S2100, CD-S2000 were all found to have absolute polarity inverted on both RCA (and XLR if available) outputs. It is entirely possible that the S1000 was similarly wired. If that is the case, as long as the cartridge is correctly wired, you should be able to hear a more weighty and tangible presence, clearer imaging outlines and greater dynamic impact from even entry-intermediate level turntables. And if i may, i would buy new, and go for something be
  3. A very cheap but allegedly, extremely effective tweak for records’ static https://www.whatsbestforum.com/threads/a-very-cheap-but-extremely-effective-tweak-for-records’-static.31957/
  4. Yes, good thing you have external phonostage 👌
  5. The yammy 3200 was found to have their phonostage's absolute polarity inverted (stereophile magazine measurement). it is quite possible that their entire integrated amp line-up employ the same circuitry philosophy for their phonostages. the cd-s3000/cd-s2100 players had their analogue outputs wired inverted absolute polarity too (Australia's AVHub measurement). my very first turntable, the gyro se, was setup by the dealer with absolute polarity inverted at the back of the cartridge. for a week i felt there was something not quite right with the sound. so
  6. And actually now that I've gotten a MQA compatible DAC, the WXC-50 is fast becoming inadequate.
  7. If the resultant differences weren't that freaking audible, I won't even have bothered to bring it up here. I've done it for 5-6 units and all their owners feel that the extra efforts to make the setting changes is worth it.
  8. other than ventilation issues, the other significant problem is magnetic field interference. amplifiers with chunky linear power supplies, or tube amps with heavy output transformers tend to generate more intense magnetic fields, which in turn, induce surrounding audio components, and cablings that are in close proximity to generate opposing magnetic fields of their own, causing detriment to each other's timbral and soundstaging capabilities. MFI can only be alleviated by increasing physical distances between components, the cablings and minimising the use of extraneous
  9. The node2i looks nice Is the outer chassis made of metal?
  10. The no.1 album every chinese audiophile must have is mqa'd,..... ... but its only 44.1kHz...
  11. Having a plan is good, but things have a way of happening that's way beyond your control... 😁 ... in a good way. .
  12. Is there a limit as to how many people can be squeezed into a dealer's shop outlet?
  13. What is the current coronavirus situation in Perth right now? Is it safe to visit audio shops for sound audition?
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