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  1. Out of interest how did you rate the Primare streaming experience compared to that of the Naim Unity Star? I realise they are quite different devices at very different price points. My question is about ease of streaming (& sound quality) particularly with Roon and Tidal This streamer you are selling appears to be a bargain/ particularly with one of your highly regarded cables thrown in!
  2. Thanks Tony M. I will try emailing and calling Battery World 👍
  3. Item: Victa 80V rechargeable battery for linetrimmer & Chainsaw Price Range: $100-150 Item Condition: Used, good working condition Extra Info: I have a Victa line trimmer and Victa chainsaw which were bought from Bunnings a couple of years ago They seem to be made by Briggs and Stratton in China and, as Victa have been changing battery shape, size etc every few years, Bunnings no longer carry stock. Too much trouble. I’m just wondering if anyone has a working battery, of this type, in their garage that they’d be happy to sell to me.
  4. This is a really nice ad! Great photos (which really show what the speakers look like), helpful information regarding the condition of the speakers and they seem to be a bargain at the asking price. In my opinion the ad has almost $200 of work in it. Good luck with the sale!
  5. Really nice ad, photos, speakers and stands. Well done and all the best with the sale!
  6. I have the Tidal app on my iPhone6 & find the sound quality to be really good when I listen to my headphones (Sennheiser Momentum 2). I think it is worth trying that first. I gather that you can get better sound quality when you attach a portable headphone amplifier to your iPhone. You shouldn’t need to spend $2k to get great results as far as I understand
  7. I’ll add this one because my last offering didn’t really fit the topic 100%
  8. The Beastie Boys are one of my favourite hip hop groups. Check Your Head is my favourite album. This clip isn’t really hip hop but it is interesting because it was filmed in Melbourne 😊
  9. I think the idea behind this topic is for SNA members to alert their fellow members to bargains from retail outlets that they’ve seen If you click on the orange ‘shop now’ button it takes you to a retailer’s website where the bargain can be accessed by anyone. 😊
  10. Sexy looking speakers! Can you disclose what their former owner traded them in for? A Meridian system perhaps? Good luck with the sale, not that you’ll need it 👍
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