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  1. andrewinbriz

    Surface noise after tonearm wire replaced

    I wouldn't have sent it with the cartridge in place. Cartridge not required to be in situ for the work to be done, and unless I know the person doing the work, or have previous good experience with the shop, I'll set up the cartridge thank you. But you'll soon know when you troubleshoot.
  2. andrewinbriz

    Surface noise after tonearm wire replaced

    I assume the cartridge was removed before sending it, and re-installed when tt received back. Have you gone thru a full cartridge set-up again? Have you tired another cartridge (if ok, problem is cartridge). Have you tried another tt in your phone preamp (if ok, problem is in the tt). Probably, could be leads etc EDIT: I shouldn't do this while I'm doing something else.
  3. andrewinbriz

    Surface noise after tonearm wire replaced

    In my experience (I have re-wired a 5.1) the wiring was absurdly fragile, and the solder at the connector box was applied with a butter-knife ( I also replaced the RCA connectors). Is the clip connection to the cartridge secure?
  4. andrewinbriz

    Lubricant oil for Thorens TD124

    TD146 here. Sewing machine oil.
  5. andrewinbriz

    Next Steps... Cartridge?

    Yes, I understand that. For good reasons people will have their own cartridge recommendations, but which may or may not be applicable to your tt, and the rest of the system. FYI, the best sq I got from my 5.1 in my system, were ortofon blue and nagaoka mp110. Both are cheap-ish. I just feel that with the 5.1 one rapidly reaches a point of diminishing or nil return, so a high dollar cartridge might be a waste of money. But please buy and use a record cleaning machine. I only have a $150 cheapie. It helps IF you're OCD. I find record cleaning a chore, but I sure can hear (for the better!) the results.
  6. andrewinbriz

    Next Steps... Cartridge?

    Despite trying 4 different cartridges and 2 different phono preamps, the sound from the 5.1 was always thin and constrained, with an absence of detail and musicality. I currently am using a 1983 Thorens TD146 with a Nagaoka MP200, and it is wonderful, at least compared to the 5.1. I have heard a Sota comet in my system, and I was astounded. I have heard an Acoustic Solid Wood in a friend's system I know well, and I was equally impressed. Of course they are dearer, tho the comet is only a bit dearer in RRP. But the 5.1 will never sound as good, no matter the money spent on a cartridge. I am saving money for a new TT, and I will be first looking at Sota. And I will be trying it at home. I realize and accept synergy is vital, and your system might be a fluke where the 5.1 performs well.
  7. andrewinbriz

    Next Steps... Cartridge?

    Speaking as a current MMF 5.1 owner, tho it is in a wardrobe as an emergency TT, don't waste your money on a top cartridge. The 5.1 will clearly be the limiting factor in sound quality. Definitely buy some kind of record cleaning machine (vinyl must be clean, doesn't matter how good your tt or cartridge is, if the record is dirty), and save up for a better TT.
  8. andrewinbriz

    Tube + solid state amp in one case

    Incredible. Most praiseworthy.
  9. andrewinbriz

    Audio equipment power consumption

    With electricity pricing only ever going up, I'm not sure I really want to know! I do remember reading a review of an American power amp where rms power output was given as (I think) 250 wpc, and power consumption as 1000 watts. Just got to look at the "american" car to understand I guess. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_amplifier_classes#Disadvantage_of_class-A_amplifiers Disadvantage of class-A amplifiers[edit] Class-A amplifiers are inefficient. A maximum theoretical efficiency of 25% is obtainable using usual configurations, but 50% is the maximum for a transformer or inductively coupled configuration.[5] In a power amplifier, this not only wastes power and limits operation with batteries, but increases operating costs and requires higher-rated output devices. Inefficiency comes from the standing current that must be roughly half the maximum output current, and a large part of the power supply voltage is present across the output device at low signal levels. If high output power is needed from a class-A circuit, the power supply and accompanying heat becomes significant. For every watt delivered to the load, the amplifier itself, at best, uses an extra watt. For high power amplifiers this means very large and expensive power supplies and heat sinks.
  10. andrewinbriz

    Audio equipment power consumption

    Isn't 500 wpc the sound output? Power consumption may well be much much higher (imagine 500 wpc at Class A! Power consumption would light a suburb).
  11. andrewinbriz

    Fs - New Supratek Cortese

    Love to read a review from the purchaser! Hopefully they'll post after a while. By all reports world-class.
  12. Good luck with the sale. I'm enjoying my copy. I've read some people weren't impressed with the CD release. But the vinyl is an astonishingly good release. I am looking forward to getting the next parts.
  13. andrewinbriz

    Importance of different tubes in tube amp.

    what deanB said. Be familiar with the stock sound before switching out tubes. In my personal experience 'tube rolling' can rapidly become OCD! (precious, precious!)
  14. andrewinbriz

    Dr Who New Series

    I'd like a female doctor to succeed. I neither like nor dislike any PC stuff. But I've found the writing generally to be uninspired. Bored and uninvolved I currently feel.
  15. Just reiterating: there is often fantastic value in the classifieds. As far as specific recommendations, I'm sure someone will drop by (I'm more vinyl).