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  1. I'm also a little confused on the inclusion of external DACs. The differences between DACs -- external or otherwise -- is seldom subtle. And it's not as though Audiophiles are alone in their appreciation of the differences a good external converter can make -- you'd be hard pressed to find anyone in the recording industry who doesn't appreciate a good external converter. I've personally owned 7 external DACs in the last 15 years or so, and they've all been quite different from each other. Some have been good, others have been bad, some have failed to mesh with the rest of the system, and others worked out fabulously. Price has been an indicator of quality -- I'm yet to hear a DAC under $1K that has really impressed me -- but some $2.5k DACs have impressed me much more than some $5k DACs. Anyway, not sure external DACs belong on this list...
  2. Unfortunately you won't get any benefit from converting tracks from AAC to ALAC. AAC is a lossy codec, which means that data was thrown away when the track was encoded in AAC. Converting a track back to ALAC won't bring that data back. You'll need to rip from CD again (and buy downloads from lossless music providers, like Bandcamp, in future).
  3. AI: yes but no, but....

    I doubt that the jobs that will be taken give meaning to our existence. I certainly feel like work is sucking meaning out of my existence at any rate.
  4. No thoughts...? No, I couldn't think of anything else either, so I've ordered an AudioLab M-PWR. I'll let you know how it goes. :-)
  5. Hi All, Work has meant I've been living away from from my main system for the last 9 months. I've been surviving with headphones during this period, but headphones aren't really my thing, so I've decided to put together a small desktop system. Currently I have a RME Babyface Pro which will be my DAC/Pre. I also have a pair of Yamaha Soavo NS-B951bookshelf speakers. I'd like to complete the system with a small cheap power amp, but I'm having trouble finding something suitable (in price and size). I don't really want to spend much over $500 (this is very much a temporary system), and I'm happy to buy second hand (though I'm in NZ, so getting things here can be a problem). I figure 40-80watts should be fine -- I will be using the system for movies among other things, and I do like to turn things up a bit, so I don't want something disastrously underpowered. Class AB or D is fine, but as the amp will be sitting beside me it will need to be physically silent (no whining or humming power supplies). I've been considering an Audiolab M-PWR. What else is out there? Thanks for the help.
  6. Foobar help

    If you right click on the files without artist names and select "properties" you can enter the artist names etc. If you select the whole album you can enter the artist for all items at one time. You can can also right click on a file/album and then select tagging>attach pictures, and add whatever artwork you'd like.
  7. Foobar help

    Try the following: Open Foobar > File menu > New Playlist > File menu > Add folder (navigate to where you store your music and select the correct folder, then click okay). Foobar will now add all the music contained in the folder to your playlist. Depending on how much music you have this could take a while. Play a track -- see if it goes on the next one automatically. Things should end up looking something like this, depending on how you have set your preferences:
  8. Great amp. I used to run the 3010 int. and power amps. Overall, they're better amps than the 2010 (which you'd expect given the price difference), but while the 2010 isn't the all-rounder its bigger brother is, it still has some special magic that its bigger brother lacks. Someone buy this, it's a great deal. (GLWTS)
  9. Hi All, I recently picked up an RME Babyface Pro: http://babyface.rme-audio.de/ I purchased it for music production and speaker/room measurement purposes, but have discovered that it makes a fantastic DAC and headphone amp. It absolutely kills the dedicated "hifi" DAC/headphone amp I was previously using in my desktop system. I've had other pro-audio products before, but apart from a Benchmark DAC, none of them have particularly impressed me. The RME is very impressive, at least with my Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro headphones (I haven't had a chance to try it in my main system yet). It's dynamic, articulate, and sweet sounding. It does space very well, and satisfies both head and heart. (It's also beautifully made.) If you're after a DAC, or DAC/headphone amp, give it a trial, I think you'll be impressed. I'm impressed enough that I'll be looking to add RME's top 2-channel DAC to my main system when I have the funds.
  10. Foobar help

    Hi Ken, I assume you've created playlists, and are playing from them? Assuming you are, if you go to the Playback menu there's an option to 'stop after current track'. If this setting is on, select it again to turn it off.
  11. 1. Faces: A nods as good as a wink 2. Radiohead : Kid A 3. Jodi James :Things I leave behind 4. Dire Straits: Brothers in Arms 5. Depeche Mode - Exciter 6. 801 - 801 Live ( album ) 7. Gorillaz: Humanz 8. Tangerine Dream - LOGOS 9. Robert Fripp - Exposure 10. Midnight Oil - Bird Noises 11. The Alan Parsons Project - Eye in the Sky 12. Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue 13. Beck - Sea Change 14. Bruce Springsteen - Born To Run 15. Van Morrison: Astral Weeks 16. Queensryche: Silent Lucidity 17. Roger Waters: Amused to death 18. Robag Wruhme - Thora Vukk 19.Eagles - Hotel California 20. Mike Oldfield-Ommadawn 21. Malia & Boris Blank - Convergence 22. Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream 23. Justin Bieber - My World 24. Nitin Sawhney - Beyond Skin 25. Queen - Innuendo (LP) 26. Phideaux - Doomsday Afternoon 27. The Band - The Band 28 Richard Hawley - Hollow Meadows 29 Guns&Roses Lies 30 The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble - Here Be Dragons 31. CCR - Cosmos Factory 32. Fennesz - Venice
  12. Great amp for the money. Love mine. GLWTS.
  13. Profile updated in response to your comment. :-)
  14. Work is a pain. For the last four months I've been in a different city to my wife (and my hifi system). This situation won't be resolved for another 12 months, when my wife's contract ends and she joins me. A Fostex HPA-4 and a pair of Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro headphones have been filling in for the main system, but it's just not the same. Since I like learning new things, and since I need something to distract myself from my wife's absence, I'm thinking building a new system. Ultimately, I'd like to learn enough to design and build a system from scratch (amp, dac, and speakers), but I thought I'd start with a few kits and work my way up from there.The speakers will be my first challenge (amp next, dac last), and as I'm a big fan of Visaton I thought I might go with one of their projects http://www.visaton.com/en/bauvorschlaege/index.html The thing is, I haven't done any woodwork since high-school, and I've never built a pair a speakers, so I really don't know what I need in the way of tools. This will all be new to me. If you were planning to build a system what tools would you be buying? What do I need, and what would be nice to have? (I see this as a long term investment, so I'm happy to spend a bit.) Thanks for your help.