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  1. I use an RME Babyface Pro. Works brilliantly in my desktop set-up. I can highly recommend it.
  2. I have owned class d amps from W4s and Bel Canto. I enjoyed both (the Bel Canto more than the W4s). They are not perfect, but nothing in the price range is. Great bass control and dynamics, but slightly flat soundstage. Definitely worth auditioning - they may have the right mix of compromises for you.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions. Think I'll order some Neutrik XX connectors and some Canare L-4E6S.
  4. Hi all, I'm setting up an office system and need a longish (2-2.5m) set of balanced interconnects. I'm looking for something (very) cheap, as the system is (very) temporary. Does anyone have any suggestions? (I'm in NZ, so shipping costs may need to be factored into the equation.) Thanks for your help. 🙂
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