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  1. You read it in that voice?? Try speaking in that voice! Damn, nobody takes me seriously, ever!
  2. It's Andrew, Jon. Not Brad. However, if calling me Brad meant I could actually play the piano like Brad Mehldau, I would be very grateful indeed! Alas, on the piano I know where I want to go, but can never get there.
  3. May I please have Brad Mehldau Trio – Blues & Ballads Postage to Rosewood, 4340. Is ok now to send this and the order from last week. Thanks again.
  4. The older I get (and the older he gets), the more I like Nick Cave. I will buy when released.
  5. Hello If available I'd like Roger Waters – The Wall Live in Berlin Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon David Bowie – Ziggy Post to 4340. Thanks.
  6. Hi May I please get The Clash LIVE at Shea Stadium $19 Tim Buckley $8 Ricky Lee Jones $12 To 4340. Pay by Paypal or direct deposit. Regards Andrew
  7. I'm happy to swap the round cage (it has glass sides), if you have the other style (the bottom one in the photo). If so, please PM your address, and I'll give you mine.
  8. I bought 2 primaluna prologue power amplifiers, sometimes run them as mono blocks, and got 2 different cages. Anyway, the shop said, it is what it is. I would have liked them to match. If you have those 2 style cages, I'm happy to swap 1 with you. I don't care which style I end up with (just would like them to match).
  9. I have just watched the video. Thank you for that. Growing up in north queensland it reminds me of getting sunburnt as a kid and peeling the skin off!
  10. Hi. Is it possible for someone who has done it, to give an approx idea of the quantity they used? The Monte Marte gel glue bottle I have is 147ml, for example. If I put too little on, I can just add more? And if I put too much on, it'll just take much longer to dry? So I'm just after the ballpark. Thanks.
  11. Hello I'll take The Who-Quadrophenia 2008 Reissue VG+ Includes Full Size Booklet $45 The Who-Sell Out 2015 remaster with Poster NM $29 Colin Hay-Looking For Jack VG+ $10 Postage to 4340 please. I work at Redbank, and I know Tarragindi isn't that far, but I currently only own bicycles and motorbikes. Regards Andrew
  12. If that is your work, it is outstanding. Something to proud of for sure. And the price is cheap for what you get. Wish you had a Thorens plinth!
  13. My 2c. When I first heard a good stereo in the late eighties, as a very poor uni student, I thought WTF??! A new and different experience. Perhaps then was the start of the sickness. On the other hand, imagine 'Bruno" was into hifi. I've come across a few. One must chuckle at the label-obsessed pseudo-esotericism. Tho the fun and curiosity gets sucked out of it. Synergy is the most critical factor IMO. I appreciate the DIYers. And I wish there were many more blind comparisons in tests (but yes, maybe only relevant with the same components). Who said never to excess?? Aristotle? And there are problems, and then there are first world problems. And yet, at night, with nobody home, lights dimmed, the tubes glowing, a comfortable chair and a glass of refreshment, I de-stress. .
  14. If that is the case, good luck trying to prove that in a court! How many successful prosecutions have there been?? I deal with retailers on the phone, 750 to 1000 calls a week (we are very busy). Increasingly, their number 1 complaint is unreasonable, not within a cooee of 'market value', rent increases. Aside from the fact that I really enjoy old record shops, rather than the supermarket type of shops (eg JB), retail is very important, vital indeed, to the heath of the economy. If it is the case that the taxpayer is subsiding (thru negative gearing) some kind of speculation or scalping in rents demanded, that is unacceptable.
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