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  1. bigkid

    madVR settings and JVC x5900be

    Thanks jmone for the detailed response. I had thought I had the frame drop fixed by synching the refresh rate with MadVR - it seemed to be negligible or '0' once the video started on my test movies. But watching a ripped iso of a TV show last night and the dropped frames were very high, in the thousands. Might start with jriver as ATMOS will never be an issue for me in a 3.2 system 🙂 Thanks again. Allan
  2. bigkid

    madVR settings and JVC x5900be

    Hi jmone, can you help with a couple of queries concerning your comment above? Is drifting sync a problem only when using separate sound card and video card, and therefore different clocks? Is it an issue if audio and video are coming from the same GPU HDMI output - will they use the same clock? Without your optimised refresh rate settings, how bad is the problem? Is it noticeable, and in what way? And, are your optimised refresh settings included in the settings.bin file? (If I could get a damn installer to turn up and fit my projector I could test for myself, but alas, not yet. 🙂) Appreciate your advice. Cheers, Allan.
  3. bigkid

    madVR settings and JVC x5900be

    Thanks jmone. This will be very helpful. Cheers, Allan
  4. bigkid

    madVR settings and JVC x5900be

    Hi guys. Have you made any progress with your MadVR settings? Are you willing to share them? 🙂 Cheers, Allan
  5. Thanks Owen. Bit hard to test without a 4K 'screen' to send to. All the player is doing for now is upscaling to 1080p. The 'GPU' is not working much at all. Quite frustrating having to wait on installation. Fingers crossed for next week. If the Intel doesn't work out I can always start looking for a separate GPU with more grunt. Thanks for the tip on the 4K 25Hz for DVD. Cheers, Allan
  6. Hi all. We are still yet to install our new x7900 projector. Local installers seem to be flat chat. In the mean time I have been upgrading our HTPC so that it is suitable for playing UHD discs. I intend using the Intel processor graphics. Not that we have many UHD discs, just looking at future-proofing, and gotta see Attenborough's latest! 🙂 However, the reason for my post is that we have a lot of DVDs ripped to a NAS. Typically we watch these using VLC, although I am looking into MPC-HC. My concern is for the several thousand of old movie rips we have, think 1940's and 50's, and now playing them on a much larger screen than we have been previously used to. Some of these are 480p and 576p. I am expecting some degradation in quality. I have not paid much attention to upscaling before, but it may be something I need to look into now. Whatever solution I come up with needs to be simple to operate as my other half has no interest in going beyond turning the system on and clicking 'Play'. So, my query is what is the upscaling like on the JVC? The alternative, something like MadVR with MPC-HC at the source looks quite daunting and a lot of much trouble. Given the quality of the x7900 do I need to be concerned about upscaling at the source HTPC, or can I just leave it to the x7900? Or, is there a simple, 'other-half' friendly solution to ensuring the best quality from poor quality content? Appreciate your advice. Cheers, Allan
  7. Hi all. Looks like I am going to have to install my x7900 and set the lens shift at the extreme end of the vertical range, ie. my projector has to be quite a bit higher than the top of the screen but can be center aligned horizontally. I have read that some projectors can suffer a little from image "focus and uniformity issues" with lens shift in the extreme end of the range. It is not suggested that this is a major issue in the real world. Just curious though, is anyone using their JVC with extreme lens shift settings noticed any image problems? I ask as it might impact on my decision to include an extension column which is otherwise highly undesirable in our setting. Cheers, Allan
  8. Hi hopefullguy. Haha! I got a good deal on the x7900 second hand, and with only 85hrs on the clock! Otherwise I probably would have gone for the Epson 9400 when it comes out. The guys here convinced me to go with the JVC. 🙂 Yes, it is a small screen. Part of that never ending compromise that is a marriage. 🙂 It is a multipurpose room and my wife wasn't going to have anything bigger. The screen also had to fit between the main speakers and there is no room to widen the space bewteen them. We are seated about 3.5m from the screen in Stressless chairs - which encourage a bit of reclining and line of sight appears to comfortably fall around 1.6m up the wall. Irrespective, I take your point 1m is too high. I just don't see any option. The room is here:
  9. Thanks Quark. So, shouldn't be a problem if centered and I'll still have a little adjustment in the mount. Cheers, Allan
  10. Thanks Al. Looks like if I raise the 96in screen up so that the bottom of it is 1m above the floor (80cm would have been ideal - but not too fussy), there is enough adjustment in the lens shift to accommodate the x7900 at 22cm from the ceiling to the centre of the lens. I can squeeze another 2.5cm out of the mount by adjusting the arm's 'feet' so that I don't have to max out the lens shift and I'll still have further wiggle room in the mount's roll and pitch adjusters for fine tuning. Assuming I am reading the following correctly 🙂 I am not sure what the significance of a Possible Setting Area Horizontal of 0 might be??? Cheers, Allan
  11. Hi all. Apologies for the frequent newbie questions but I am struggling to get my head around my first projector. I am trying to settle on positioning the screen and projector for the best picture quality. I can place the projector perpendicular to the screen in the horizontal. However, while there is a little wiggle room, it is likely that the projector will be above the top of the screen by up to 50cm, or down to 22cm if I raise the screen above ideal height. I cannot lower the projector as I am 205cm and it will be a pain to negotiate to get to my seat. I see that it is recommended that keystone be avoided as it compresses and can add artifacts. The x7900 I have has lens shift and I have the Peerless PRG-UV mount recommended by a number of users here. Do I have enough adjustment in these to get the picture square without relying on keystone? Thanks all. Allan
  12. Of course! Missed it completely. Thanks Gibbsy. 🙂
  13. Hi all. I see in the manual that it is recommended that the x7900 be mounted 150mm or more from the ceiling. With the Peerless PRG-UNV I have the maximum is about 125mm. I'd prefer not to hand it much lower if I can get away with it. The unit will be hanging from the ceiling in open space with no other framework around it. Is the 25mm deficit likely to be an issue for cooling? Cheers Allan
  14. Near new DLA-x7900 with just 85hrs on the clock arrived today after being shipped from Melbourne. Arrived safely. Fired it up onto an off-white wall for testing (screen not installed yet) and it is working as expected. Thanks for the advice guys. Cheers, Allan