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  1. Hi can I please have: Kate Bush - The Kick Inside Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Damn The Torpedos Cream - Wheels Of Fire & Best of Rolling Stones - Through Past, Darkly Big Hits Vol.2  Sex Pistols The Great Rock N Roll Swindle Cheers
  2. Purchase organised by PM, payment in progress
  3. Thanks Norpus, will have a look. Have succeeded in confusing myself a fair bit about the different options available. Need to take some time out and let the information settle. DC
  4. Thanks SRT, That certainly looks like a beast, probably a touch techy for my tastes. I'm not committed to spending up to the P9 level, more flirting with the thought. The alternatives suggested here are good because partly because my system probably won't be good enough to milk the last increments of difference that a lot of the $$$ go into. Of course the trap there is that I'd have to upgrade everything to support it, and as a consequence would be living on the streets (albeit with an awesome hi fi system to keep me company). Cheers, DC
  5. Hey Keith, Thanks for your reply. Hadn't heard of hi fi exchange, looks promising. Came across a Sota Saphire on their website. Never heard of them before, will have to do a bit of research online. Checked out the link... another turntable with an opposeable thumb (2 tonearms)! Again, think that might be a bit too space age for the surrounds. Cheers, DC
  6. Thanks for the tips, Wolster. Good food for thought. Have checked out out your suggestions. The Linn Sondek and VPI classics are both very nice looking decks. The Kuzma's not too bad (going on appearances here) although looks like it would be at home in the trardis on a Dr Who episode. Not sure it would fit in with my decidedly low fi surrounds (not quite a cave but a couple of decades behind the march of technology). I didn't know you could get turntables with two tonearms?? (after looking at the Kuzma I've learnt there's quite a few around). I suppose it's for variety? Take the home auditioning point, although could be tough to do in practice. The other thing I supose I should be more careful of is buying something that is so far out of the pack from my other components that I feel I have to take a small mortgage to replace them. Cheers, DC
  7. (response to xtra chewy previously listing on Danish eBay) Hey, thanks for the tip. Have had a look around. Not sure if there are voltage issues in plugging a unit made for another country into mains power in Oz. I suppose that could also go for buying one from the source (UK). Also, and this is getting a bit petty, but I notice it had a silver power supply (my preference is black). I wonder if there's any way of colouring it yourself that doesn't involve colouring in with a black permanent market. -hmmm don't think I've quite worked out the system here as I meant for this to come up next to the post it was responding to. Sorry guys, still finding my way around.
  8. Thanks everyone for your responses to this thread. Very helpful to get some other perspectives and suggestions. I've just got home and logged back in now, will respond to you all over the next couple of days. Thanks again!
  9. Hi All, New to this site so not sure if I'm barking up the right tree doing this. Have been looking into getting a new turntable and am half considering making the leap of faith to a P9. The price is fairly outrageous although I may have an option to purchase at source, which would do a bit to trim it down. One of my concerns is that it seems to be totally dependent on the power supply. If that unit dies, I'd be left with an outrageously expensive conversation piece. The other issue is I'm not too sure what viable alternatives there are. Going off various threads I've looked at the VPI, Roksan, Thorens and a few others. I don't much like space age design, and even where I do can't imagine it fitting too well into my not so space age house. One of the great appeals of the Rega above some alternatives like the Gyrodec is its quality of finish and crafting. I did also see a few p25s out there that looked quite similar (obviously a cut below but maybe more reasonable on price?). The p25s seem to be rare as hens' teeth though... not even sure if they're still in production. So basically, I'm looking for advice on turntables people think would compete with the Rega on sound, appearance and value. I appreciate that every one of these is subjective but would like to know people's thoughts. thanks in advance for any responses. DC
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