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  1. you are on the wrong topic or thread ,you should be in the joke of the day section
  2. I have been using several ME amps and pre amps since the 80s,have had no problems,the internal foam needs replacing after quite a few years on the bigger power amps no big deal,have had several other well respected amps through my system over the years but I am back using ME pre/ power and have no urge to change,the bonus is that after 30 + years service and updates are still available.
  3. yes very enlightening,then you click on the link to the products page your pockets will be o whole lot lighter.
  4. just wondering if others have found that some cds especially early ones sound pretty darn good,i do have quite a few target cds they also sound good but a bit hit and miss,also hdcd sound good, I have the equipment which allows me to play sacd,dvd audio more hit and miss especially the ridiculous price they are asking for sacd,i think if you have a reasonable cd player there are heaps of titles for all genres that sound really good on just normal cds,for the record I was bought up on vinyl, spent enough on both hardware and vinyl over the years, wish I had all that money in the bank no I don't what am I talking about that's why we do this ,for the love o music.
  5. so can anyone recommend a sensibly priced set of bi wire cables for the op.
  6. yes I have had 2 of them over the years, a really nice turntable and easy maintenance.
  7. hi there john you have some nice sounding old gear there,which jbls do you have,i have had quite a few vintage jbls myself, going by your avatar not an old hot rodder are you. have fun on stereonet.
  8. having said that do you have the same opinion for gorilla sized coffins.
  9. Item: Item: FULLY SHIELDED POWER CABLE Location: MOUNT MARTHA, VIC Price:$89.00 Item Condition:NEW Reason for selling:NLN Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only,bank transfer Extra Info: fully shielded cable for hifi+av systems,braided cable made in Germany,eliminates rfi+emi from entering system also prevents contamination to nearby interconnects,very flexible, 1.5mtrs in length other lengths available, cable rated 18amp current rating 450volts rating od 10.3mm tinned copper bra Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  10. as an ancient ME user through to the last of the MEs and ditto for JBL there is more to this story to come.
  11. could belong to you or one of your hifi mates,all of us hifi nuts have a screw loose.
  12. pretty much the same as wimbo,acer laptop usb into gieseler klein dac11 into ME24 pre 850 power amp to jbl4429 sounds pretty damn good to me,i alsohave tried tidal hifi a couple of times,i prefer spotify.
  13. hi can I make an offer$300.00 posted to 3934 vic, thanks ray.
  14. hi phil 2 different types of jbl speakers there,can you listen to both sets of speakers that should give you an idea of the sound you prefer,the 4425 are old school passive studio monitors of which I have just sold a pair and am wondering if I did the right thing as I really liked them,,the jbl lsr708p are a powered monitor,has it's own amplification ,you should try and have a listen to both to see which you prefer,how much are the 4425 jbls going for and what condition,have they had any modifications ,these are considerations to take into account,at the end of the day let your ears be the judge, good luck ray.
  15. Item: JBL 5234 FREQUENCY DIVIDING NETWORK(800HZ) Location:MT MARTHA VIC Price:$500.00 +postage Item Condition:GOOD Reason for selling:NLN Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only,bank transfer Extra Info:jbl 5234 xover,was used with jbl 4430 studio monitors,fitted with 800hz cards suitable for the 4430s etc. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  16. if the xlr-rca still available$250.00 postage to 3934 thanks ray.
  17. don't be scared knock off your missus make up brush,lightly brush the cone,all good.
  18. you can get cables that have rca one end and male or female xlr the other,they would be better than an adapter,i made my own rca to xlr cable to connect a ME pre amp to ME power amp works and sounds great.
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