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  1. not recommended to buy - even at 300 bucks. too old. breakdown no parts.
  2. Rack makes difference. Avoid metal. Space audio components apart as much as wire allow. Keep components with big transformers in their power supplies physically away from the rest.
  3. for optical discs, all you need is tap water wash, flick, play
  4. A "golden ears" person need to consult measurements to validate what he hears is correct
  5. Super spreader, made in singapore... 😁😁😁
  6. Not everyone have the listening acuity nor the technical knowledge and experience to enable them to pick/assemble a proper audio system "Trust your ears" is where a lot of people get it wrong.
  7. If you come after this virus issue blows over, I'll personally bring you around all the best vinyl shopping places, ok?
  8. Friendly advise: Cancel your trip here. Now is not the right time to come to Singapore.... [Sent by Gov.sg – 7 Feb] S'pore has raised alert to DORSCON Orange For more: go.gov.sg/dorscon7feb Additional precautionary measures: Advice to cancel/defer large scale non-essential events If proceeding: - Carry out temperature screening - Deny entry for those with respiratory symptoms - Have travel declaration and participant list if possible - Venues to have ventilation and handwashing facilities - Increased cleaning At the work place - Twice-daily temperature taking and checks for respiratory symptoms - Those with fever to see a doctor promptly - Business continuity plans may include telecommuting or segregating workforce into teams For vulnerable groups - Hospitals to implement temperature screening; separate care for pneumonia patients - Schools to suspend inter-school and external activities - Preschools and eldercare services to limit visitors As of 2pm on 7 Feb, MOH confirmed 3 new cases with no links to previous cases or travel history to China: go.gov.sg/moh7feb .
  9. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/wuhan-coronavirus-dorscon-orange-singapore-risk-assessment-12405180
  10. OTOH, Christmas Island isn't such a bad destination for a stopover after all...
  11. China aerobatics members are allowed to come in for this show, even though they are based in Hubei, near Wuhan, and there's already a ban in place for all China visitors. Both the local and China organisers deem it is justifiable to bend the rules and risk it.
  12. According to this report, hundreds have been infected at that Hyatt hotel conference...
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