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  1. Spiderman blu ray triology not available on line via JB, had to go in store. Scent of a woman $11.19.
  2. Samsung PS64D8000 64" Full HD 3D Plasma TV $3,386 http://cheapbargains.com.au/catalog/produc...e70fbfdcca1344a
  3. If I take a copy of this invoice will any HN match this price?
  4. Samsung has really closed the gap on Panasonic. Value for money it seems the Samsung is ahead.
  5. So going by this formula would it be safe to say that my seating being 4.5m to 5m from the screen and the screen being a 16:9 135" (currently leaning towards) would equate to being a good distance for viewing blu ray, TV dvd and sports. Thanks.
  6. Hi oztheatre Would the PRG UNV fit the JVC HD950 without any ceiling plate?
  7. I would go for a Denon over a Pioneer.
  8. Mate, I have seen them brand new from $2,999.
  9. A friend of mine has a 60kg Rotti, which ripped the guts out of an intruder. The robber had to be taken to hospital to have hits guts put back in.
  10. Looking to pair my Studio 100s with the ARCAM P1, C31 and CD36. Anyone had any experience with combining the two? Thanks.
  11. Thanks Quark! I have taken my post up to five. From what I have read the only major criticism of the W6000 is the noise factor. Is it that much of an issue especially if you have surround sound? Thanks.
  12. Hi there I am new to this type of stuff. I am looking to get the w6000; I noticed Digitalcentre have them for $3,249. Is this reasonable or can I get better elsewhere? I have also looked at the Infocus In83 in comparison. Apart from price difference is there any major differences? Thanks in advance.
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