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  1. pretty much every phone on the market today (other than Apple's) supports industry standard micro USB to USB. Apple has never liked standards. does it support flac out of the box? No. ALAC - why didn't Apple use flac? oh wait, cos Apple doesn't like standards... 128GB is nowhere near enough for most audiophiles who want to carry the majority of their digital catalogue around. Hell, I have a small CD collection (around 900 CDs) and I just manage to fit all of them on the AK 120 II which has built in 128GB storage, and an additional 128 GB micro SD card. Again, pretty much every other phone (android based) supports storage extension. It ain't rocket science, and it isn't hard for Apple to do. They just don't want to do it... The iPhone still doesn't support HD music (I personally think HD music is a crock of BS, but hey, some people swear by it). Just because you're happy to not whine about devices that don't support ALAC doesn't mean I can't criticise Apple products on what I perceive as design omission and issues. I don't have to like Apple. It also means I shouldn't be gagged into not speaking out about my dislike of their products or modus operandi. I must have touched a nerve ;-)
  2. but that's the thing I was driving at - comparing my 4s to my new AK 120 II, I wouldn't mark it as a significant and noticeably improved. It's very subtly improved. No more and no less. So I'm sort of giggling at people saying the 6 is a significant and noticeable improvement. But either way, the iPhone 6 is still crap in that it doesn't support flac format or a microSD card...or a standard industry norm USB interface cable connector...but hey, it's iLockin isn't it...
  3. I'll put a vote in for the ASR Basis Exclusive. Lovely phono stage.
  4. Interesting. Very interesting. I've had good results with just distilled water and isopropyl alcohol though...
  5. Thanks for the heads up on Ed's X - I haven't bought it yet, so very tempted on the 45rpm from Amazon *grins*.
  6. was it downloaded direct from iRiver's website, or from sourceforge? If the latter, run. Most sourceforge software now includes installers that install viruses and spyware on your system. Do NOT use sourceforge.
  7. I find this curious - since having upgrade from an iPhone 4S to an AK 120 II and let's just say, the upgrade is minimal imho (the latter is better, but not by a huge lot). You guys make it sound like the iPhone 6 is the next holy coming. If the 4S is roughly equivalent to the 5 etc, then by logic, the 6 should be outperforming the AK 120 II. I don't think so Tim. it's funny how people have audio hallucinations.
  8. XLD is your best bet imho. And it's free too. I wasn't aware that there was an OS X version of dbpoweramp in beta...
  9. very nicely done, they look very nice too.
  10. so did I. My advice was to have a few kids, racks usually end up filling out ;-)
  11. that's it, I'm reporting you to the UFCR (United Federation of Cats Rights) - how dare you remove a bum warmer!
  12. Don't get me started...the last time I bagged hi fi furniture manufacturer's outrageous rip off pricing I upset a lot of people and my post was removed by the mods. Simply for saying a particular product was a rip off.
  13. Price is a concern with me - i just can't justify huge sums of money on audio gear, especially when most of it is vastly overpriced deliberately, far beyond the manufacturing and R&D costs by the maker. Looks are important to - it has to fit in with the rest of the room imho and not look as ugly as. SQ is important too, for obvious reasons! It's hard to factor all 3 parts of the equation in...and get a winner!
  14. For me, it's about the simplicity - the Sony requires 2 boxes to work, the AK unit one. And there's probably very little difference between the 2, and the AK unit probably still comes out just ahead. Cost is an issue of course, but I'm not sure how much the iDSD nano costs... I have no experience with IEMs, but I'm not a fan of that type of unit. I much prefer proper headphones. Each to their own. Dave
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