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  1. MultiplexMan

    Weston Acoustics owners

    March 2019. Earle has a significant order book. Concentrating on working through it will consume most of his time, especially with new orders being steadily added to it. He's going to be very busy for the foreseeable future... Meanwhile a picture of the finish I've ordered. Some SNA members will recognise the design.
  2. MultiplexMan

    Weston Acoustics owners

    I owned a very early Tempest (EL34/6CA7) which I sold in order to try a later Topaz (KT120). I really enjoyed the synergy of the Tempest with a range of ProAc speakers - TR8, TR8S, 1SC and Response 2.5. Sadly the valve amps went whilst renovations hit full swing. Time to enjoy music again. Pleasant chat with Earle yesterday and order placed for a Topaz KT120 biased for 6CA7. Now the wait begins...
  3. Is this my old MA6900? Considering returning to that lush sound or perhaps trying an Accuphase...
  4. MultiplexMan

    Aurender X-PAC

    I've had my eye on the Aurender X-Pac but reviews from owners are very scarce. Anyone on SNA using the X725 and X100?
  5. MultiplexMan

    Headset Adaptor

    Thanks but they are 1/4" jacks. I own the special edition gaming Sennheiser PC350 headset ~at least 6 years old. It even came supplied with a single 1/4" to 3.5 mm adaptor. I guess that was if you wanted to run them with your iPod or portable audio player. The current PC350 have 3.5 mm jacks.
  6. MultiplexMan

    Headset Adaptor

    I've got a PC350 with 2x separate 1/4" plugs for mic and headphones.
  7. I have a Sennheiser headset with a pair of 1/4" male jacks - headphones and mic. I'd like to use them with my new Lenovo X1C laptop which has a single 3.5 mm headset port. I have searched but am unable to find a suitable adaptor. The best solution appears to be: - a pair of reducing jacks 1/4" to 3.5 mm - Y-piece: 2x 3.5 mm Female to single 3.5 mm Male Can anyone advise of a better solution?
  8. MultiplexMan

    Ghost in the shell

    Wife and I watched this last night and really enjoyed it. Plot - check Character development - check Sound track - check Settings - check There was so much detail - from the adverts, building designs, augmentation, vehicles... Takeshi Kitano is such a force. He takes hard to another level. I could not fault any of the actors or scenes. GITS was a refreshing change from the latest batch of movies I've seen. I'll definitely be watching this a couple more times. There was too much detail for me to process in one sitting.
  9. MultiplexMan


    Cheers - edited my post
  10. MultiplexMan

    Great Wall

    I watched this and was not overly impressed by any part of it. The CGI and settings were not new. There was detail that defied any logic. SPOILER ALERT I love a ripping yarn but at least try to tell a plausible tale.
  11. MultiplexMan


    Granted - several basic isolation boxes are actually present on the ISS. However if I was to receive samples from Mars, I'd leave them nicely quarantined on the Mars probe UNTIL I had suitable protocols in place. What's the rush? It was not exactly LIFE or Death . BTW - the "catch" of the Mars probe using the ISS arm - hmmm... small object with relatively high speed caught by large object in space...
  12. MultiplexMan


    I watched this last night with the wife. When my wife points out the glaringly obvious "stupid move" which forms the entire premise for the plot, I knew it was going downhill fast. A real pity as the cast, setting and concept were so promising. A shame that the audience had to be treated like simpletons. SPOILER ALERT Question Why did Calvin keep the astronaut alive until landing?
  13. MultiplexMan

    Alien: Covenant

    ^^^ Sime - that review pretty well sums up the movie for me.
  14. MultiplexMan

    Alien: Covenant

    I finally got to watch this. So, so disappointed. Admittedly I did not have high expectations but...SPOILER ALERT So many of these dumbed-down plots. It was difficult watching Prometheus - this was painful.