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  1. Item:Sony TA-E80ES Price Range: market Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: will require shipping to Brisbane.
  2. Thanks for the replies; however, I think I would like a Sony TA-E80ES to match my power amp.
  3. I bought it on the day of release, but don't use surround sound - I just set my player to downmix to stereo and dialogue seemed fine.
  4. No, not with any discount. Maybe if I used the faster/courier service it would have attracted gst.
  5. Item:Preamp Price Range:negotiable Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Ideally: solid state good mm phono stage at least one tape loop, preferably two smaller form factor would be good Please let me know what you have and how much you're asking (with shipping to Brisbane). Thanks, Sean
  6. PS: I can't recommend the DAC highly enough - I use it in hybrid digital/analogue volume mode as a preamp.
  7. I bought mine direct from Europe - AU$1400 all up and no GST was collected. I chose standard shipping, which was slow (about 2 weeks). Absolutely great to deal with. http://www.rme-shop.com DESCRIPTION QUANTITY PRICE COST RME - ADI2 DAC FS New - 1 EUR818.18 EUR818.18 Version No. Not Yet Shipped 1 __Totals________________________________________________________ Subtotal: EUR818.18 Shipping & Handling: EUR45.00 Total: EUR863.18
  8. Thanks for the link - I've been keeping an eye on eBay. I almost bought one yesterday, but the battery compartment had some corrosion.
  9. Ok, will try that, thanks. I think I read that if the disc is HDR10+ or Dolby Digital the signal gets sent 'as is'.
  10. Thanks - I might have to do that. I'm worried that I'm applying settings on both the TV and the blu ray player. Expert Dark Room on the tv and movie mode on the Panasonic blu ray player.
  11. Further information: Bought this months ago from a seller in HK. By the time it arrived (3 months), I had changed my setup. Great for cassette-heads. Price is firm / plus postage if required. Photos:
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