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  1. 1000 m m m m metres ....... c c c c climb ....... now I really feel like a wuss ....... I would be flat out climbing 10 metres on my rides .............. ......
  2. Tell me you have more than shorts and knee warmers on ... please. It makes me cold just looking at the pics .... and also points out that I am either not working hard enough or am an utter wuss in my tights and long sleeve jersey on a "feels like" 10.5 degree day ..............
  3. Only one input .... the other is a pre-out ......... according to the labels.
  4. @blakey72 Better buy the amp to test that theory .................
  5. The white ones are directly above the red ones and look like part of the red ones from that angle ... look for just the two white circles above the red.
  6. I think there is a bit of it out there @Hergest ............. I work on the theory if you like it ...and it causes no harm to you or others ..... do it .. But I saw a thread on an American (I think) cycling forum ..... some innocent asked whether he should wear the straps of his bib shorts over or under his jersey ..... about 5 pages of extremely vitriolic sarcasm followed with about 5 posts actually trying to help by suggesting the pros and cons .......... I felt it was a very poor reflection on the whole forum ........... the Global Cycling Network videos have a fair amount of "this is what a real cyclist wears/does" also ........ but also a huge amount of interesting and informative stuff also so I can't completely boycott it .......
  7. @Grimmie These are the bargain basement cheapies that I got .............. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/1-Pair-Bicycle-Handlebar-Ends-Aluminum-Alloy-MTB-Mountain-Bike-Handle-Bar-W3H8/274192929330?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=574309049327&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649 And this is the purpose designed type ........... https://www.eightyonespices.com.au/product-page/sqlab-411-innerbarends
  8. @Grimmie Though what I am about to tell you will be frowned apon by the cycle fashion "must-look-cool-at-all-costs" police, it has proved to be the solution to hand numbness and tingling for me. I put the Ergon GP1 grips on which helped somewhat but as my rides got longer the problem was still there. I googled bar ends and didn't really like the idea of my hand way out there away from all controls plus I have a mirror sticking out of one side which would have required a rethink. Then I found a couple of designs of bar "ends" that go inboard of the grips. Being some what lousy I was loathe to part with another $60 bucks for another experiment that may not work so I went to Ebay and got a pair of $15 cheapies. Having small hands, I noticed that there was about half an inch of grip on the inner end that I never used so I trimmed that off and the bar "ends" fitted with just a little tweaking of the brake levers and gear shifters. I can apply gentle (but not panic "Oh ****") braking with my pinky and adjacent (what is the right name for that finger) finger and change the rear gears and so retain some control without having to move my hands. I never change the Front gears cos it is so flat where I live. I had found that resting my hands on top of the brake levers when the numbness kicked in did help but I felt I had not enough grip whereas now I have something that I am holding on to and the move back to the main grips is very quick.
  9. YUMMMM ..... I do wish I wasn't on a low carb intake ..............
  10. They are a Black Chrome .............. I like them .... I was worried about the copper tarnishing, that is why I went with these.
  11. Hi ....... what is the plug on the end of the cable, please?
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