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  1. yes, quite rare and far between. but they do get congregated in a bunch in some places that was the sacd authoring centre, previously based in colorado, before they shift into the same facilities that houses Paul McGowan's PS Audio. Only in my dreams - to be able to tear down all the walls in my apartment to have a room as large as this to allow my 3 pairs of Sony SS-M9EDs to be setup in a full-fledge 5.1 multi-channel configuration. but my living room only can accommodate 2 pairs. (the other pair is
  2. Added the tpt + dac + streamer late last year Never dreamt this level of dynamic impact and bass extension is possible. Not even playing any audiophile stuff. Just simple pop tunes. However, I feel that it is severely remiss for EMM LABS and its founder Ed Meitner to delegate the all-important digital interface between this level of digital playback combo to the cheap orange rubber band ST optical cable. Both cables in the photos here demonstrate preference to being connected only in one partic
  3. On the 2pin ac power input, which is the live and neutral (look straight at the connector side of the component)?
  4. Each one of the live, neutral and ground cable are multi strand cable type. But I didn't cut their dielectric jackets open and fiddled with the conducting cables inside. I only swapped each cable of live, neutral and ground cable's directionality, one cable at a time. Swap and listen, swap and listen. Swap and listen. The only change was directionality being swapped. At no times were any of the cables' internal core conductors being meddled with or were any dielectric jackets being sliced opened.
  5. yup, there would be me.... is this the appropriate time - to talk about current flow directionality? each strand of the live, neutral, and earth conductors need to be connected with their specific current flow directionality. yes, even for ac, directionality matters. can't measure it. just have to listen/watch the soundstaging changes as each individual strand is changed, one at a time. quite easy to hear/see the changes that particular post i made on this subject a while ago was pulled - too scary for some to stomach.
  6. The outlets feeding the tpt and dac came from a separate MCB box independent from the rest of the other circuits feeding the whole house. This separate MCB feeds only 2 duplexes, of which the pre-amp occupies one, while the tpt & dac used to occupy the other. I will only run 1 single source at a time (to minimise electrical and magnetic field interference), either tpt=>dac=>pre-amp, or tt=>phono=>pre-amp, so ideally at any one time, I will need at least 3 or more separate single ac outlets. The power amp feeds from another circuit shared with the whole house. The da
  7. I've always thought my speakers sound lean. The spectrum measurement (by stereophile) is ruler flat. But lately, being driven by a new digital source from emm labs I'm shocked how much low end the thing can actually pump out. And while fiddling the new tpt-dac combo with a streamer, i also discovered how much the sound is being compromised by plugging both tpt and dac into the same duplex. Putting the tpt into another ac outlet (running across the door) has allowed the sound to transcend to another whole new level. Yes, I am not entirely happy with my
  8. I really love how their older series flagship model looked
  9. Is there a brand of aussie phonostage that is red colour and runs on batteries....?
  10. After so many years I'm still in love with red And lately, also wood... There's something about single driver speakers that sound magical and wholesome...
  11. Back in the early nineties, I had the hots for Focusrite Red series of amps...
  12. Another option to consider is driving the dac in this PL CD player with an external streaming device like a Lumin U1 Mini..... Just remember 2 things: 1) At the beginning of each listening session, play a single short track on the streamer and let it stop. Shut down and restart the PL and switch to DAC mode. Play another track, and from then on play subsequent tracks from a different folder/album. 2) do not play tracks with different sampling rates one after another.
  13. Provide more physical spacing between every components. Practice hierarchy in which component first gets to be fed from the power grid. Wherever possible, power amp fed straight from the wall mains. Check optical cable directionality
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