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  1. Power down everything. Power up everything in this sequence: TV => AVR => PLAYER Or vice versa
  2. Vacuum dry methodologies cannot avoid using brush materials to cover the air gap between vinyl surfaces and vacuum tube opening. As the brushes go over the surfaces of the vinyl, another form of static is created - that will have adverse sonic consequences. A better way is to spin dry. CF brushes will also cause sonic issues as they run across the vinyl surfaces. A-B testing often reveal truncated top frequency extension. A blower may avoid this.
  3. Switch the TV's digital output to "PCM"?
  4. Add a turntable to your system. Fully manual, adjustable on-the-fly VTA
  5. I have no connectivity issue with its hdmi or bluetooth inputs.
  6. I have tested this samsung sound bar, and with several other people have taken it apart down to the component level to measure various aspects of its performance. This is one mother****ing good piece of gear, in sound and build quality. The only negatives are not having auto calibration function, and it is unable to adjust left and right separately. But not a problem if you sit true centre. Sound performance for this price is beyond reproach.
  7. Do yourself a favour. Give this Mofi 45rpm reissue a miss. Search for the original uk vertigo pressings, or the Mercury boxset.
  8. Bought them retail in singapore
  9. Was dabbling with Alessis recording gears back then when Dunlavy IV came out
  10. are the mofi sourced from us masters, or UK masters? the 2-disc mofi bia 45rpm was clearly inferior to the 2 disc bia in the mercury boxset, imho. however i do welcome a 45rpm reissue of LOG, debut, Making Movies, and Communique, that will have to do until vertigo/mercury decides to do their own 45rpm reissues.
  11. On these cybernet boxes, their input and output connections, were they designed for nominal -10dBV signal levels, or +4dBu signal levels?
  12. Perhaps more appropriate to call them PA market products...?
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