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  1. jeromelang

    New Technics SL1200 mk7 and SL1500

    Reverse play is so cool 😁
  2. jeromelang

    What in Analogue Have You Bought Today?

    There are some interesting bits.
  3. jeromelang

    What in Analogue Have You Bought Today?

    Was surprised to see this in the shop yesterday. The vinyl came with 2-CDs inside. I also saw the CDs being sold separately in a digipak packaging as well, so I bought that too. The vinyl is pink!
  4. Leave it at 8ohms for best sound quality regardless of whatever speakers you use. I like the Yamaha NS-F500
  5. jeromelang

    Pucking up Vinyl!

    What is the purpose of using a clamp?
  6. jeromelang


    4m long Phono cable..... Why???
  7. jeromelang

    What in Analogue Have You Bought Today?

    this is ridiculous. i was supposed to pick up 2 copies of this 3 weeks ago. at the time, the agreed price with the retailer was SGD$270 per copy. but it got delayed. then i missed it when it arrive 2 Saturdays ago. i then went down to collect it the following Tuesday. and guess what - the price has shot up to SGD$520 per copy! and i could only buy one... OK, the retailer (whom i go out dinner every week) gave me a discount down from SGD$520... (not very much down, but it's a secret) then the next few days news continued to come in - prices are going up, up, and up. i think now USD$800 (more than SGD$1000).......
  8. jeromelang

    What in Analogue Have You Bought Today?

    Bought this couple of weeks ago
  9. jeromelang

    What in Analogue Have You Bought Today?

    collected from the post office this morning
  10. jeromelang

    learning to listen

    Useless article
  11. Somewhat Would like to try high-efficiency, fully time-aligned speakers Try dnm amplifiers - move away from all the metal-clad behemoths Upgrade to the TX2 and DA2 Upgrade to better ST optical cable? Send in the ELP to get it upgraded with wood body chassis and enable the 78s playback. Try the TOTL Tom Evans Phonostages. Change cables to dnm with plastic terminals
  12. You forgot to mention cable directionality. Tsk, tsk, tsk
  13. jeromelang

    Yamaha RX-A3080

    I noticed that music sounds better when I switch the input to Phono first, then switch back to the actual input that I am listening to (whether it is balanced input from sacd player or Tidal). Use the app to do the input switching.
  14. jeromelang

    Yamaha RX-A3080

    Downloaded some free quad dsd files to play on the A3080. I was surprised there was that much difference over double dsd. Almost felt as if blue coast deliberately degraded their double dsd files to make quad dsd more outstanding. They couldn't have, would they...? The surround ai mode sound really good.
  15. jeromelang

    anti static

    Newly opened records or records that weren't thoroughly cleaned previously tend to have surface conditions that prevent water from spreading evenly over the surface. But this can go away after 3 or 4 rounds of just spraying water over the surfaces. When water is able to spread evenly over records' surfaces, those records often sound audibly better, and quieter. I dun brush during washing. Just spraying water while record is spun at high speed. The record is spun dried. No physical contact with other materials except water. I use combination of different water. Tap water for the bulk of washing. Bottled oxygenated water for "fattening" of sound. And tap water again for final sound conditioning. Records are consistently quieter and are more resistant to dust if the final rinse is with tap water.