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  1. pedro77

    Sonore MQA unfolding

    2-3 weeks according to Darko a few days ago. Hopefully not a paid update like 2.3 to 2.5. "Hold your horses though! The update isn’t available just yet. I’m told that Sonore/MQA are aiming to ship the new code in a two weeks. Maybe three." https://darko.audio/2018/01/mqa-support-comes-to-sonore-streamers/
  2. pedro77

    Streaming for <$1000 system

    It really depends on your friend, but you could get a raspberry pi with a s/pdif HAT (such as the Digi+ from HiFiBerry) along with a separate DAC. What one are you thinking of getting? Otherwise skip the separate DAC and get something like the Allo Boss you mentioned or a decent DAC HAT for the raspberry pi (like DAC+ or I-sabre). You've then got a choice of software (including volumio, picoreplayer or Roon) to stream/cast to over a variety of protocols. A lot of these preferences will depend on if playing some music over the LAN or if it's all from a service (eg Spotify, Apple Music). The bluetooth adapter is definitely a cheaper option but obviously lossy and the onboard DAC will likely be a step down from the other options.
  3. Item: Sonore microRendu (Black - limited edition which was only sold during Black Friday Sale 2016) Also includes power supply, code for extended 2 month trial to Roon and standard accessories Location: Gold Coast, QLD Price: $700 $600 Item Condition: perfect, barely used Reason for selling: upgraded to ultraRendu Payment Method: Pickup or standard delivery within Australia - Cash, Paypal, Direct Deposit Extra Info: OS 2.3, included standard 9V SMPS, Code for extended 2 month trial to Roon, Direct USB A to B connector, unused stick-on rubber feet -Computer Audiophile - Overall Product of the Year 2016 -Audio Stream - Runner Up Product of the Year 2016 Some reviews: http://www.digitalaudioreview.net/2017/01/classy-sonores-microrendu-takes-digital-audio-higher/ https://www.computeraudiophile.com/ca/reviews/Sonore-microRendu-Review-Part-1/ https://www.computeraudiophile.com/index.php?app=cms&module=pages&controller=page&path=ca/reviews/Sonore-microRendu-Review-Part-2 http://www.audiostream.com/content/sonore-simple-design-microrendu#zIHrjvw7EVrmgY1S.97 http://www.metal-fi.com/review-sonore-microrendu/ http://www.avrev.com/home-theater-accessories/acoustics-eq-room-tuning/sonore-microrendu-ethernet-to-usb-streamer-review.html Pictures:
  4. pedro77

    Power Boards/Conditioners

    Hi Jolon Thanks for the detailed reply and testing out the different banks! I had read somewhere (can't remeber where now) that each bank had decreasing levels of isolation and filtering so the most important gear should go in Bank 1 and descending in importance from there. I have mine set up as: Bank 1 - integrated tube amp on bank Bank 2 - 2 SMPS for record player and preamp Bank 3 - Surround AV receiver That's something I'll have to try different combinations with now. Cheers Pete
  5. pedro77

    Power Boards/Conditioners

    Hey jolon I also bought a Thor A12 power board specifically to try and make the power supply cleaner and more isolated/separated for my hi-fi components and perhaps with an added bonus of some protection from fluctuations. I haven't noticed any difference good or bad but I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on how (and maybe why) the A12 was detrimental. Cheers Pete
  6. pedro77

    USB Add ons

    Thanks for following up on all your testing. Interesting to know you found similar results on both systems. I hadn't considered the Intona as much as the other two (Regen and Recovery) but definitely food for thought. Decisions, decisions. Cheers Pete
  7. pedro77

    USB Add ons

    Hey Bruce Any update on the comparison between these devices? Cheers Pete
  8. Sorry, meant in terms of aftermarket options
  9. I'm definitely assuming that linear power supplies are superior in terms of reduced DC noise. If most after market SMPS are about $20 and single output LPS are anything from 4 to 20 times that cost, then surely you get something for the extra outlay. Especially when you also have to contend with a host of other disadvantages such as another bulky device, increased wast heat and higher running costs. The only aftermarket SMPS I've found that claims low noise is the iFi iPower. Can you give me some other examples of high quality SMPS?
  10. Thanks for the replies. Are these hash filters something that need to be installed by an electrician? I don't know much about details of power conditioning so forgive my ignorance. Unless you have one obvious culprit adding noise to the power circuit, isn't it going to be hard isolating everything? With the average house having so many chargers, SMPS, appliances, aircon, dimmable lights etc it seems easier to me to try and get cleaner power at the end you want to use it. Vinyl still remains a small portion of my music listening so for the mean time I'm happy with the turntable I've got. My amp is an integrated primaluna prologue premium and speakers kef LS50. I'm really happy with setup. I just started reading about these USB reclockers and although I was initially skeptical and still remain a bit, the multiple reviews and forums praising these things has me interested. I've also read people saying they've seen further improvements with linear power supplies and was just curious as to what hypothetical order devices would be prioritised to be changed to that. For a lot of people the first priority is the DAC and source device. I had thought in my case the Hugo would not really benefit as it is powered via batteries (albeit which are charged by a switching supply). Briz Vegas, why do you say a turntable wouldn't benefit from a LPS? Including shipping, these linear power supplies range from $75 for a teradak to several thousand. Even the top of the line ones max out at about 3 DC outputs so even people wanting linear power for everything have to buy multiple or choose which devices would benefit the most. When your getting that invested you're probably also considering AC power conditioning which is well beyond what I'm willing to sink into hardware. Interesting points johnmath and almikel. I'm probably just opening up an expensive can of worms.
  11. I take your point that there may be bigger improvements fixing noisy appliances on the circuit but I understood that even on a quiet electrical supply, linear power supplies reduced ripple and baseline electrical noise. I don't have any issues with electrical noise from other appliances at my place. I was just being influenced by a lot of people saying how much sound quality was improved with reclockers and linear power supplies.
  12. I've been thinking about getting a USB restreamer/reclocker device (ie Uptone Regen or W4S Recovery). In the process of researching these, I've read a lot of people talking up the sound quality improvements of these reclockers being powered by a linear power supply rather than the standard switching power supplies they come with. That got me wondering what devices in Hi-Fi setups benefit most from a LPSU and if you start doing it for one device what other ones would benefit from it. The DC powered devices in my stereo include: Source - Raspberry Pi 2 (5V) Potentially one of these reclocking devices (6-9V) DAC - Chord Hugo DAC (12V) but via batteries Turntable - Pro-Ject Carbon Debut (15V) Phono Preamp - ProJect Phono Box (18V) If you could only power one with a LPS, would it be the reclocker because it would fix any crap from earlier in the chain and in my case the DAC is powered via batteries? Even more expensive linear power supplies tend to max out at 2 or 3 outputs, so if you could choose, what would be the top 2 or 3 devices to connect? Are there any single unit linear power supplies that could power all 5 of my listed devices? Interested to hear your thoughts. Pete
  13. pedro77

    USB Add ons

    Good to know. Thanks for that info. Pete
  14. pedro77

    USB Add ons

    Bruce By the way, which linear power supply are you using with the recovery and regen? Do you have to make your own leads with the correct size DC plugs on them?