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  1. Which models did you have, and how did they compare? Cheers
  2. Well done mate, you've passed it on 👍 I'm in the process of doing that with my kids, a great pleasure. Cheers
  3. Where can you purchase? I might be interested if I can add to the rack Can't Google up Lovan Soverign retailers?
  4. @eltech How long did your Denon DL110 take to run in? I have just purchased one from Amazon for a good price, interested in knowing how long I need to give it. Cheers
  5. Yeah don't worry about the hairs @Hergest, jump in and get another dog when you're ready 👍 Your beanie I previously got from you is still my 'good' beanie 😊
  6. Many thanks for posting @cambam007 👍 I have just ordered one, too good of a deal.
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