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  1. Hey all, I am looking to upgrade my AV receiver. Currently, I have a Yamaha RXV3900, Rotel 5 channel power amp, JVC HD550, Sub 1, and an old top of the line Panasonic Blu-Ray player, cannot remember which one. Looking at a new player as well. Does anyone have any recommendations? looking at the following, so far, Marantz SR7012 9.2 Channel A/V Receiver Pioneer SC-LX901 11.2 Channel Class D3 Network AV Receiver Anthem MRX720 7.2 A/V Receiver Yamaha Aventage RXA3080B 9.2 Channel A/V Receiver Denon AVR-X4400H 9.2 Channel AV Receiver thanks
  2. Yes agree great night always awsome thank you very much
  3. Hello I would like to attendboth if its still possible, also if there is something I can bring or that we need, please let me know. George
  4. For sale one JBL ES 25C center speaker, App 3 monhs old and in very good condition. Location Sydney asking $180.00
  5. I would suggest the following, Pearl Harbour (fight seen) Hell Boy 2 Die Hard 4
  6. Hello I have the following, Yamaha rx-v3900 rotel rmb-1575 emerald physics cs2 yamaha dvd player I am having problems with the set up. I have spoken to a few people and they all seem to say the same thing for setting up the above components. I have connected the speakers to the rotel. I have connected the 4 outputs from the Behringer Ultra Drive Pro DCX2496 to the 4 inputs on the rotel. I have connected the 2 inputs of the Behringer Ultra Drive Pro DCX2496 to the 2 pre outs on the yamaha 3900. I then connected the dvd player to the yamaha 3900. This does not work. When I take the yamaha 3900 out of the equation and connect the dvd player to the 2 inputs on the Behringer Ultra Drive Pro DCX2496, it works but I have no volume control. Would anyone have any ideas what I am doing wrong or any help would be appreciated. and the speakers sound absolutely amazing the short time that I listened to them. Thanks George
  7. Thanks for all the replies. I have Emerald physics CS2 fronts and they are apparently releasing a centre speaker in the near future, looks like I will be heading that way. Thanks again.
  8. Hey Has anyone had a HT setup with only 2 floorstanding speakers and a sub. Someone once said to me, get 2 good quality fronts and you will not need a centre. any thoughts?? Thanks
  9. Thank You Damian. It was an absolute pleasure dealing with you, I have recieved the speakers and I cannot wait to try them. Thanks again for all your help. George
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