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  1. I found out this mats are run out and won’t be available anymore.
  2. Regarding hole in the middle , just made a small hole with a pen then used a round file to make the hole just to fit in the player.
  3. It’s available in Sydney IKEA I picked it up 3 weeks ago and yes it’s does not show on they website. You have to visit IKEA near you . Trimming is about 25 mm around. used a old mat as a template. It really sits well and a album with static does not lift it out of place. It does a good job.
  4. It feels like very rigid form but also flexible and the finish is awesome.
  5. This is awesome placemat available in ikea , it’s a little bigger, all you need to do is trim to size and that’s it. Try it out and I think no regrets here.
  6. Hello from Syd. great site happy to be here.
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