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  1. half baked

    Turntable Isolation platform DIY

    I use an Auralex Gramma Amp platform $89 from Store dj with my Wilson benesch, I’ve tried various DIY and bamboo blocks & none have worked as well, they also make one for turntables at double the price but it seems to be made the same with the same materials, isolates extremely well
  2. half baked

    Mojo, Klein or NuWave

    The Klein replaced my AMR DP777 dac, its that good
  3. half baked


    Still here
  4. half baked

    FS Velodyne SPL-1000 Ultra Subwoofer

    Sorry no, I could get something from pack&send
  5. half baked


    Item: Perreaux SM6P reference series pre amp Location:Melbourne Price: $600 RRP $2500 Item Condition: Excellent working / very good exterior Reason for selling: dont want too but need cash Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: High end Pre Amp which has had great reviews over the years and is built like a tank , also uses quality components Amp is about 11 years old, i am the second owner, very well cared for, by both of us. 6 line inputs/ 2 outputs, 1 true fully balanced input/1output. 2 digital controlled resistor ladder volume controls dual outputs for 2 pwr amps or a subwoofer comes with remote, furutech fuse, detailed manual availible online Weight 8kg, dimensions W482mm/H88/D315 I have used this pre with valve and solid state pwr amps , all i can say its pretty neutral, its very detailed, smooth, open and very dynamic, the treble and bass have great extension. Happy to demo Pictures:
  6. Item: Velodyne SPL-1000 Ultra Subwoofer Location: Melbourne Price: $900 RRP $2400 Item Condition: perfect working, excellent exterior, minor scuff marks, no chips Reason for selling: not used anymore Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I purchased about 2 years ago, has had only about 150 hours use, mainly movies, some music. not used enough to warrant keeping For a 10" woofer this thing has plenty of very tight but deep bass for movies, great as well for music, very fast as you would expect with 1200 watts of class D power. doesn't muddy the midrange like some woofers Frequency response 24-120htz, low pass crossover 40 - 120ht Comes with calibration mike, remote and manual. Features DSP control, 4 customised presets (movies, rock, jazz, games) Automatic 6 band equalizer for room calibration. Weight 20 kg Pictures:
  7. half baked


    Clay provided a short interconnect to use between the dac and pre in case i wanted to stack them on top of each other . is it any good? cant say as i've not really used it much
  8. half baked


    Item: KLEIN PRE AMP Location: MELB Price: $650 RRP $1000 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: need cash Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: Pre is about 4 months old, i bought it as a stop gap for new preamp, i would love to keep as a spare as it really is a great amp, almost tube like in sound great bass, nice extension from top to bottom, replaced my doge 8 pre and AMR DP 777 Pre Comes with Furutech fuse, remote, pwr supply and Klein interconnect Will post at buyers cost Pictures:
  9. half baked


    Item: Rethm Gaanam Pre/Pwr Amps Location: Melbourne Price: $2300 RRP US$ 8000 Item Condition: Excellent , has only a few light scratches on silver and minor blemishes on veneer Reason for selling: Home Renovations Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: Amps are approx 2 years old, they are AUS delivery bought from Audio hifi in Melb. i paid AUS $5800 for them. They are 18 W single ended using a pair of 6C33C tubes and a 4x gold lion 6922 tubes. Cryogenicly treated transformers and clarity caps are standard Comes with remote, spikes and its own power cable for connecting the amps. spare 6922 & 1x 6C33C tubes Furutech fuse As to the sound, they are very detailed and have a nice open midrange and soundstage, bass is in my system is very good , punchy and dynamic. I have used these on different spks including Rethm Maargas/ Osborns/ Whise elecrostatics/AudionoteAN-E/LX, Red Spade HE2 and Quad 25L, i had no problem driving the Quads even tho they prefer a bit of power. so they will drive less sensitive spk quite well. They are easily in the same league as other amps i have owned and better in some areas , i have had, Tom Evans Linear A, Melody 845M monos, Rogue Audio Hydra and Consonance Cyber 880A I am happy to demo for genuine buyers Donation on sale Pictures:
  10. DIY jobs, massive battery power supply preamp with crossovers built in. 6" woofers with 6 ft ribbons. 2x8" drivers in each bass bins you see. Built about 7 years ago by a friend who passed them onto me. Shame I've had more interest in those than the Whise, killer sound , $1500 they're yours, bring a small van and get set for divorce
  11. Open to offers Winter. bring them back!
  12. Quote Item: AMR DP 777 DAC Upgraded version Location: Gisborne VIC Price: $3800. RRP with upgrade and cable $6600 Item Condition: Perfect working condition,very minor nicks on chassis, no marks on front perspex display Reason for selling: Downsizing and need cash Payment Method: Pickup - Cash or bank transfer Extra Info: As there are plenty of reviews on the web and stereonet there is no need for me to say much more about the fabulous sound of this dac . be prepared to spend upwards of $6,000 to achieve the same sort of midrange magic and sound staging this Dac produces. Can be used purely as DAC, or DAC and preamp straight to pwr amps or powered spks such as Whise ESL ( SEE MY OTHER LISTING ), also has 2 other inputs for other devices if needed. The upgrade was done by the dealer (Cameron from Maxmedia ) it was the initial board upgrade and is a very big improvement, another upgrade will be availible soon changing caps and tubes if a new owner wished too. I will also include in the price the IFI gemini dual usb cable, RRP $350, easily comparable to cables twice the price ( i know because i have tried a few. ) I have had the unit for approx 18 months and its been well looked after. On the picture showing front perspex display it looks like a scratch , its not, its a reflection only, also on the photo of the back of the unit either side of the usb input,the marks are from sticky tape that covered the input from factory, it can be easily taken off. Pictures:
  13. Whise HD1500 Electrostatic loudspeakers Location: Gisborne Vic . PRICE $ 3700 ono Item Condition: perfect working condition, a few minor scratches and cosmetic flaws, see pics Reason for selling: need cash and downsizing so hardly used anymore Payment Method: Pickup only , Cash or direct bank transfer Extra Info: Plenty of info and reviews on Stereonet, For the money one of the best buys in high end spks, The Whise are the exact same spks as the Nakamichi Dragons, just a different badge. Can be used with CD player or Dac with volume control as the spks have built in amps, they do sound better with a good SS or tube preamp though.can also be wired with spk cable from intergrated or pwr amp as i do. As they have treble and bass control they can be placed in most rooms, my room is 5x4, a friend has them in a smaller room and another in a room 6x8. I purchased the spks late last year brand new from manufacturer. Pwr cables also make a difference with these spk. They have approx 450 hours of use on them. genuine buyers welcome to audition. Attached Images
  14. it's on he Maxmedia site now. Sat Sun from 10.30 am on
  15. I spoke to Cameron today, that's when he told me about it, he said he would be putting it on his site.