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  1. Audio myths and misconceptions

    Every piece of toslink optical cables and st optical cables i have tried are directional. For every piece of those cables, one direction consistently sounds better than the other. 😂😂😂
  2. Sound stage *depth* at a concert!

    How would like if your audio system puts you on stage in the middle of the whole musical performance (even if the performance was not recorded as such)? Well now you can make your system sound that way with this product: http://www.whatsbestforum.com/showthread.php?24087-Confessions-of-an-Audiophile-Junky-I-Got-Center-Stage-With-Pitch-Perfect-Sound i have no association with this product, and I have never harbour any thoughts of buying this product. Ok?
  3. After months of extensive audition, i finally brought one home. Sounds fantastic!!!
  4. 110 volt versus 240

    I have a japanese version Sony TA-ER1 pre-amp lying around that is not being used, since i dislike having to use chunky metallic device to step down ac voltage in the listening room. According to the designer Takashi Kanai, the transformer (housed in a separate box) had been meticulously created for sound quality, therefore he recommended that i should never replace it with similar spec'd substitute, insisting instead that i use an external step down transformer. I'm itching to use it for listening to mono vinyl records since it has a built-in phonostage, and selection for mono-summerised, Left-ch only, and right-ch only monitoring. There are also 2 sets of balanced XLR outputs (wired normal & reverse absolute polarity). Is this designer just being anal-retentive about not substituting the original transformer..?
  5. Hearing test

    This service only test your ears up to 4kHz (or 8kHz). It is severely inadequate for audiophiles...
  6. 'Unintended' uses for things!

    A piece of this type of chip found on credit cards, when they are placed on audio components, on power cords/power distributors, or on audio cables can cause collapse of an audio system's projected soundstage size/height, and makes the high frequencies sound closed-in. Try cut out a few pieces from your expired cards. Stick some double sided sticky tapes on them. When you go into audio shops or hifi shops, stick a piece behind or underneath their audio components, then sit back and have fun watching how the sales people try to figure out why their system suddenly sound so terrible....
  7. When was this blue mountains record fair being held?
  8. Are all optical cables created equal?

    There is no marking of any kind to indicate directionality (Of course). And there are no identifiable markings of any kind to differentiate either ends of each optical cable. so all five cables had to be checked separately.
  9. I love the sound of promo copies!!! You know the drill - it's late sat evening, you been digging crates the whole afternoon in the Adelphi, spent quite a lot of money already, feeling guilty for not staying home brushing up unfinished work from the office, when you realise there's still a record store on the top level of that dipilated shopping centre opposite the street from Adelphi that you haven't done the rounds yet. And even though you're tired and hungry, ready to go home catch a dinner and then watch football, you decide you still need to at least pop in to take a look for a minute... Wah, nice. Saw this vinyl copy that i didn't know exist. And it is a promo copy some more. And I'm like having to supress myself from grinning ear to ear like Feinstein on the cover so that Alagiri, checking my reaction, won't decide to charge me too much for it. No use. According to Giri, a couple of copies had already been snapped by customers early, and incidentally, both are teachers...
  10. Are all optical cables created equal?

    To properly test directionality you always need to ensure the track cueing process is exactly identical. And to spin the disc at least once prior to testing (an optical cd disc played the second time is very audibly different compared to 1st play straight out of the jewel box) So the process is: Play disc for a couple of tracks. Stop play. Remove disc. Power off player. Power on player again. Load the disc and close tray. Let it read toc and settle fully. Play track 1. Do not use remote control Use only front panel buttons. Listen. Take note of soundstaging height. Stop disc. Unplug optical cable. Change direction. Plug in optical cable. Careful not to allow your hands to touch other cables. Remove disc. Power off player. Power on player again. Load the disc and close the tray. Let it read toc and settle fully. Play track 1. Do not use remote control Use only front panel buttons. Listen again. Take note of soundstaging height. Take note the differences.
  11. Are all optical cables created equal?

    Those various toslink cables that I've tried in the past definitely sound different from one and the other. The one that I often used these days is a Straightwire made glass fibre, which interestingly, sounds best only in one direction, but not the other direction. the st optical glass cable currently used between my Emmy combo is also very directional. To verify this, I've ordered 2 pairs (total 4 pieces) of same made st optical cable and tried both directions on all of them, and found them to be highly directional too. I can't think of any reasons why they should all sound better only in one direction, except maybe of the variance at the joints where 2 terminated cables meet. It may be that any break in continuity could have resulted in reflections being bounced along the cable back to its source, creating varying jitter issues. I was told that applying "optic gel" is the norm in the fibre optic industry to maintain the same reflection index to avoid reflection bounce back problems. But I'm a little reluctant to apply any gooey stuff into those st optical terminal crevices, because the dried out gel might cause even more dirt problem in the future.
  12. 'Unintended' uses for things!

    i use my Sony SCD-1 SACD player as a door stopper
  13. Who collects 78s?

    I collect 1940s shanghai female singers 78s. Got any?
  14. In cases like this - get both, throw them into the deep end against each other and sell off the loser. And have fun along the way. Haha!
  15. I was in there somewhere i had no biz to be in at time of the day and got a huge hardon when i saw this - I've been looking for this for the longest time!!!