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  1. Hi Henry, the Yaqin's are not a bad amp. They are on the 'budget end' BUT, they have good iron (transformers) and, good news for you, respond very well to 'hot rodding'. Firstly, PLEASE check the voltages as some older versions the transformers were 220v in 230/240v countries and ran the tubes at too high voltages, got hot. As for upgrades? My advice is, run the amp as is for a few weeks if brand new (get at least 100 hrs on it), or get really used to it's sound for a period of time, THEN sit and do a critical listen, decide what you do, and don't like about the sound. Th
  2. There's a lot of Chinese amps giving an EL34/KT88 option, but it makes little difference to the actual power output. I know a while ago a USA based dealership was offering the MingDa MC34AB as a MC75 option. They had obviously chatted to MingDa, and modified (at factory) to use KT88's instead of EL34's. There appeared to be no real/if any power difference; maybe just a sonic difference? However the version was NOT offered as a 'MingDa product' but as the Pacific Audio MC75. I'd also suspect your suggestion of marginal transformer rating is likely on the button.
  3. I tend to agree with aussievintage. maybe I'm just too 'old school'? I run a 'simple' 2 ch system. Full range floorstanders, tube power and pre amp, with a decent (OPPO) CD/SACD/blueray. Maybe I'm missing 'something'? Don't really know, when I listen to others system's with a DAC or streaming over CD; I can't really say that I come away thinking "damn I need!!"
  4. yes and no, lol. I did a couple of major upgrades over the last 4 yrs, speakers and amps. Re-capped the speakers, recapped the power amps, just recapped the pre-amp, replaced the main volume control with an attenuator (there are individual L/R pots, instead of a 'balance' control that are yet to be done). This is to be my 'final' retirement system (that's the intention). So once the upgrades are completed, the only thing likely to need replacing will be the OPPO CD/SACD/blueray player when it becomes unserviceable.
  5. I'm going to throw in a suggestion. I was round a friends place end of Jan, and he had his 'second system' in the main area... I cam honestly say I was VERY surprised at what I listened to. Music server, Tube pre amp, (was re tubed, recapped and attenuators installed), and matched (very well imo) to a pair of these. They are active speakers (I believe it's internally bi-amped) and the sound was WAY above their size for bass and image. Tube pre is usually used to 'smooth/holographic image?/reduce digital 'sharpness' in many recordings.. Pre amp tubes make the biggest difference to the s
  6. yehhhhhhhh, NAH. I love, when the Levee. They are 'correct' in that it's not a good 'test track', but it should'nt sound as bad as you are describing. i have 3 versions of that track, the 'original' AAD, and two 'remasters'. IF you are using the Jimmy Page one, that is (sadly) the worst version. As mentioned above, the mastering/recording of the time but in no way does it sound as sharp as you are describing on my system. Maybe you have a 'system synergy' problem? (everything very revealing/detailed in the chain?) The Harmonica IS supposed to be 'forward' on that track, but not BRIGHT
  7. I tube roll, that's as good as any graphic equaliser 😂😎🤠
  8. To try and help/clarify. Someone above commented on the cost/maintenance costs of a tube amp. They are 'correct' you can indeed spend hundreds on tube replacements. Depending on type type EG, KT88 will cost about X2 of an EL34. (however gives X2 the power per tube). Some amps run tubes a lot harder than others (voltages on the tube). Every 4-5 years? I wish lol, in my case I average 15-1800 hrs a year so literally replace 8 KT88 on a yearly/18 monthly basis. To me? Worth every penny.. You can be sucked into the NoS (new old stock) for power tubes. They are better, but not the now exorb
  9. Actual equipment, it's likely to be my CD player, it gets a huge amount of use. Otherwise it'll be one of/replacing the power tubes.
  10. Her hip pocket nerve is already strained?? Oh dear, you haven't started yet. Welcome the the deepest, most torturous (on the wallet), enjoyable 'ride' of audio gear ownership.
  11. Like you I was having to run a power board here, not able to run a separate line from the meter. Which is the ideal, my last home it was expensive as mentioned above can be difficult to run an extra line, used the thickest cable possible (think it was commercial kitchen/oven) cable. Here all I've been able to do is (thankfully) convert the wall socket to a 4 way, and I've been able to get 'piggy back' quality plugs and power cables made up by my friend/tech. Thankfully doing away with the need for a power board. Could be an option to reduce your power board needs?
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