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  1. I'm petitioning for a snake oil category in this Olympics
  2. Are these still available? My friends tried to help me find them around lithgow/katoomba/penrith area but can't it. Let me know if you see them around those area. I'm in the blue mountains for a couple of weeks. Thanks in advance.
  3. They were created on commitment by Australia that at least 20,000 units will be sold, or else those bean counters in shinagawa wouldn't even give a thought to them. What a sad mutation they have become since the very first muteki model - speakers were time-aligned, 1st order cross-over design.
  4. There are always something useful that can be learnt from their products
  5. CD/SACD/vinyl - I'll buy every version for music/artistes I like
  6. Subsequent cd prints always suck. If I dun have the first print, then I won't even listen. The trick is knowing how to recognize first print CD discs
  7. Exact audio rips sound absolutely horrible. Why do people still use this ****?
  8. There are other approaches - bright lights and mirrors... ...and groupies
  9. Can substitute this addiction with another like - sex?
  10. I usually follow up by playing a CD of Rosemary Clooney's song: "Thanks for the memory" and Eagles' "Hotel California" from the hell freezes over album for real-world and entry-level examples of soundstage and imaging
  11. I made this video to help my sales people understand what is soundstage and imaging
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