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  1. Gidday everbody I am new to the website and are looking to setup a home theatre/stereo system so looking to buy equipment. To be honest dont have much of an idea as to which equipment is bad and that is good. So trying to get as much information as I can in terms of what to look for etc. A friend of mine suggested that I look at the Marantz SR6004 HD Receiver. Does anyone know much about them and if so what's your opinion or can recommend something else that might be cheaper but just as good. I have checked out the price and they retail for around $2,229.00 in Australia but have noticed that I could pick up the same thing direct from the US for half the price given the exchange rate. Has anyone purchased equipment directly from the US and if so can offer me any advice as to the webistes that I should be looking at etc. Any suggestion's as to some good speakers and any other equipment that I would need would be appreciated.
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