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  1. I think the idea behind this topic is for SNA members to alert their fellow members to bargains from retail outlets that they’ve seen If you click on the orange ‘shop now’ button it takes you to a retailer’s website where the bargain can be accessed by anyone. 😊
  2. Sexy looking speakers! Can you disclose what their former owner traded them in for? A Meridian system perhaps? Good luck with the sale, not that you’ll need it 👍
  3. Melbourne hi fi are able to find stock for the Denon AH-C820 in ear headphone it seems. I have just purchased a pair online & will post on here to say when they have arrived.
  4. Item: Denon AH-C820 in ear headphones. Price Range: $200 Item Condition: New or Used in good condition Extra Info: Can’t find these earphones in Sydney. May be interested in buying a pair if anyone has this exact model.
  5. Further to the above- Wing from minidisc in Chatswood asked if he could get these Denon in ear headphones in for me but something has changed with ‘Denon’s Supplier repositioning the brand in the current market’ Wing said that he doesn’t think other dealers will be selling them as a consequence, either I’ll try other brands and models and maybe put a WTB in the classifieds
  6. Just for the record- Digital Cinema in Auburn do not have the headphone I linked to. They also do not have any in ear headphones for demo
  7. Thanks for your recommendation- I will give these a listen when I’m next at minidisc
  8. Hi I am looking around for a good iem to pair with an Astell and Kern AK240 DAP I have been in to Minidisc in Chatswood and tried a few models but none of them really grabbed me. I listen to rock, hip hop, reggae, blues & Jazz and think I am looking for a model with strong, tight bass and sweet midrange. I’m just wondering if anyone has tried or owns the below and if they are any good? Denon iem So far I like but don’t love Sennheiser ie-80s and Fiio FA7 Quad driver iem I’m also thinking of trying out the Shure SE535 and possibly Fiio FH7 I’m hoping to be able to spend less than $600 so the Denons I linked to fit the bill. Other recommendations will be gratefully received. Thanks
  9. Hi I’d like to get all the Paul Kelly, the Jeff Buckley, the Mark Knopfler and the Bruce Springsteen please postage to NSW 2069
  10. Thanks! I can’t go past a Limerick.. hopefully there are better ones ‘waiting in the wings’!
  11. Ever since I’ve had my Klein my fitness has been in decline It’s just like when I went from Bose to joining SNA and finding Gros
  12. Here’s a decent saving on the Naim option mentioned. wish I had the readies....
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