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  1. Lovely DAC. What are you upgrading to?
  2. RSG

    A system to thump me in the chest

    To the OP, these could be just what the doctor ordered: Hsu MBM-12 Mid-Bass Modules. http://www.hsuresearch.com/products/mbm-12.html
  3. Absolutely love the build and solidity of the drawer of these old-school CD players. Not like the thin flimsy junk you get these days.
  4. Perhaps ... but that's the way I love it. If only Metallica and Slayer sounded like that too.
  5. You could take it to the next level by playing some Death Metal blastbeats . But seriously, the cleanest, deepest and most impactful bass & kick drums I' be ever heard in Heavy Metal is from the Finish symphonic metal band Nightwish. Even their concert DVDs have that same killer slam. This band's recordings would have murdered my VAF I-93s quite effortlessly if I hadn't consigned bass duties to my 2 pairs of Rythmik subwoofers.
  6. Gents, thank you for your advice.
  7. I use an external crossover (24 db/octave) to separate my mains (VAF I-93, ported) with my subs (Rythmik Audio F15, sealed, set up in stereo). Crossover is set at 90 Hz. Sub EQ is via Antimode 8033. Should I plug the ports on the VAFs, or would it not matter?
  8. RSG

    Sound Affairs Singapore

    Sound Affairs totally screwed up my AudioControl crossover / subharmonic unit, to the point where even AudioControl USA couldn't fix it. All I asked for was a simple power supply and capacitor upgrade. All my subsequent emails to them, which were polite and completely non-accusatory, were met with evasiveness at first, folllowed by a total refusal to respond. Stay away ...
  9. RSG

    Sub for more oomphhhh

    There's also Rythmik Audio...very accurate and musical subs that are good value-for-money.
  10. Hello, Tried sending PM but your inbox is unable to receive new messages. Please advice when I am able to do so. Regards, RSG
  11. Hi Adrian, Check out Harrison Labs FMOD Crossovers: www.hlabs.com/products/crossovers/ I use the 50 Hz Hi-Pass units to set up my mid-bass subs. Works like a charm...
  12. Old school CD players are also great transports.
  13. I'm guessing products from Japan would be off your list too.
  14. Lars probably stole it. He's been trying to stop Kirk from playing solos since the Black album :lol:
  15. RSG

    Top-notch subwoofer without Eq

    Still a bit of rearranging and experimentation going on at the moment, but pics will be posted when its all settled. To the OP, I should point out that I use a pair of Antimode 8033 Series II bass EQ, so the subs are EQ-ed in stereo. That's the only way to get them to integrate seamlessly with the mains. Note that the Antimodes only take out the peaks, but will not raise any nulls.