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  1. Even if you are only using bandwidth-limited bookshelf speakers, applying additional electronic circuits to filter out lower bass frequencies is never a good thing. Makes a difference to entire bandwidth transparencies and top end freq airiness
  2. Remember to switch to pre-amp mode, use the MusicCast app to change the speaker type from default [bookshelf] size to [Floorstand] size. Then switch back to player mode. This is to bypass the stupid and totally unnecessary high pass filter.
  3. Always use the pre-out. Fuller resolution, and should sound better.
  4. jeromelang

    Thicker Power cable?

    Is your av receiver fitted with grounding pin on its iec inlet plug?
  5. I need to send my lyra skala for re-tip. I think the cantilever is bent (looks bent) and probably needs changing as well. Send to Soundmith or Lyra better?
  6. Just bought 2m bronze But i think I'll let lil' streamer (in that far corner there) play on and on and on....
  7. Eagles Unplugged 1994. 2nd Night. Vol.1 & 2. Sounds quite decent. Bought spare copies just in case...
  8. I only bought 1st, 2nd and greatest hits. Are the others any good?
  9. Enigma MCMXC a.D This reissue sounds quite good. I went and bought another copy
  10. I prefer simpler circuits, less components, in a larger, non-metallic chassis. Spacing is necessary for minimizing interferences.
  11. jeromelang

    Yamaha SoundBar

    There is no substitute for actual surround speakers behind you to envelop you. But if laying wires across the room is problematic, you may want to wait till a few more months. Yamaha just announced wireless surround capabilities with their new range of products in the USA and Europe. It it seems to be based on their musiccast technology, and that means running on wifi network rather than Bluetooth, which is important when running uncompressed movie soundtracks from BLURAY discs or m-ch dsd from SACD discs. I have been using their WXC-50 streamer and their musiccast system is quite robust and does sound very good with tidal and dsd.
  12. jeromelang

    Yamaha SoundBar

    The thing about Yamaha sound bar needing 2 side walls to work best is a myth. Its all marketing. In reality, the individual speaker drivers within the chassis of their sound bars do not have any motorised mechanism controlling the direction which they will be aimed to. They are all mounted pointing forward. They will not turn left or turn right when you change the beam angle settings. Yet, when you change the beam angles you actually hear them being reflected off different points of an adjacent wall. It's all about the science of psychoacoustics. And it's all dsp controlled and generated. No side walls are necessary to get "reflections". It will "work" if each of the side wall is 2m away or 20m away. And since it is dsp generated, the sitting position is going to be important to optimise the sense of 3D envelopment. And the relative levels of the centre, front L/R and surround L/R channels to each other are going to be important. So run the auto calibration and let the dsp in the sound bar do the job and dun meddle with their calculation. Your meddling with the channel levels and beam angles are only going to hamper the sound bar from achieving what it was designed to do.
  13. Did novecento ever release "wait for me" and "broadway" on 12" 45rpm singles? I'll be very pleased never to use them for demos. Only for my own enjoyment. ?