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  1. Five Things to Know About Spotify HiFi FEBRUARY 22, 2021 Artists and fans have told us that sound quality is important to them. We agree, and that’s why today at Stream On we announced Spotify HiFi. Beginning later this year, Premium subscribers in select markets will be able to upgrade their sound quality to Spotify HiFi and listen to their favorite songs the way artists intended. Read on for five things you need to know about our new high-qua
  2. i have just decided that spotify sounds just as good as all the so called hi fi -hires rip off services ,well they all take money,i am going to keep listening to spotify,i guess it all depends on how you listen +?????????
  3. i transferred my spotify library to qobuz using tunemymusic(free) as recommended by doogie44 sna member,it took for ages but if i had to add all my album's manually to qobuz it would take forever so all good.
  4. well i will give qobuz a go on the one month trial,i managed to transfer my spotify catalogue over to qobuz using the free tunemymusic app,took for ages and not quite what i was expecting,i find the qobuz layout and usability is miles away from the convenience of spotify,to me all the other music streamer platforms could learn a thing or two about user friendly spotify,just wish they would hurry up and start streaming in a higher quality audio format.
  5. just goin down that hillbilly highway,just got the sacd version,happy as a dog with 2?
  6. just had a quick listen on spotify,from what i heard i like it ,will definitely give it some serious time, after all he is one of our musical treasures🎼👍
  7. no mention of spotify releasing a hires tier yet.
  8. i have owned 3 pairs of these CROWN ES 212, I STACKED 2 ELECROSTATIC PANELS AT ONE STAGE(first pic), they also made the CROWN ES 224 (second pic) which had 24 electostatic panels as apposed to the 12 panels in the 212,the bottom enclosure had 2x 10 woofers,
  9. i recon you will really like the ry cooder+manuel galban album MAMBO SINUENDO keyse ,manuel is cuban and it shows through out the album.
  10. love ry cooder,one hell of a guitarist ,these are a few of my favourite cooder albums.
  11. hi all is there a way that you can import your complete playlists(albums,favourites)to qobuz in one go, thanks ray.
  12. you are in for a treat if you are lucky enough to score the album.🎼
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