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  1. The best pod coffee has only been an average coffee. There are alternatives, and there are some very nice fair trade coffee blends about. But then again, I like vinyl as well, so I could be a anachronism!
  2. If there's no pick up, I would take this and the JL/POB album, with postage to Qld, 4340. regards andrew
  3. I don't try to justify/explain/apologize for it anymore, indeed haven't for years, but I always come back to the experience that is valves (and vinyl). I have a Nait XS2, and a Class D set up, which I do use sometimes, but it is valves that have the presence to me. I use a sub.
  4. Hello May I please have Pete Townshend-Scoop 3 , 3 LP's coloured vinyl remastered at Abbey Road 2017 Sealed $65 Post to Rosewood, 4340. Thanks
  5. I had a similar problem. Tried everything conceivable, and I really mean everything, over a period of about 8 months. I came across this on a forum, and it has worked for 2+ years: I wrapped the end of a wire around the outside of the wall wart power supply connector that goes into the turntable, and the other end on the phono stage ground post (which it shares with the turntable ground wire). Presumably a grounding/ground loop problem, tho I don't know for sure. An inexpensive possible solution to try.
  6. Hi. I'll take it. Postage to Rosewood, 4340. I'll pay for it tonight when I get home from work. Either PayPal or direct deposit. Let me know. Thanks.
  7. I have been in a similar situation. I don't understand how it happens. I mean, if the repairer does a bad repair job, he was probably just motivated by greed. But to keep it, do nothing, but charge you nothing. Are they hoarders?? You have 2 choices in my experience. Pester like you have never pestered anyone before ever, so he realizes it's less grief to give it back to you. I tried this. It didn't work before I ran out of patience. I ran a warehouse where a couple of brothers worked as truck drivers, bikies, tatts, big and freakin scary (but they treated me with respect because I was their boss, sometimes hilarious to me, as a backhander from either of them would have knocked me out). I phoned him mid morning saying I was picking it up after work. The brothers and I turned up, and I was out of there within 10 mins with my power amp. Remember, no threats, and do not initiate physical contact. Nobody I ever met or heard of would ever have a go with either of those brothers. It works. And they were happy to help; maybe they thought of it as a good deed! Anyway, do you know anybody who might fit the bill? In my personal experience, forget police and fair trading. They can't or won't help.
  8. In my experience project/music hall use very fragile wiring. I am certain you would notice (if you heard it playing before) an improved SQ with better wiring. Are you handy at all? Re-wiring is not difficult. There'd probably be a youtube video, or instructions on a project forum. There seems to be quite a few knowledgeable and helpful people over in WA. If I didn't want to do it myself, I'd pay one of them to do it (and as a bonus, you'd get to meet the person behind the avatar!).
  9. Jon, last Sunday I did reserve SIMPLE MINDS - New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84) - 2016 vinyl THE JAM - Live At The Hammersmith Palais December 1981 - UK 2017 Double GRACE JONES - Nightclubbing But I think they were sold after that to somebody else?? I've received no message from you with a total to pay. Anyway, I'm not upset, I'm happy to proceed or not, as the case may be. I imagine the only thing more difficult than keeping track of record sales is keeping track of wandering 5 year olds (he'll be 25 this year when I find him! 😀 ).
  10. The best audio impacting purchase I made was getting my ears syringed out. I had an ear infection, and the syringing was at the end. For 2 or 3 weeks I could hear a pin drop! Pops and crackles on vinyl were infuriating, but when all was good, it was ridiculously good: the old was new, was bespoke, vivid, and enthralling. But then the ear wax builds up again!
  11. Hi may I please have SIMPLE MINDS - New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84) - 2016 vinyl THE JAM - Live At The Hammersmith Palais December 1981 - UK 2017 Double GRACE JONES - Nightclubbing - 2009 EU reissue new vinyl To Rosewood, 4340.
  12. If the intention is to get a job in hifi because it's a hobby, or there exists an interest, my recommendation would be NOT to do it. The realities of the job will likely, sooner or later, for most people, degrade the enthusiasm. I think, like some kind of National Service, EVERYONE should do 1 year in retail. Provided you're not so mentally deficient, or obstinately unwilling to learn and change, it can teach you about how NOT to be a prat.
  13. I mostly have separates, and one only integrated, a Nait XS2. I wouldn't have thought the 5si would be a disappointment. Hopefully, you'll report back with impressions.
  14. If you are removing the cartridge leads (to clean the pins/clips and then re-connect), be patient and careful. I use either tweezers or very small needle nose pliers, underneath a bright magnified light, to gently ease off the clips. Some tonearm wiring, even on more expensive than entry level decks, is absurdly fragile, so take your time and be gentle.
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