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  1. hi all,just recently purchased a new laptop as my old one running windows 7 home premium,just didn't want to play nice any more,it was a fairly old laptop,since updating to a new laptop with windows 10 pre installed I find I am going through twice the amount of data compared to my old system,have not changed my usage habits ,anyone having similar results,
  2. les paul on 78rpm,priceless.
  3. Item: Item: FENDER VINTAGE 52 HOT ROD TELECASTER Location: MOUT MARTHA VIC Price: $2,300.00 Item Condition:EXCELLENT Reason for selling:MONEY Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only bank transfer Extra Info: this as new tele comes complete with all original accessories and original hard case,anyone looking at this knows what it is all about,any queries pm me Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  4. www.procontechnology.com.au To search our website - click here. DEOXIT CONTACT CLEANER Procon Technology can supply the following electrical contact cleaners and conditioners from Caig laboratories in the USA. Please see price below and email us for quantity pricing. In Australia, call 03-98306288 now to buy! To monthly specials price list CLEANS ELECTRICAL CONTACTS AND LUBRICATES! Click here and Click here for a video on using DeOxit on guitar/amplifier equipment. Click here for more information on DeOxit and how to use it. Click here for DeOxit tips of the day! Caig DeOxit is mentioned in a number of FORD and HONDA service bulletins! So whether you're fixing a Tesla Coil (great for RF ground bolt connections) or a Tesla Electric Vehicle (EV)... try DeOxit. It has also been featured in various Automotive, Boating and Motorhome magazines! This FDA bulletin also mentions DeOxit - Click here - because it helps prevent "fretting corrosion" (contact failure) in critical health-care, hospital or medical equipment! DeOxit products * Maximizes System Performance in Severe Environments * Improves Conductivity * Maintains Optimum Signal Quality * Reduces Wear & Abrasion * Prevents Fretting/Dendrite Corrosion * Forms Protective Anti-tarnishing Coating * Stabilizes Connections Between Similar and Dissimilar Metals * Reduces Arcing, RFI & Intermittent Connections * Lubricates * For more technical information - Click here. You cannot possibly believe how good DeOxit and DeOxit Gold (formerly Pro-Gold) are at solving those intermittent contact problems that seem to plague almost all electrical products at some time - until you try it! Personally, I (Peter King) recommend these products myself because I know they work! I have fixed a mobile phone, a cordless phone, an electrical powerboard and an expensive Kenwood HiFi using the DeoxIT product (all within one week of first receiving the product). Problems which had plagued these products in my home and my office for years! My old contact cleaner just could not do what DeoxIT can. Please read my testimonial and many others below. You will find uses for DeoxIT in the home, in the office, in the factory, on motorbikes, cars and trucks, in boats and aircraft. In industries such as television and radio, telecommunications, security, medical and computer equipment, avionics, photography, audio and video. In fact, anywhere there is electrical or electronic products and possibly more (e.g. some people swear that it can be used on guitar strings). DeOxit is particularly good for battery contacts in digital cameras (Click here), mobile phones and any device used in outdoor or harsh "damp" or "humid" environments. Also helps prevent corrosion should batteries leak (e.g. alkaline batteries) and on car or truck battery terminals to prevent the formation of the white powder or ashy deposit. Also, we've discovered recently, DeOxit can be used on the metal surrounds to prevent further corrosion on connectors (such as D25) after being exposed to rat's urine... or other corrosive conditions! DeOxit can also be used for cleaning potentiometers and slide pots but is not recommended for cleaning keypads which use carbon based contacts... use DeOxit on the metal contacts only and then flush any residue with CT-CC350. Ideal for use on ALL electrical contacts including; battery contacts, mobile phone SIM cards, smart card contacts, computer connections (USB and other ports and inside on power terminals and PCB edge-connectors), memory cards and sticks (e.g. SD, SDHC, MicroSD, MiniSD, MMC, SmartMedia, xD, CF-I cards) and many, many other applications! Also great for use on vintage and antique radio devices and other equipment (computer, electrical and electronic) especially those using plug-in valves! Fantasic for removing oxide from Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) and stopping oxidization of the copper! If you're having trouble soldering components on a PCB... try using Deoxit first! Personally, DeOxit is the product I reach for automatically when I suspect a contact problem or when I know a product is to be used in a 'harsh' environment! Outdoors, high humidity or industrial environments DeOxit is the answer! Use it BEFORE the problems start! Having noticed that the head of screws on desktop power supplies (when used in harsh or humid environments) seem to be the first to rust, I now use a small dab of DeOxit on the head of screws as a preventative measure (as a rust inhibitor). For general cleaning I use a large spray can of CONTACT CLEANER (CT-CC350). This is a precision electronic product cleaner that evaporates and leaves no residue. Great for flushing away dust and dirt from all sorts of things and is safe on most plastics! We recommend that DeOxit spray be used on hard-to-get-to components such as pots and switches and then flush any residue away with Contact Cleaner! Note, it's important to flush away excess DeOxit on any sensitive areas such as in audio circuits. Our recommendation is not to bother purchasing FaderLube but rather use DeOxit and flush with CT-CC350 or CRC-2016. DON'T PAY "$27.50" FOR "CO CONTACT CLEANER" BUY "CT-CC350" CONTACT CLEANER INSTEAD! KDG100L-2DB (shown above left) Dual pack with one 7.4ml bottle (50mm high) of DeoxIT D100L-2DB and one 7.4ml bottle of DeoxIT Gold G100L-2DB. This kit is best for delicate equipment where the application must be applied precisely. Remember that all excess must be cleaned off delicate equipment! This is the best pack as it is less wasteful than the sprays and allows you to apply
  5. wattle bird back on this freezing cold wet and windy mt martha morning,poor ol girl looks a bit wet and miserable.
  6. have a look at the photo of the 2405 slot,there is a filter of some kind connected to the tweeter on the left hand side.
  7. screen connected to earth only at wall plug end not source (iec plug)end.
  8. the shielding eliminates rfi+emi from the cable,you can use an ac tester as used by electricians to find live cables,hold it over this cable(plugged in and turned on of course)you get no reading,move the tester to the power point and off it goes,so can be safely be installed alongside interconnects with no contamination.
  9. Item:power cable,aust plug Location:mt martha vic Price:$89.00+postage Item Condition:new Reason for selling:have enough Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD ,bank transfer Extra Info: fully shielded cable for hifi+av systems,braided cable made in Germany,eliminates rfi+emi from entering system also prevents contamination to nearby interconnects,very flexible, 1.5mtrs in length other lengths available, cable rated 18amp current rating 450volts rating od 10.3mm tinned copper braid. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  10. have been feeding her honey water everyday for about 8 years, she goes off in spring to nest,and comes back with the kids(costs a fortune in honey)I am no photographer,these were taken just with a canon G12 through the kitchen window, about 18 inches away.
  11. yes I remember well going out to east keilor to johns home before he opened the first jb hifi store,he had a huge room at the back of his house where he had all sorts of hifi gear for sale(the trading post+satudays age were the go to for hifi in those days) he had 15 jbls bass drivers and horns in concrete enclosures which were part of the back wall powered by a crown dc300 if my memory serves me correct, vinyl and revox a77 front end, sounded awesome,a really nice guy. I think you could help your listing if you could list the jbl components.
  12. they were my first real hifi speakers as well, l had them hooked up to a luxman 507x amp thorens td125mk11 turntable-SME 3009 mk11 arm sonus blue cartridge retipped and boron cantilever by the garrott bros,sounded pretty good back then,this pair for sale look in excellent condition,good luck with the sale.
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