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  1. Vintage Sony Professional Walkman Tested and working 100%. Complete with box, strap and warranty card. Please note that the pictured microphone and microphone paperwork have been sold and are not included. Video: Photos:
  2. Could you list on Gumtree first, then click on the link that allows you to 'post to eBay' with no fees (limit of 2 per month)? This might help with fees.
  3. This would be a lovely match for my TA-N77ES....but I literally own about 12 CDs now! Will give it some thought though.
  4. I used to own the PL-P, which has a headphone jack (but no remote control). Both great preamps.
  5. I might place an order from US......if anyone is interested in combined shipping then please let me know,
  6. It doesn't make sense - the remastering / artwork has already been done, surely they could just print money by releasing these.
  7. Of course....that's worth remembering (particularly for the extras).
  8. Item: Nagra IV-S lid (for 7 inch reels) Price Range: market Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: will require shipping to Brisbane, thanks.
  9. Is it true that all 4k blu rays are region-free? May have to get from overseas.
  10. Further information: Comes complete with remote control, gloves, test sheets, manual, protective sleeves and original double-box packaging. This model has the upgraded balanced output transformers. https://www.nagraaudio.com/product/pl-l/ Photos:
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