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  1. The best pod coffee has only been an average coffee. There are alternatives, and there are some very nice fair trade coffee blends about. But then again, I like vinyl as well, so I could be a anachronism!
  2. If there's no pick up, I would take this and the JL/POB album, with postage to Qld, 4340. regards andrew
  3. I don't try to justify/explain/apologize for it anymore, indeed haven't for years, but I always come back to the experience that is valves (and vinyl). I have a Nait XS2, and a Class D set up, which I do use sometimes, but it is valves that have the presence to me. I use a sub.
  4. Hello May I please have Pete Townshend-Scoop 3 , 3 LP's coloured vinyl remastered at Abbey Road 2017 Sealed $65 Post to Rosewood, 4340. Thanks
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